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  1. Hello Simaniac Owl...... After all these years of reading your posts about me and also your undiying love I have to tell you this........ I wouldn't touch this shower for 50 grand a week..... Yours Meggo.
  2. Good half from the lads... That QPR mascots got some moves.. Reminds me of Josaphines in 90s
  3. Good old Checky... Scored some vital goals in our 'mind the gap' promotion season.
  4. Great first half. As daft as it sounds it was just as good as borough.
  5. Their dummys back in the pram and get behind OUR new Wednesday manager.... I've heard off here that he likes to play good football and I think his win ratio is pretty good. Also getting the mighty Swansea to 8th in premier was pretty good. But because he's not Houghton or Cowley he's crap. He's OUR teams manager now so let's sing his name and give him our FULL support... Ps. I wanted Klopp..
  6. Best line....Pull down me pants look up me bottom.
  7. I don't know pal. His Brighton team in the Championship played good attacking football.
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