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  1. Their 'outrageous' prices are only £3 dearer than at Bolton, football is an expensive hobby but i'm fooked if i'm missing Leeds cos it costs a bit more.
  2. You're missing my point, the trip to Leeds is as cheap as Bolton all in, £47 so cost is hardly a factor.
  3. Whilst pricey it's still a cheap away day if you factor in travel, I'd say it's on par with Bolton. I'll be going, it's a local game against a club I hate. They weren't fussed last year when we took a thousand, in fact they just laughed at us.
  4. Apparently Leeds and a few more have been told the same recently only to have a cash turnstile there.
  5. Think our sales are about that level, at £20 a pop though I expected a few more.
  6. Well done to all that made the trip to Bolton, currently the highest average outside the top flight.....imagine if we were actually good.
  7. Yet we got the highest average in the division that season.
  8. It's a myth that they have to give you 15%, it's upto that figure, and depends on segregation.
  9. Of course they will, they don't support SWFC, they are mainly, utter cúnts
  10. Maybe so, but for a few glorious weeks we could dream we were rich.....
  11. It's disappointing but we move on, what I cannot get is that some people on here actually revel in bad news for "their club", baffles me.
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