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  1. Same as always then, they use guesswork opposing websites.
  2. Well to want to play a journeyman in a ever more desperate season seems a bit silly to me. Play the ones who are properly match fit for a start. Heffernen for the second time is JJ's brother, an impact player.
  3. I don't think you have read much about Madine from your small assesment of him. He's a rapid lad who covers massive amounts of ground and works for the team, and good on the floor for a big fella. Mix him with a finisher and a player with the control Clinton has and your in business my friend.
  4. Don't even bother matey, some of these on here quite obviously haven't a clue about pro football.
  5. Sometimes you don't always have to see a player, stat's speak for themselves.
  6. I don't think Weaver will be at Hillsborough much longer if i'm being honest, he does make the odd mistake, he reminds me of Lee Grant a lot actually. It has to be either JOC or THE RADIATOR. Keepers can only go so far to shout at the players on the park.
  7. A steward, now that's just being cheeky .
  8. Five minutes ago you were mentioning playing players on form, surely Madine and Morrison are on form, what grounds do you have to drop Clinton Morrison and not start a fella who has proved himself to score plenty in this league this season? I don't understand your logic either.
  9. The guy did his time years ago, give the fella a break.
  10. There isn't any room for chances we are nearly into February in case you hadn't realised. I'd be very surprised if Heffers started, it has to be Morrison and Madine.
  11. The way the league has gone theres only Brighton with a realistic chance of gaining an automatic promotion place, second place is up for grabs for at least 10 clubs.
  12. In a way i hope he does get a chance, to show Wednesdayites how he is in a full game.
  13. I'm not that old, but i don't think it's very clever walking round at 15 years old thinking your the big man like a lot of young Wednesdayites are doing these day's, Huddersfield was laughable. I was at the weatherspoons in the town centre when the ITI turned up, i nearly peed my pants laughing, some of them haven't even been taught to shave never mind have a rumble.
  14. I think some on here are limited when it comes to a football brain, how you can judge a player on a few cameo appearances is beyond me. I have seen quite a lot of Heffernen due to the nature of my job and can tell you all now he's never been a great player.
  15. Blimey, sense of deja vue or what, don't tell me the away end is going to be full of chavs again like Huddersfield.
  16. NO he's an impact player these day's, thats why he does well when he comes of the bench, same as JJ really.
  17. Madine and Morrison for me, Heffernen is over rated.
  18. Great choice if you ask me, easy and cheap to get to plenty of tickets and most of all plenty of ale houses.
  19. JOC he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and talks a lot on the pitch rather than screaming like Morrison.
  20. Were setting off as soon as my bro finishes work, so probably about 3 in the morning.
  21. I bet loads of you would cheer if he signed and then scored for us.
  22. Tha needs to get thi sen off tut doctors wiv dat stutter lad.
  23. I think some of the north stand and THE RADIATOR Johnsons agent would disagree with that.
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