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  1. Only surpassed by the legendry izzy brown
  2. I can see him having a football cake made and inside when cut open the words running through the cake ‘reverse galactico’s’
  3. I wonder if a team has ever completed a season and never picked a point up after going behind?? Our blue and white wizards might be record breakers after all
  4. He’s a poor mans luxury player you cant knock his effort though
  5. Because I don’t think bullen is what we want or need im chansiri’s right hand man how very bizarre
  6. He deserved to go, it was a stupid challenge. We have major discipline problems highlighted by a yellow card for kicking a ball away while down to 10 men
  7. Technically not true if you cash is earning a higher interest rate than your loan repayment
  8. Imagine trying to knock him off the back post though when he’s stuck to that!!
  9. I put bullen in the same category as pressman! Some fans only ever remember the good bits but they both got replaced on a regular basis and both seem to ‘linger’ only to get wheeled out again when somethings gone pear shaped again!! Bullen shouldn’t be near our first team and monk shouldn’t have to have accepted the back room dross he inherited!! Bruce came with his 2 man team, monks got bullen!! Straight up wrong
  10. Everyone continually bangs on about monk getting sack and bullen just goes from manager to manager keeping his job?? What other club would that happen at?? When monk does get the sack hopefully we have a clean sweep and get shut of him as well. Tonight was appalling!! Totally clueless and lacking in shape, direction,skill and passion
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