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  1. Its certainly not in the opposite direction
  2. Very sad news, my thoughts are with you and your family.
  3. Mine and my sons just renewed, club now £100 better off, Full marks for listening.
  4. I feel the same as most on here and even trying to take all of the emotion out of the situation I just cannot see how this makes any business sense whatsoever. Like many on here I will not be renewing mine and my stepsons memberships, that is £100 less income for club against last year ( then multiply that by everyone else who will not be renewing ) . Then due to the fact that I will now have to pay £5 more per game I may end up attending less games, therefore more lost revenue for the club both in ticket fees and money spent on food drink etc.Someone please help me make sense of this decision.
  5. I heard he’s leaving Friday......... Who ?........... Robinson Crusoe
  6. I agree that there is no call for abuse, I do however think it is time for Carlos to go. With regard to Mr Chansiri I just cannot understand the negativity towards him, yes he has done some thinks I don’t agree with,has made mistakes, but just look at what he has invested in the club, we are beyond recognition from a few years ago. I believe he is a sincere and principled man, a man who does want to take us to the Premier League. Being from Thailand he may not understand all the negativity/ abuse towards him, I just hope he does not take it personally and he realises that it is generated because people care and have passion for our club. But like it or not he has bought the football club, it his bat and ball and he can do with it what he wants, for all our sakes I just hope he does not decide this abuse is too much for him and decide to take his bat and ball home with him, then we will well and truly be foooked.
  7. Thank you for sharing, very interesting and educating.
  8. That we only sing "We're on our way" when there are only 3 games left and we are 10 points clear .
  9. Mine was at Watford away many years ago, the game had not even started and I got "Dad am cold can we go home now" so I did what any good dad would do and said "son you see all of those policemen, they are here to stop anyone leaving early", it worked a treat not one more moan from him.
  10. Drinking beer by the pool in Crystal River Florida,getting annoying looks from the wife and strange looks from the Americans as I start singing "he comes from Oldham......"
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