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  1. thats exactly what i posted 100 pages ago...
  2. Revenue would be down on this, nearly halving prices won’t double the crowds
  3. even when skybet had the market open we weren't listed or i'd have stuck 49p on it
  4. why don't we play him up front, think he could do a job for us.
  5. i thought, before the whole covid situation, that any points deduction to be applied this season as a result a FFP breach would have had to be applied before end of March - we are beyond that point now with number of games left I think - did i just invent this whole rule in my head?
  6. TWW LIVE PODCAST ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Join us at 9pm Thursday on Facebook for our live chat with the one and only Captain America @johnharkes6 to chat about his time at Wednesday and what he's up to now....
  7. Don't you still have your "Premiership Return Ticket"?
  8. He’s just out on the razz for mad Friday, it’s why he isn’t animated on match days, too hungover.
  9. Never that simple with an owner, things will be 10x worse if he walks
  10. I sit behind of directors box, he took his coat off bowed to north stand, nearly fell off the barrier then bowed to kop and south and stormed off either a “apology” or he’s done
  11. Who thought it’d be a good idea to change walk out music to “top marks for not trying”...
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