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  1. itsonmyhead


    I have more faith in him than big Hec
  2. itsonmyhead

    Second Clean Sheet

    I’m happy with the clean sheet, I’m happy with the 3 points but that was terrible, we don’t seem to have a system in any way shape or form
  3. itsonmyhead

    The invisible giant.

    Who would win a fight though? The invisible giant or the giant shadow llama?? There’s only one way to find out........
  4. For me Bannan did but Penney’s was a 50/50 with both players flying in with feet in the air
  5. Or actually play players that we signed, he stock piled players like no other manager in our history and stuck to the same 11 unless they was crippled
  6. itsonmyhead

    Joost Van Aken

    Well said neil!! We need to get behind players not make em hate playing!! Cmon joost get on a run of good form
  7. itsonmyhead

    squad numbers waste of time ??

    I agree mate!! It’s rubbish all these silly numbers
  8. itsonmyhead

    Ricky Moate Update

    Well done on making such a fast recovery!! The power of the owl!!! Ps it’s coming home
  9. itsonmyhead

    Adam Reach last season

    IF Brooks has just gone for a reputed 10/12 million quid to Bournemouth what would reach be worth?
  10. I absolutely love that!!
  11. A well deserved contract!! Good luck next season ‘atter’
  12. itsonmyhead


    No I don’t blame cc for fessi not playing in the slightest, however I think he handled it like an hamfisted baboon! Love him or hate him fessi is our talisman and In a 3 minute interview he managed to turn near enough the entire fan base against our best player! The matter could have been handled behind closed doors and a resolution sought but once he had said what he said it caused a rift which to even this day isn’t fully healed. The second ff does or says anything now the ‘he wants to leave ‘ bandwagon is rolled out. And as mentioned he did the same with Rhodes regarding the penalty!!
  13. itsonmyhead


    I think the way Carlos threw ff under the bus regarding the ‘ not playing ‘ incident I don’t think he would either, nothing needed saying but no billy big balls comes on tv and tells the world everything in a purely self defence / deflection manoeuvre
  14. It seems to me dej is at last learning how to be a chairman and his commitment to the cause seems unwavered after a nightmare season, even little details like the statement on the website after the game shows he’s trying to still engage with the people. I’ve got to say I feel totally positive for next season, our football isn’t stale and slow anymore and we’ve still got players to come back! Now we’ve got rid of the blue waffle and a manager who actually tries to do the right thing instead of just saying it I feel like my whelm tank is gonna over flow!!! Fingers crossed for some stripes next season and I’m then gonna full on blow a gasket
  15. You might well be right pal