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  1. Ah gutted, was hoping for a new ground
  2. Boggles my mind when a professional footballer struggles to control a ball. quite a few players farting about with it and putting themselves under unnecessary pressure as well
  3. Kachungas pass to Paterson was great, if it was windass on the end of that he would have had the pace to get a decent shot away.
  4. I get that people are angry, but I don’t understand the need for berating the guy on Twitter. He’s obviously shot of confidence in a poor team. He’s performed for Luton and Hudds when given chance, so there’s definitely a player there.
  5. Until it’s mathematically impossible I’m keeping the faith
  6. Positive vibes only in this thread. We will finish 21st.
  7. Is there official confirmation from Celtic or Wednesday about the move? Didn’t seem to alter his performance last night, so I continue playing him til the end of the season. Offers a different option in midfield.
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