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  1. Long Eaton to Burton on Trent then on down to South Staffordshire Me, the lad + 2 Midlands Owls @ the Fulbrook pre-game W.T.I.D.
  2. All set to make the journey to the Bescot. Looks like once my lad Matt has got his paper round done we will picking up DG & RichOwls at "The Lord Burton" then heading down to south staffordshire. Will look to arrange at meet at The Fullbrook Tavern for those fellow Midlands Owls. Lets make some noise for the boyz WTID UTO
  3. Midlands Owls will be there, Setting off at around eleven. Loud and proud Midlands Owls Many towns, One team, All livin' the dream WTID UTO
  4. Midlands Owls pre-match meet down stairs in Hooters from 12 My eta 12.45pm on train in from sleepy hollow (sorry meant Long Eaton) 12.19pm into Notts 12.33pm Burton, Chellaston, Long Eaton, Nuneaton Owls in attendance and anyone else who fancies mixing with the Midlands Owls Massif! :-)
  5. Midlands Owls Massif in full effect down in Hooters from 12 Just down the road from Long Eaton for me, cant' wait! Come On! Infamous Z
  6. So we have Wednesdayites coming from all parts to see this one, lets hope that those on the pitch turn up and perform as well as those off it! Having spoken to Richowls last night, The three amigos are starting at Burton on Trent at the Weatherspoons at around 10-10.30 for breakfast and a pint before getting the train up to Nottingham fot around 12. Long Eaton Owl, Mr Denton, will be on his jack getting the train from Long Eaton into Notts at probably the same time before meeting his mates coming down from Sheff. Nuneatonowl01, young John will be driving up from Nuneaton to meet his party at Hooters. Sam779 is obviously out and about round the posh south Nottingham suburb of West Bridgeford with a band of hardy souls. Any other Midlands Owls out for this one? Hooters at around 1pm for me Lets hope for a good performance and fingers crossed three points, as living in this area I will get some right stick if we don't!!
  7. Well being as know one has bother to post on your own mini thread, I thought I would. Glad you have settled in okay in your new abode and that the job is going well. We will of course look forward to your company with the "Rabble" tomorrow around 1.00pm in Hooters!
  8. Sorry for putting my nose in but you are asking is there a way to send messages. If you hover over the message senders name (on the left) you will see a small downward pointing arrow. Click on this and you should a drop down menu, one of which is send message. Have a go at that might get you group off the ground! Infamous Z
  9. Good to see you also are still about in the Wednesday ether! :-)The Long Eaton Owls will be up in the Niagra along with the Burton Owls, North Wingfield Owls and Chaddeston, (Derby) Owl.Get thi sen in for a light oneInfamous Z
  10. First outing tomorrow,Navigation Inn on London Road next to the Canal, back of Pride Pub.I'll be waring the Midlands Owls t-shirt.DG & Alien along with Matt in attendance with also Mark (Long Eaton Owl)Anyone else joining us at the pub?Infamous Z
  11. Thanks for all your help on this guys. We look like entertaining approx 93 teams to the event (98 applied) on the 6th/7th of June. Looks like only one Wednesdayite will be playing in it, my lad Matt as had no response from Hillsborough Pumas or Young Owls. Still if its a success we look like running with it next year as well. Details on www.rjfc.com Regards Adrian U.T.O. W.T.I.D.
  12. That is correct and I have already e-mailed South Yorkshire F.A. to this regard. Infamous Z
  13. Cheers for the response. I have e-mailed the Young Owls from the contact you gave me. Would love to see Wednesday teams participate, we already have close to fifty teams signed up acros the East Midlands. Infamous Z
  14. For those it may concern, I am looking to approach the club regards inviting teams down to our local junior football festival based in Long Eaton, Just of Junction 25 of the M1. Details on the website www.rjfc.com. Any thoughts from you guys as to if this is worthwhile doing and if so who would be best to contact? Adrian Aka. Infamous Z
  15. Hi Matt, Like yourself I'm exiled and living in the greater Nottingham area (Long Eaton), and also suffering under financial restraints (credit crunch etc), so haven't been this season yet! If Sam779?, Rica or W.Bridgeford Owl log-on i'm sure something can be fixed up as they are more centrally placed to you. I think a meet is being organised for the Forest away (home ) game. Keep posting and I'm sure an offer will present itself. Regards Infamous "Z"
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