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  1. To sum up, there is no takeover. Milan fell for a false promise. Can you really blame him? Milan has completely saved this club and above all made us a saleable asset. Before him the club was in disarray with a share split / debt that no other business man would touch. Give the bloke a break, people have very short memories. One day we will be sold and hopefully those buyers have the funds to take us to the next level. Only time will tell, chill out and enjoy the ride. Long gone are the days of Dave knobhead allen cleaning out the club for his own proffffffiiiittt!

    Up the owls!!!

  2. What a wee pipe head. Hate arsenal, Adams has already stated that they were poo poo scared of Wednesday at the time. Him and bold were told by graham to take hirsty out. Top knobbers, as for Ian wright don't even get me started.

    Ai can hardly remember the night it's self, simply blanked it from my memory and will never watch it on the tv.

  3. Must have been hard to resist taking a photo !!!!

    If I'd asked for his photo I would have looked like a reight stalker! Wasn't much time either! Wondered what he was doing in Bath, turns out he lives here. Seemed a really nice bloke, would be great to have a pint with him, bet the football stories are immense!

  4. I don't look like a fruit loop, honest. :)

    Got to say it was a bit bizarre, but the couple of jars gave me the courage.

    Got to say top bloke always thought he was up for a laugh after he once made an ability about signing players was like pulling birds in a club whilst managing Bristol City.

    Not arrogant and all and seemed to enjoy the chat.

  5. I live in Bath, been out of sheffield for 20 years but still a MASSIVE fan. I work in London and when I got of the train back to Bath I was stood next to non other than Ian Holloway in the taxi queue. Having had a couple of Christmas jars before leaving work I plucked up the courage to give him a nudge and say 'There is a great job going in Sheffield'.

    He smiled and said 'I know there is'. Asked him if he was interested and the response was something like 'of course I am'. Asked him if there was any issue with Milan and he just said 'I got a lot wrong when I worked with him before'.

    At that time the taxi queue was getting shorter, just said, check out owlstalk and you'll see that you would be a popular choice.

    He shook my hand and said thanks, got in the cab and gave me a wave and was gone.

    Got to say out of anyone available he has always been my first choice. Not sure what went on at Leicester but Milan pick up the phone and make it happen!!!

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