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  1. I’ll judge him after he’s played
  2. What a total load of crap it reads like an article penned by an ex chairman
  3. For so long he was our top asset, what do people genuinely think he’s worth now?? As brutal as what it is I think he’s approaching free transfer territory
  4. We need to be careful cos if we carry on like this we will actually start looking like a team!! Well done boys
  5. He’s like a super sized tampon!! What ever they throw at him he just soaks it up!!!
  6. Over the hill in Greno woods?
  7. How funny was sams recovery last night when he went from unconscious to jumping in the air in less than 5 seconds !Wednesday legend
  8. It’s like joe wildsmith, why hasn’t he been out on loan and got 30 games under his belt this season? A total waste of a year for the lad
  9. I remember pessies first game where he got booked after about a minute then spent the rest of the match looking like a shadow to the game , chasing empty spaces !! Fast forward to now and tbf nothing has really changed, he’s committed, he tries hard but he’s simply not good enough
  10. Pessy seems like that kid at school no one passed too, he just runs round following people. I can imagine on the pitch....... sam im here, barry im here, fletch I’m here, to me to me to me, im running ,play me in, I’m running, barry im still here, fletch fletch fletch sod ya im going off at half time!!
  11. Gotta agree,as much as fletch gives his all he never even looks like scoring
  12. I remember seeing him play for Peterborough in his prime and thought ‘wow what a weapon’ now I look at him and think ‘wow what a weapon’
  13. Nowt to write about so let’s make some cobblers up, very odd article which rings like a story with about 3% actual truth in it. Worst newspaper ever
  14. It’s cos we are going for it second half of the season
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