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  1. Speaks a lot of sense. People can say what they want but we’d have lost if monk was in charge and we played better football. We’ll soon be moving up the league with TP at the helm..
  2. Rick Parry thinks that Liverpool’s and Man Utd’s grab for power is good for the EFL - I wonder why?
  3. Gave Martin 5m of space in the box for the first goal for a start..
  4. Seen better Sunday league defenders
  5. Seems like your source has summarised every rumour and conspiracy theory recently. Come on, you made this up didn’t you?
  6. Dawson for me, wouldn’t have flapped at the two goals v Swansea..
  7. Nando not a striker. harris much better coming inside 2 centre mids not strong enough Defence needs the two in front 4-2-3-1 is our best formation and plays to the squads strengths... why change?
  8. Probably right, thought he did ok there and I think the 4-2-3-1 would give him freedom to push forward...
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