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  1. He’s just out on the razz for mad Friday, it’s why he isn’t animated on match days, too hungover.
  2. Never that simple with an owner, things will be 10x worse if he walks
  3. I sit behind of directors box, he took his coat off bowed to north stand, nearly fell off the barrier then bowed to kop and south and stormed off either a “apology” or he’s done
  4. Who thought it’d be a good idea to change walk out music to “top marks for not trying”...
  5. Further away from crookes than that!
  6. Been like that since the terror raids in Sheff before Christmas- and they don’t check coming from Penistone Road either!
  7. Assumed this was to do with police advice linked with the terror raids this week. Even scoreboard before kickoff had evacuation advice and encouraging fans to report anything suspicious which wasn’t there a few weeks ago
  8. Even chesterfield have a massive 150 years sign, and they’ve got decades to go to reach that!
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