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  1. It's going to be tough alright.. But with some of posts on here anyone would think we're playing Barca.. It's not a forgone conclusion by any means. Get behind em. U.T.O
  2. DazUK

    Chansiri kicking off

    Hang on a bit.. He had words with about 15 people max.. THE MASSES has spoken.....
  3. DazUK

    Feels Like A Kick In The Teeth.

    I know what your sayin pal but .. Football's played over 90mins+ If your happy with the point before..be happy with it after..don't let it spoil your night.
  4. DazUK

    Club's Best Moment

    We were just behind the goal that night. I'll always remember Harkes big cheesey grin as soon as he headed it knowing it was going in. Great memories.
  5. Not talkin about it.
  6. I did a good cross once.... Think it wo in 84.. If yuv got a Betamax ill show it ya...
  7. I agree...... If every rightly disallowed goal counted and every shot we had went in we'd be back in prem by now..
  8. Right... That's it.. I don't care what arr lass sez... I'm gettin a life size Bannan cut-out for bedroom.
  9. I dont know the rules correctly but the scorer was deffo onside.the other player was off but didnt touch the ball
  10. It's Fernando..... It's off his football table... He got to make ends meet somehow...
  11. Yep..... Right shade of blue annaaalll And the central stripe is what-ever foookin colour if should be.. . . . . Of course black shorts..
  12. What about if it's a 125'th minute own goal.... And we're countless millions richer.
  13. No.. They lose to Mini pigs 1-0 in play-off final....(Billy Sharp own goal after missing 3 penalties).