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  1. The 1990's Forestieri

    That’s exactly what I thought mate
  2. U18's

    Superb!! Whelm topped up again!!!
  3. My whelm tank is good, it’s not on 10 but it’s defo over 9!! I think if we manage to move a few players around we could all be aboard that prestigious water vessel again next season!! I don’t for one minute think the debacle of this year will be repeated!! Got my whelm firmly on
  4. So do we all agree..

    I think he will get a go at it next season, he had a terrible start with the squad he had available but he hung in there didn’t make excuses and is starting to stick a few results together and has actually got us scoring!!!

    I think the cult of Carlos is weakening, I’ve never in 40 years of watching the super owls seen a manager as full of denial and silly one liners as Carlos, his win % on paper was good but his budget was even better!! Conman

    I hope he is here next year, as you say with a proper pre season and a bit of movement in the close season he could be our very own ‘pep’ it’s very harsh from anyone to judge him on this seasons debacle!! #pepwithatacheandsomehair
  7. Westwood in demand?

    Problem is he isn’t in the division, he seems to have joined our crocks club, fingers crossed he can get fully fit again
  8. Appealing tbh, what honorable gentleman they was
  9. Bottom Three

    Best bit is he won’t even care cos it’ll be another nice pile of wonga for a signing on fee
  10. Bottom Three

    If they do go up it’ll be interesting to see how the donkey knocker outerer will do, I wish him all the best
  11. Starting the week on a positive

    It’s not pretty much secured it’s totally secure,Bolton can’t catch us they only have 3 games left
  12. I like the line up but I hope it works cos there ain’t much flair on that bench!! 6-0 the owls
  13. What will happen?

    I could live with that, let’s go for it
  14. What will happen?

    I’m loving this, I hope we don’t park the bus but I do this Jos will go for his steady first half approach, if we don’t have a good outlet and invite pressure I think we will be in a spot of bother. I’m with snoots and think we can win!!!!