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  1. Maybe all the out of contract players (being that there not going to be here next season anyway) arnt putting a proper shift in..but yeah it's all Moores fault
  2. A footballs just landed on my back garden.....I live on parson cross
  3. Dont think Bonehead should be straight back in. Urhoghide played well last time out.
  4. I know its unlikely but dint someone once say "it's a funny old game" Look at all the upsets over the years. Did anyone think Bradford would beat Chelsea 4-0 at the bridge... You never know. Norwich 4 Wednesday 0.
  5. It's late. I cant be arsed to read all the thread Has anyone mentioned the complete lack of work rate compared to almost every other team we've played this season. Shysters...
  6. Picture 3 Bring the fool down Too much effort
  7. That's what they needed pal We're sleepwalking into L1 There's no fight No tempo No pressing No SHIFT whatsoever Every team out works us and in a relegation fight you need to fight. The players haven't got any
  8. That you cant let your feelings known to these lot of shysters at the match. A large set of players who wont be here next season and really dont give a fizz about my club anymore There's no work rate..no passion. I really cant believe how bad we are and it's all on these so called footballers who are fighting for our survival. They dont care....
  9. Mine was when we went down the Blue John mines in Castlton and I pointed at a stalegtite.
  10. If you look waaaaaaay back I think in the 1927-28 season we signed the Norwegian left back....Fridge.Freezer.
  11. I've been a pc gamer all my life and I used a 5 monitor setup which for flight and racing sims was top end gaming. I then bought an Oculus rift on launch day..... About 2 weeks later there was 4 monitors for sale.
  12. R8 pal. Do you know if it works on the rift and do you need sky subscription Cheers
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