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  1. Happy with that. Bring on Harris in the second half and stretch Swansea’s defence.
  2. Anyone else watching? Loved that season, was only 10 but that day at Cardiff was incredible.
  3. An ode to fletcher https://youtu.be/J1N8CJOGMbo
  4. Been watching more non-league recently than Wednesday and enjoying it much more. Having seen the way FCUM is run I would love to see a fan owned SWFC at some point in the future.
  5. RJB can't be for real... For one, I've seen comments on his other videos from people saying they've enjoyed his act (comedy) Still, very weird and freaky
  6. can't find the tickets online... link?
  7. Really? To be fair, I was right down at the other end, so probably not a good angle for it. Fair dos, just hope he bags a few agaisnt colchester!
  8. IMO, Buxton is quality compared to Otsemobor, he was shocking defensively, but maybe could be used a winger with his pace? I might be the only that thoight Potter made some good tackles and passes, generally improving as the game went on as well. Weaver was class, as was Purse, with Spurr and Beevers gennerally looking decent. Although, if Bury could finish, we would have lost that game about 4-1... P.S Morrison missed an absolute sitter!!
  9. Surely no chance of this actually happening??
  10. Bills, are you named after the Steely Dan album, 'Aja'?
  11. 1)Teale played well, good crosses/corners 2) All strikers need to do is score so Morrison did his job 3)How was Weaver dodgy? Looked sound to me...
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