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  1. Am I missing something here: Dooleys £185 + Vat each Exec Box works out at £225 + Vat each! Where does the extra £40 (+ Vat) value come from? Also it's okay selling them on an individual game basis, trying to push it as a special occasion thing, but surely most people that would want to use it as a one off are likely to be Season Ticket holders already? They've already paid once. Just saying like!
  2. New manager. First job: Don't get hammered at the Lane. Job done box ticked. Second job: Don't lose in cup to 2nd division team. Job done box ticked. Keep ticking the boxes. One box at a time. Longest pre season we have ever had is coming up. MASSIVE opportunity to become a hero. A cup run would be nice.
  3. Lee Bullen

    After the Burton debacle Lee Bullen came on the radio and said that the sooner that a manager is appointed the better. He cares about the club. If the new manager sees a role for him then good for Lee Bullen. If not then Lee will probably take it with good grace. He cares. I would have thought that he has a role to play given his reasonably long service at the club. Our new manager will surely try to ask his opinion on individual players attitude whilst forming his own opinion.
  4. Jos Luhukay

    Just listened to talksport on way home from work. Their European correspondent said he's on his way to Sheffield Wednesday. Described him as a dour defensive minded coach. Oh dear...!
  5. Keeper picks himself. 95% of people agree our best back four. In my opinion our best two central midfield players are Hutchinson and Lee. Best on right is Wallace. Best on Left is Forestieri if fit else Reach. Up front I'd play Fletcher and Rhodes our best two available strikers.
  6. What about this scenario: More and more people buy android boxes and view matches on Mobdro. Sky revenues drop to the point that the money they pay for TV rights becomes unsustainable. They offer a vastly reduced figure. Many clubs then can't pay the ridiculous wages and free fall begins. Possible?
  7. Leeds VS Derby

    I have this recurring nightmare of us playing Leeds in the play-off final. Total mayhem. Therefore I want Leeds to lose EVERY game.
  8. Couldn't get him first time. Probably have a better chance this time. Hope the top earners don't get upset!
  9. Reading at home

    Why can't they sort the fixtures out properly like they used to?
  10. Sam Hutchinson

    Yep I'm eating humble pie. I was a Sam for CB man.
  11. Looks like Paul Warhurst...

    He makes Japp Stam look poo He's Emerson Thome.....
  12. Wolves away - live on tv

    Its on Mobdro Ten Sports
  13. Big Jack's Book

    Predictive text mate.
  14. Big Jack's Book

    Jackie Charlton's magic, he wears a magic hat................!