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  1. Today’s team

    It’s actually pronounced j-wow
  2. Sam Winnall

    It might be something to do with our medical team being stretched? Plus our medical team is a bit poo

    It’s because they are starting to go flat, so he’ll pretend they was Brazil and the fans will believe him , when they lose 3 out of the next 4 he’ll really start talking rubbish
  4. BBC stats

    There’s only one stat, 2 - 0
  5. I sooooo hope your right, we have never needed a spark,a hero more than now
  6. Oh dear, how tragically heart breaking is that. That puts football results into proper perspective
  7. Good luck lads, my biggest concern is loovens other than that’s let’s hope we smash em!!
  8. You honestly think banning has no desire? That’s a strange think to say
  9. Joe Wildsmith POTM

    Deserves it, I voted for him
  10. Fa cup 5th round

    What a load of crap!! I can’t now make the game cos of work and can’t even record it cos I don’t have bt sports fml
  11. George Hirst

    I’m sure how this all thing has planned out hasn’t exactly painted him in the best light either, I don’t know the ins and outs of the farcical situation but the whole situation stinks to high heaven
  12. Jos "We were solid"

    People need to remember the game at Hillsborough where we got dismantled, this is a massive step up from carlos’s Post match speech where he focused on their superiority. Jos is doing a top job, and as players return we will get better and better
  13. good result

    He’s a right part timer isn’t he
  14. good result

    How did jp get on tonight??
  15. Loan players required

    I can’t see us signing anyone else and tbh im ok with that, I think as players return and jos’s superior organising skills we will be safe this year, so whatever ffp budget we have left I’d rather save it until the close season