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  1. You do realise how much crap we were in at the beginning of the season don't you? I'm absolutely gutted about tonight but can see as plain as day the progress we've made on and off the pitch since then. Take the disappointment on the chin and get behind the team next season like you know you'll do.
  2. With everything that's gone off I think we have had a good season.
  3. I don't know pal. They signed at the beginning of this season didn't they
  4. We weren't quite good enough to get promoted this season. Look at the form table 2nd half of season..We're heading in the right way. IF we can keep the squad together we'll be fighting for auto's next season. I personally think Darren is the right man to carry on building this team. Championship or league 1 doesn't change my love for Wednesday. See you next season. Up the Owl's..
  5. Don't get me wrong I want him to do well But you can see he's not bothered about his defensive side when he strolls back to help out. You can only do that when your banging them in up front. He is not a forward to bring on when your defending a lead.
  6. His defencise side is shocking. He should only come on if we need to score. ATM that's questionable.
  7. I think he's a bit crap to be honest.
  8. Don't ever put him on when we're protecting a lead. No hold up play and strolling back when defending. Not needed. U.T.Owls
  9. You do realise the other team are trying to score as well
  10. I've watched all the matches home and away and our football in general is crap.. It's like league 1 football. How dare we lose to Plymouth,Oxford and Morcombe. It's unacceptable. The league 1 Mighty owls show ******** this league.. At the moment we're 8th. Where did you think we'd finish at the start?
  11. Well there exceeding your expectations. Why so sad?
  12. It's not irrelevant pal. Did you think we'd keep that crap what couldn't be arsed to keep us up. Before the season started where did you think we'd finish? I thought a top 6 finish would be brilliant.
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