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    Well, to address all of those: Fletcher and Boyd were frees, but on huge wages for this league to beat a number of interested teams. Norwich with their parachute payments couldn't match us for Fletcher. If reports are believed, Pudil cost us about £2.5m, Jones £1.5m and FF £3m. FF is also now on massive wages because of the agitation for a move last season. On top of that, we bought Hooper, Abdi, Reach, Pudil, Winnall, Rhodes, Fox and Sasso and gave big contracts to old and new players in Emmanuelson, Hutchinson, Westwood, Lees, Lee and FF. Here's who we've bought for money who haven't been worth it: Abdi (£3m and can't train for two days consecutively), Reach (has the odd decent game, but not £5m good), Rhodes (regardless of arguments about service, £8m is a lot for a striker we didn't need), Winnall (£700,000 for another striker we didn't need who's now out the door with no fee recouped) and Pudil (he's looked okay at centre half recently, but he looked finished as a full back before we made the loan a full transfer). What do you mean, "the way transfers are inflating"? There are always going to be teams in the Champ that can outspend everyone - Newcastle spent about £60m last season - but the prices and wages we've paid in the last couple of years can still blow most Championship teams out of the water bar one or two. The Neymar stuff hasn't trickled down that much yet.
  2. BREAKING: 2 match touchline ban for Carlos

    I'd like Carlos to move even further away from the dugout. Preferably a beach in Portugal. For the next year.

    People tie themselves in knots in an effort to absolve Carlos of any blame regarding our terrible transfers. Carlos himself has been happy to set out the process on a number of occasions, like http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-owls-chief-defends-lack-of-signings-1-8667337 in July this year. His scouting team identify players, Carlos gives them the once over, and he passes who he wants to the Chairman to sort out. Pretty much what happens at any other club. I'd quite like a Head of Recruitment, but not to stop the Chairman interfering like the conspiracy theorists claim. A Head of Recruitment who knows English football could act as an extra layer of knowledge for each suggested transfer to pass through, so we don't just sign everyone Carlos suggests to the Chairman. As I've said on here before, I don't think it's a coincidence that as soon as the transfer committee (with Roeder, Hill and so on) dissolved, our domestic transfers went from very smart - Bannan for free, Pudil on loan, Hunt on loan, Hooper for £3m and Forestieri for 3m - to throwing money about without a thought. The other people on the committee acted as a buffer for suggestions from Carlos, and now those suggestions go straight from Carlos to the Chairman.
  4. Looking at pictures of our old managers from last night's 150th dinner, it reminds me of how bonkers it was last season when pro-Carlos fans kept pointing to Carvalhal's win percentage (currently 45.13%) being the 4th or 5th best in our history. Win percentages are completely relative and don't take into account a number of factors, and I found it almost insulting that people would take the rankings seriously and, by virtue of taking them seriously, rank Carlos above the likes of Howard Wilkinson, Ron Atkinson or Jack Charlton. Carlos took a team that finished 13th under Stuart Gray and already contained the basis of our best team now (Westwood, Lees, Loovens, Hutchinson and Lee), spent loads of money on it and just about got into the play-offs twice. Howard Wilkinson took on a team in the 2nd division, got them promoted to the top division and then got them to 5th in the top division. Wilko did a brilliant job and went on to prove we should have backed him properly by winning the 1st division title at Leeds. That's far, far beyond anything Carlos could dream (heh) of doing with us, yet hold on... his win percentage is lower than the one Carlos has got, because Howard had a couple of mid-table finishes in the top division, making his average slightly worse. Absolute nonsense.

    We've got another midfielder who only passes sideways and is tidy on the ball. Forgive me if I don't do a jig at the prospect of seeing him.
  6. Josh Sims....

    Does Carlos like promotion?
  7. Carlos Out!!!

    He had Brighton challenging for the top two within a year of joining, so that's a terrible comparison. Carlos is into his third season and we look no closer to promotion. If there were clear signs of progress you might have a point, but he's making exactly the same mistakes for the third season running.
  8. Clucas was great at Hull last season and seems to be getting better and better. Some of you are acting like he's still playing for Chesterfield.
  9. Carlos haters

    Where has this weird Orwellian idea come from on this forum, where if you dare to question Carlos you get sent to the wolves? I've expressed massive doubts on here about Carlos and will probably continue to do so, not because I'm dying to be proven right, but because I want the very best for my club. To paint those who have lost faith in him as defectors is downright scandalous. If Carlos proves me wrong and wins automatic promotion, you won't see a bigger smile than mine. I'm desperate for him to prove me wrong.
  10. Get Carlos out of this club

    I know he doesn't like us, but Mick McCarthy would sail out of this league with the squad and money we've got. He won the league with Wolves (with a bit of money to spend) and he's had a penniless Ipswich in or around the play-offs for years. Dean Smith's a strange one because of the club he's at. The 'Moneyball' scouting system set up by the owner is what's uncovered gems in the transfer market, so it's difficult to know how well Smith is actually doing there. Pardew could go either way in this league, because he has long runs of winning every game or playing abysmally - there's often nothing in between. It would be a risk, but he's got a hell of lot more on his CV than Carlos. Heckingbottom's also a bit like Dean Smith in that it's difficult to assess how good he is. He just continued the momentum at Barnsley that started before Lee Johnson left, and they're starting to struggle now they're relying solely on his ideas. I think their great start last season was also due to players he didn't sign like Winnall, Hourihane, Bree, Watkins, Roberts, Hammill etc.
  11. And we did get in the top two once we changed manager...
  12. It's unfair to say people are getting on the manager's back after three games, because this is now his third season. People are looking back at the last two years under Carlos and realising that nothing's going to change.
  13. Carlos defends leaving Boyd out

    Carlos started almost exactly the same team for the Huddersfield home semi as he did a year earlier at Wembley. I can't wait until we sneak into the play-offs next May and play the same team in the play-offs for three seasons running, despite spending tens of millions on fees and wages in the meantime. The man does not know how to integrate new signings into his team. Yet another reason why we're doomed to never get promotion under his stewardship.
  14. Get Carlos out of this club

    Westwood has those moments of tearing out of his goal unnecessarily in every other game, and it's cost us quite a few goals in recent seasons. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I would've let him go for the money being talked about in the summer (£4.5m) and bought someone as good. Birmingham got Stockdale for nothing, so good Championship keepers aren't exactly gold dust.
  15. Get Carlos out of this club

    Yeah, you might be right. But if other clubs increased their prices when they realised we needed centre backs and had money, why has Carlos been broadcasting the fact to the world for the last 18 months? I just get the feeling from his laissez-faire attitude towards defenders that Carlos didn't truly impress upon the Chairman during the pre-season meetings that defensive cover should be our top priority. He should have walked into the first meeting and said explicitly that defenders must be sorted before anything else.