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  1. Best line....Pull down me pants look up me bottom.
  2. I don't know pal. His Brighton team in the Championship played good attacking football.
  3. You've got your days mixed up pal....It's Wednesday.
  4. Like the sensible soccer prints pal. Great idea.
  5. I'm glad Bruce has realised that Boyd's not good enough anymore but I don't think he's gonna take Westwoods spot.
  6. When I need a number 2 I often say I'm going for a George Boyd...
  7. I'm currently building a cryogenic chamber so I don't need to watch the remainder of this season... There's another space available for £13.75 If anyone's interested. At moment it's just my Samsung fridge laid on it's back wi extra ice cubes in it. When we both get in and (the lucky person gives my missus her bingo money for the night) she as promised to seal the doors shut until the next season starts..... I understand they will be a clamour for this space do I will base it on priority points. Thanks.
  8. Remember it clearly... If I'm right it took the ball 7 minutes from leaving his foot to hitting the post...
  9. If he was dropped because of a clause in his contract surely that means Chansiri would have taken any bids? I'm guessing it was something personal between him and Jos.
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