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  1. I thought Lines was the only player who actually stood out for Wednesday on Saturday, say's it all that he came off the bench to do that.
  2. I went to Bournemouth, luckily we stayed down the night after the game so we had time to chill out after a woeful performance, i left on about 80 mins me as you could just see there was no way back into the game for Wednesday. It cost me about 500 quid this weekend, the result or coming out early didn't bother me in the slightest we had a top giggle UTO FTB !!!!
  3. Can you remember the wind in the ground that day? I think He's improved massively and should be number 1, Weaver is very very dodgy in my opinion.
  4. I think a single is the same as a return m8.
  5. 98 quid m8, i got 3 adults and a child for 185 i think it was and that was with a family and friends railcard, bit of a dear do to be honest with ya.
  6. I'm there and can't wait, were going down on train early in the morning, staying down Bournemouth the Saturday night.
  7. I thought he was very good for his first game, also nice to see the togetherness between the players at the end.
  8. It's alr8 heading a few balls and chasing down blind alley, it's scoring goals when your a striker what makes a name for ursen.
  9. Poor transfer window considering we have an owner who has millions and millions of pounds, mid table, maybe play offs if we hope Manderic pays up when we panic.
  10. You need to change your username, in English it means one of the most over rated players in Wednesday's history..
  11. I'm probably going to get a bit of stick for this but i think it needs bringing up. I recently went to the club shop to purchase a new home shirt and there were hardly any shirts available for adults, no kid's ones and no ladies types either. Not only that but there was nothing at all for women full stop, the shop looks run down, the place just looks like it hasn't had much money spent on either stock or being cleaned. Add to that the story tonight about there being no betting outlets in the ground for tomorrows game, the food being changed and the little things that are coming to light regarding little money saving ploys from the club. I can remember many many Foxes fans saying don't get too over hyped about Manderic taking over as he will cut the cloth accordingly. In my eyes he is doing what these fans mentioned and honestly think we are not much more better off than last season when it comes to the players we have gained and lost. I do think Manderic could do a little more regarding the colour of his money, we are now sat with 2 known strikers, that doesn't strike me as though we know the full truth as to what has happened at Hillsborough.
  12. We already have two who look like starting who "stay in the hole" they are not the sort of players who will set you goals up on a consistent basis. The lack of creativity is a massive worry, surely fan's see it ???
  13. It's not negative it's realistic, I'm a big Owl go home and away, we look strong as an ox at the back but get to the half way line and we are lacking, if we are to rely on the likes of Lewis Buxton rallying down the wing then we really do need a reality check, look how knackered Bennett was Saturday was for instance, blowing out of his arse is an understatement
  14. Semedo and Prutton are too similar and play too close together, as they are used to playing that "battling position" playing those two types of players would make you think that you have reliable wingers. Something Wednesday certainly don't have in JJ and Sedgy, there is a massive amount of work to be done of we are to come any where near to the top two.
  15. All this talk about Le Fondre makes you wonder if some fan's actually look at the bigger picture, we have no creativity what so ever in the centre of midfield. We have signed 2 players which are excellent battlers but no so good in the distribution department. Our midfield is weak to say the least, one injury and we are done with in that area, we need at least 2 central mid's, and 2 strikers if we are to put up a serious challenge,
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