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  1. He is that its called crap all over him
  2. It was brilliant on the away end, they opened up the stand to the right of us for people with out tickets. You should have gone on there, anyone know whos got there corner flag ?
  3. i think he needs to buy some linctus not a lexus or something alittle stronger.
  4. He even makes fishcake look sane.......
  5. Dont think there will be many there tonight to be honest, Grimsby at the weekend will have tested a lot of peoples pockets. A lot like me will have gone the night before and spent a couple of day's down there.
  6. I reckon Wednesday will finish second, the class will start to show in the second half of the season.
  7. needs help and quick or we might be seeing him on the news.
  8. I was at Grimsby on Saturday and they were very poor at the basics Wednesday, we looked well off the pace. Grimsby to be fair to them looked a tidy side but nothing special, the shining light Daniel Jones, watch out Mr Spurr you might have got some competition at last lad.
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