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  1. Unfortunatly it wasn't a Wednesday player, but he nearly was at one point last season. We saw Lee Hughes at Butlins of all places a couple of years ago.
  2. I wouldn't have JJ at the club although he's on pretty low wages so he's not too bad. Some of the players people have mentioned have been laughable and make you really wonder. Jason Scotland for instance, lost his pace, too old, injury prone etc etc, and some of our fan's are wax lyrical about him. We need to sign "proper" players not journeymen.
  3. Esajas was way too inconsistent, we don't need players of his type if we want to go up.
  4. I think the problem is that the ultras are young kids, why would a grown bloke want to change his day to day match experiance to sit with a bunch of glasses wearing dopey looking freaks. Even the north is a joke, the best way to create an atmosphere in Hillsborough is watching a team which is winning, until then you are fighting a losing battle.
  5. Better service and a longer run in th side and Mellor could get 30 plus goals next season, very good player for this level, sign him up !
  6. I've been doing that for years, it cuts out all the waiting in busy pubs and paying through the roof for crap ale. Come on join us on the wall in front of the kop we have a top giggle !!!
  7. What you did is actually called attention seeking.
  8. Yep true again, what about Darren Potter getting a new deal, that baffled me even more than the rainbow riches bloke with ginger hair getting a new one ...
  9. Most of his goals were pens, we need better than Tommy Miller if we are to leave this horrible division.
  10. Well when you watch them the older lads take the micky out of one of the younger lads then it all starts, it's been happening all season. Thing is though the younger lads decided they had had enough by the looks of things, at the end of the day fighting your own fan's is just as bad as fighting your own bro and sister. Get a grip, most of you can't even rumble to save your lives anyway without a few stellas down your necks then you can't stand up straight, word for em: JOKERS !!!!
  11. Top of the league Wednesday next season, why no believe lololol.
  12. Mark my word m8, i bet you could get 33/1 on him at least, even each way you would be laughing all the way to the bank. Megson will build his attack around Madine next season.
  13. It was indeed the youth who have been in a few rumbles with the older lads all season. They don't have any respect for each other that is a cert.
  14. Gary Madine to finish top league goal scorer if we can get some wingers who can actually cross the ball, not to mention a centre midfielder who plays it forwards aswell as sideways.
  15. Why the hell have they chose Leeds, it's asking for trouble, look at us at Grimsby last season.
  16. Not too keen on Coke from what i have seen of him, he won't be missed from me we need consistent players who are up for the fight, not wage pickers.
  17. Wednesday will win league 1 next season, this season will stand us in good stead.
  18. Madines movement and hold up play is worth a goal or two, hes involved in most of our attacking play.
  19. It would be nice to keep hold of Bath and Jones, they look solid together those 2.
  20. Any idea on who the new sponsor may be anyone ???
  21. He may well have been, he may have thought Wednesday had more chance of actually being sucessfull rather than Carlisle.
  22. In a way i think Megson came in at the right time, half a season behind him and a full pre-season will stand him and the team in good stead.
  23. Who would you like to see partner the goal machine ?
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