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  1. Right... That's it.. I don't care what arr lass sez... I'm gettin a life size Bannan cut-out for bedroom.
  2. I dont know the rules correctly but the scorer was deffo onside.the other player was off but didnt touch the ball
  3. It's Fernando..... It's off his football table... He got to make ends meet somehow...
  4. Yep..... Right shade of blue annaaalll And the central stripe is what-ever foookin colour if should be.. . . . . Of course black shorts..
  5. What about if it's a 125'th minute own goal.... And we're countless millions richer.
  6. No.. They lose to Mini pigs 1-0 in play-off final....(Billy Sharp own goal after missing 3 penalties).
  7. What about your scenario but Yoonited go up.
  8. Wednesday get promoted... United do the double... . . . . . . . . . . . 6-0 0-5 . Before you answer think for a minute.
  9. DazUK

    Nuhiu's second goal

    It was me!!!!!! . . . . I'm giving it to George so he'll sign the contract.. Easy come easy go I suppose.
  10. DazUK

    Pigs win anyone??

    I was hoping for 8-0... 1-0 Will do.
  11. Anybody want the scrubbers to beat Hull to help us out??? Personally i'd take Hull 8 yoonited 0. U.T.O.
  12. I'd like the stripes back too.. But it's sounds like a broken record....they'll come back. We don't need anymore negativity..we've got enough to moan about at the minute.. Lets concentrate on staying up.....thats 1000 times more important. U.T.O.
  13. DazUK

    Jordan Rhodes

    He can't play for us again this season... If he does we have to pay borough 18 Zillion quid.