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  1. If we let FF and Fletcher go, do we really expect people to pay in excess of £500 to watch what's left? Over the years I've watched the likes of Willie Henderson, Terry Curran, Chris Waddle, Jermaine Johnson. Players that make you sit forward in your seat everytime they get the ball. Fernando is one of the type of players to do this. I expect to be entertained for my money.
  2. I think he could be more of a Carlton Palmer than a Paul Warhurst if we wanted/needed to play him out of position!
  3. Middlesbrough. Sorry for lateness didn't realise midweek games counted.
  4. No he doesn't. 2 yellows is a 1 match ban
  5. Don't agree. He brought a little bit of spark to the side for the second half.
  6. Joao Fletcher Matias Reach Forestieri Bannan Pelupessi Penney Lee's Hutchinson Dawson
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