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  1. Everyone continually bangs on about monk getting sack and bullen just goes from manager to manager keeping his job?? What other club would that happen at?? When monk does get the sack hopefully we have a clean sweep and get shut of him as well. Tonight was appalling!! Totally clueless and lacking in shape, direction,skill and passion
  2. I didn’t see this coming, good luck jud!!!
  3. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, it’ll go down in history as a pen and a 1-0 win
  4. You can’t knock him today, he tried his absolute best
  5. I’d say Carlton too, what a match that was!!
  6. The more I see of Harris the less end product he has, he continually flatters to deceive. He might run through a brick wall but when he has he puts his shot or his cross into row z
  7. I thought he was awesome today, he looked well up for it!!
  8. That was some terrible football but it’s 3 points and that’s the main thing
  9. I’ll judge him after he’s played
  10. What a total load of crap it reads like an article penned by an ex chairman
  11. For so long he was our top asset, what do people genuinely think he’s worth now?? As brutal as what it is I think he’s approaching free transfer territory
  12. We need to be careful cos if we carry on like this we will actually start looking like a team!! Well done boys
  13. He’s like a super sized tampon!! What ever they throw at him he just soaks it up!!!
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