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  1. Middlesbrough. Sorry for lateness didn't realise midweek games counted.
  2. No he doesn't. 2 yellows is a 1 match ban
  3. He's changed his nationality to Spanish then?
  4. Don't agree. He brought a little bit of spark to the side for the second half.
  5. Joao Fletcher Matias Reach Forestieri Bannan Pelupessi Penney Lee's Hutchinson Dawson
  6. You are a typical example of why people have stopped trying to make a contribution on here. I put a reasonable question forward and get a disparaging flippant comment. I look on here all the time for news and balanced debate about the club that I have supported for 40 years now. (Long term season ticket holder btw.). How many posts do I have to make to be considered a true fan? Maybe I should post on every thread to gain your approval.
  7. Not been mentioned for a while. The age old question. Does he get a shirt in a fully fit squad and if so in which position?
  8. I thought that he was at fault. He has let in a few soft ones. (As well as making a few great saves.) Personally I would take him out of the firing line now and let Dawson have a chance as he looks more solid. I like the way he commands his area.
  9. Am I missing something here: Dooleys £185 + Vat each Exec Box works out at £225 + Vat each! Where does the extra £40 (+ Vat) value come from? Also it's okay selling them on an individual game basis, trying to push it as a special occasion thing, but surely most people that would want to use it as a one off are likely to be Season Ticket holders already? They've already paid once. Just saying like!
  10. New manager. First job: Don't get hammered at the Lane. Job done box ticked. Second job: Don't lose in cup to 2nd division team. Job done box ticked. Keep ticking the boxes. One box at a time. Longest pre season we have ever had is coming up. MASSIVE opportunity to become a hero. A cup run would be nice.
  11. After the Burton debacle Lee Bullen came on the radio and said that the sooner that a manager is appointed the better. He cares about the club. If the new manager sees a role for him then good for Lee Bullen. If not then Lee will probably take it with good grace. He cares. I would have thought that he has a role to play given his reasonably long service at the club. Our new manager will surely try to ask his opinion on individual players attitude whilst forming his own opinion.
  12. Just listened to talksport on way home from work. Their European correspondent said he's on his way to Sheffield Wednesday. Described him as a dour defensive minded coach. Oh dear...!
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