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  1. They hand them out now and I grudgingly take the red ones when they give them to me instead of demanding a blue one :(
  2. He didn't really say anything about it, doesn't confirm anything really.
  3. He's a good player and a goalscorer. I couldn't say whether he's good enough for a team chasing promotion to the premier league, but I'd be happy to sign a goalscorer in midfield.
  4. When he first signed he said he was one of the top earners, but I think it was just mentioned off hand, like "I'm treated with respect here, I'm earning a good wage", and then this article references the one interview he did while at the club. Maybe I'm wrong and we did inexplicably offer him thirty grand a week but I doubt it.
  5. I don't think I've ever been so angery. Potential football league goal of the year chalked off for no good reason. Hanging is too good for that linesman >:(
  6. "super computer" I hope it is connected to the information superhighway
  7. I'd be more annoyed if we had offered three million just to appease some of our football manager fans who view a players inherent value by how much we spent to sign him.
  8. Tribunal would give a decent amount of money and a high sell on percentage. None of this "omg he will go for free next year I hate Wednesday" nonsense.
  9. Been off owlstalk for a couple of weeks. Came back and it's pretty much as expected. I'll be back when something happens
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