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Community Answers

  1. Think we need a few out first. Signings such as Sow, Gibson and Kamberi etc have been a complete waste of time.
  2. Absolutely. Those years have flown by since we were riding the waves of optimism with CC.
  3. I can't see him leaving us now. He was blatantly not good enough back in our promotion pushes with CC, but nowadays we wouldn't find anyone better.
  4. Of course he is. Ciggy in each hand as he returns home to save us.
  5. DC hasn't been there since just after Christmas 2019. Thailand only came off the red list this month so I think we may see him there again this Christmas.
  6. I’ll be waiting for some real gameplay footage before making my mind up I think. Got this bad feeling that the expectations and nostalgic vibe won’t live up to the hype and I’ll get bored of playing it after about two hours.
  7. I’d take him. It wouldn’t be pretty but I think it would be effective in this league. He doesn’t seem to take any s*** either.
  8. I agree. He’s a Tim nice but dim character who clearly isn’t cut out to be a decent manager,
  9. Mental. You’ve got to think players must be questioning him about stuff like this.
  10. Some tempo. Some pace and some players trying to make things happen quickly and suddenly the game and the fans changed. That’s all we want to see.
  11. Absolutely. Like many people say, football isn’t a complicated game, yet people like DM try to make it harder.
  12. His post match interviews are now the perfect encore to our performances. Just complete waffle. The man is a spoofer.
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