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  1. Fletcher is still in the mix as well!
  2. I think he could be more of a Carlton Palmer than a Paul Warhurst if we wanted/needed to play him out of position!
  3. Middlesbrough. Sorry for lateness didn't realise midweek games counted.
  4. No he doesn't. 2 yellows is a 1 match ban
  5. Don't agree. He brought a little bit of spark to the side for the second half.
  6. Joao Fletcher Matias Reach Forestieri Bannan Pelupessi Penney Lee's Hutchinson Dawson
  7. You are a typical example of why people have stopped trying to make a contribution on here. I put a reasonable question forward and get a disparaging flippant comment. I look on here all the time for news and balanced debate about the club that I have supported for 40 years now. (Long term season ticket holder btw.). How many posts do I have to make to be considered a true fan? Maybe I should post on every thread to gain your approval.
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