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  1. Everyone keeps saying ‘when we were third in the league at Christmas etc etc’ To be fair I’m beginning to get fed up of hearing it as in reality we were only third for about 5 minutes The reason we aren’t there now has been well documented and discussed on this forum but let’s be honest our play this season has often been disjointed and we were often quite lucky in the games up to Xmas to take maximum points I constantly hear fans voicing their frustration having witnessed first hand the painstaking way we attack, the stupid mistakes our defenders and keepers make, the total lack of movement for throw-ins and our inability to try anything new from free-kicks and don’t get me on our shooting ability - what the hell does our attackers do In training every day! - do they actually practice shooting as I don’t see much evidence either during pre-match warm up or during the games. For these points alone I do criticize people like Lee Bullen and all the so called trainers at SWFC after all when can we actually say we have seen something new that catches our opponents out and results in a well worked goal that becomes a major talking point to the thousands of fans as they make their way home. Messrs Bullen and all the 1st team trainers, while probably very nice people ought to look very closely at their training methods and regimes as more often than not during games we are pedestrian, lack any degree of confidence and constantly commit schoolboy errors. Surely if our trainers did their job properly and brought some new ideas to the way we play then we might actually be challenging for promotion for longer than just the 5 minutes we were around Xmas 2019 For the hours we travel, for the money we spend and the commitment we as supporters make surely we deserve to see something that makes it all worthwhile. i live in hope !
  2. I posted to get a reaction to the recent display by our supposed captain Now I don’t mind taking crap from those so-called supporters but it doesn’t get away from the fact that Lees is not captain material and we deserve better - fact !!!
  3. Sorry having watched the game tonight as I couldnt get over to see the game I’ve had a few Jack Daniels so I’m sorry if I’ve posted Lees position as a ‘central midfielder ‘ when of course he’a central defender - I do apologies but my thoughts on his presence in 5WFC team still remains as stated
  4. I’m sorry but if you analyse his play he fails as a central midfielder and as a captain he is absolutely mute All our past captains have given their blood for SWFC - Lees is a poor leader by comparison. We need a natural leader who has the drive and ability to lead by example and one who can offer encouragement and guidance to all his players.
  5. He doesn’t have the quality to have been even considered a ‘good’ player tonight - thinking about it based on his performances for SWFC since he arrived he has at best been poor by any standard Until our manager realises this we will struggle - he has to go and ply his level of skill in the 2nd division that is about his level. ‘
  6. It’s not that long ago our keeper order by way of experience as :- 1.Westwood 2. Wildsmith 3. Dawson wee pipe head Jos made Dawson No1 and we all fell about laughing at his ridiculous selection so why do we continue picking a keeper that simply doesn’t learn from all his poor decisions and static presence Totally agree What the hell is NickyWeaver doing with our keepers - he must have the best job at SWFC - supping tea all morning instead of teaching them how to command their area.
  7. You say we have a squad that is capable of doing better but while I’d like to agree with you the bulk of these players are simply not good enough at th3 moment and clearly letting the fantastic supporters down The quicker we get some imaginative midfielders, a ‘real captain’ who leads by example and quick, strong forwards who puts a bit of fear in th3 opposition we will be ‘massive’ only to those that have a bloody long memory.
  8. The Lord won’t help us if the son of God ‘Jesus’ is playing for City
  9. And there lies one of the main issues created by Chansiri himself - given all the experienced football ‘experts’ he has brought in but have very quickly left WHO would now be daft enough to come to Hillsborough and work for a chairman that doesn’t listen to good advice when he’s offered it. If he was a good chairman to work for we would today have one of the most experienced ‘advisers’ working for the club. All we have is ‘Paxo’ !!!!!!
  10. It’s obvious the root cause and probably the very reason they all left within a very short period is that despite all their efforts to administer the changes needed Chansiri ignored their recommendations and took the advice of Paixao that has repeatedly shown he is somebody way above his station. Get rid of him and things may start to improve as Chansiri will have to consult football expert closer on hand.
  11. I would fully endorse the formation of a ‘working group’ but the group should be made up of individual fans that have influential contacts from the business world or people who associate themselves with some very wealthy people. However we should be mindful that there are plenty of rich crooks in this world just looking for ready made businesses that could be used to ‘launder’ cartels I’ll gotten gains. Any good working group needs a strong influential leader and. Believe we should look no further than the principals of Owlstalk
  12. Yes he was watching the game sat on his own - words like ‘Billy no friends’ comes to mind I wonder how many of the Chairman/Owners throughout all the leagues actually sit in the Directors box on their own - it probably says a lot - I guess none of our supporters would Now find it a privilege to sit next to this man after his leadership (or lack of it) has put our club in the mess we now find ourselves in - sorry but the quicker he is not part of SWFC the better.
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