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  1. Nuhiu's second goal

    It was me!!!!!! . . . . I'm giving it to George so he'll sign the contract.. Easy come easy go I suppose.
  2. Pigs win anyone??

    I was hoping for 8-0... 1-0 Will do.
  3. Anybody want the scrubbers to beat Hull to help us out??? Personally i'd take Hull 8 yoonited 0. U.T.O.
  4. I'd like the stripes back too.. But it's sounds like a broken record....they'll come back. We don't need anymore negativity..we've got enough to moan about at the minute.. Lets concentrate on staying up.....thats 1000 times more important. U.T.O.
  5. Jordan Rhodes

    He can't play for us again this season... If he does we have to pay borough 18 Zillion quid.
  6. We wont sign anyone and I wont be bothered if we dont. We'll carry on with the squad we've got until it gets better with the injured players coming back........remember FF .Hooper Bannan etc.. all good championship players we already have. With Jos now in charge when we have em back we'll be a totally different and better team We dont need to sign anyone else and strain the finances further. U.T.O.
  7. Nuhiu

    Have a look at his first goal...they said he was 5yd off...looks level to me.
  8. I haven't listened to it so apologies if wrong but why doesn't selling Rhodes and getting his wages off the bill improve our finances
  9. It says he signed a 3 year contract. I thought he was on a yearly rolling contract
  10. Joey Pelupessy

    I did one above...very artistic just change the cat word.
  11. The food kiosks tonight

    £4.......You haven't took a photo of rest of food.
  12. New manager?

    Go on then. Go on then.
  13. Can someone tell i-follow we have a new manager...