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  1. lets face it, would be best season we've had in decades if this were the case
  2. what a faff, just give us the option to have all home matches, we aren't all getting in this season anyway
  3. it seriously time for pay cuts across footballers while less than 50% of fans aren't allowed 35% in Prem 20% in Champ 10% in League 1 5% in League 2 Some lower paid youth players etc should be excemp Half of the money from Prem is then paid split across the 3 lower divisions to the club to help cover the shortfall. Of couse this won't happen because footballers have a strong union unlike all us mugs who have let our right be eroded. I can see double digits of clubs going bust over next six months without some serious help, which w
  4. just got email fro the club Dear Season Ticket Holder Thank you for your continued support and patience during what has been and continues to be an extremely challenging time for everyone connected to our Club. We appreciate that the home season is about to commence and whilst Government guidance is changing frequently, we still have no definitive return date for fans to Hillsborough. However, we have compiled a comprehensive information article in the meantime on our website which covers many questions from supporters. If you have not already seen
  5. south stand prices for Kop seats here, not happy
  6. something where i get nothing in return, like a season ticket?
  7. this, season starts in 4 days and no idea whats happening for the £650 i stumped up half a year ago, other than i might be bubbled for some matches in a different stand, maybe.
  8. sack the lot, get the cutouts playing - can't do worse
  9. fix it so we get just enough points not to relegate us = no avenue for litigation????
  10. Given the EFL have appealed its decisions before, how did you reach your conclusion?
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