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  1. I think that you are all wrong, there are not many keepers that are young. When a young outfield player makes a mistake it barely ever results in a goal.


    Dawson is a real prospect and given time he’ll be a real asset. It’s the Wednesday way to destroy a young lads confidence. I really hope it doesn’t happen with him!

  2. Tell the press everyone has their price. If anyone wants FF then the price is 20m.


    Tell FF to roll his socks up as he wont be sold until the vaualtion is met. If he refuses to play then don't pay his wages and make him train with the reserves. 


    He'll soon sort his head out then.



  3. Really don't think that will happen in my life time. Football used to be great, various different teams having a pop at the old 1st division, sadly now it's a complete monopoly. I personally blame sky for ripping the soul out what was once a working mans passion.

    Fair play to the new owner, I love the fact that he has bought into us and is not shy of taking a risk. I don't think that will result in us being a city, at best we could probably replicate Southampton, Everton etc. I personally can't ever see us being a media darling like the rest of the plastic clubs in front of us - just my opinion like!

    I live away from sheff now, I watch games with plastic Man U and Liverpool fans who know feck all football and supporting a team but I know where I always stand!

    Ps meant to say, I don't think we have anything to moan about, we are light years away from the dark days and those piggy lobbers - that's all that matters!

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