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  1. There was an old boy next to me who said at 1-0 " we'll win this 1-2 if nuihu comes on " I said if that happens I'll buy you a pint. I owe you a deserved pint my friend. WAWAW nuihu was excellent I thought.
  2. If Wiggins goes then do we own a left back? Pudil and Bennett on loan. Helen is preferred as a left mid and no one else near getting a start.
  3. Do you actually go to the ground fool ?be constructive in your repy or just dont bother ! He always goes down at the slightest touch needs to do much more for me Did anybody else read that like B A baracus
  4. Took some pics of pitch last night but not sure how to upload from I phone
  5. It was a corporate Christmas event to have your company functions there, and the lass started there few months ago, she said double sided as in one screen would face kop and other the north then when not in use for a match turned out towards penistone road for advertising
  6. Was at a function last night and one of the lasses said we've just had planning permission to put another smaller screen in the north/kop corner, two sided and it will be able to turn round to penistone road for advertising.
  7. Go on then anyone struggling financially ir whatever I'll get them a ticket on the kop as long as someone vouches for them being genuine. Looking forward to Saturday now. UTO WAWAW
  8. Major accident on m67 I've gone a6018 then a 635 been ok so far
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