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  1. Given all that’s happened over the last 12 months I’d prefer Chansiri to go all out and appoint Cook but as the days pass I think it’s looking more like a continental coach/manager. He has probably already been hired but has had to have the COVID-19 checks and go through the isolation period before an official announcement is made. Come on DC let’s get it announced
  2. Dutch - I once had the opportunity to speak with Nigel Pearson and although being an ex player and a decent Manager what he had to say about the passion he still has for SWFC makes me want him to guide us to better times but I question whether he could cope with the bad management and lack of football intelligence that our chairman constantly displays. Whilst I would love Pearson to be our Manager he would probably wreck his office and end up resigning well before the end of the season Pearson is definitely for some time in the future but maybe not right now
  3. Based on our past history with player and manager recruitment I don’t believe we have the in- house ability to bring in a new manager in the Summer, extend current contracts where appropriate and buy/loan a bag full of players to replace those that have not renewed or simply let their contract expire and left. It’s an easy route to let Thompson continue as caretaker until the end of the season but in practical terms it would almost be suicidal as it would leave us with a monumental summer recruitment drive which would probably fall well short of the fans expectations.
  4. I agree with your sentiments with regards to Carlos but I really believed we were on the right track when Steve Bruce agreed to join us, regretfully his boyhood dreams scuppered that. When we assess what current Managers have achieved there is probably only a short list that have done really good. But then how much money has their chairman had available to spend to build and develop a squad that blends together and can go on to win acclaim and prizes. Chansiri spent his millions giving Carlos that opportunity but with the situation we are now in my vote would be for Eddie Howe who in fair
  5. Totally agree, when you’ve been a supporter for the number of years we have all you ant is the team to be successful and entertaining on the pitch and know that the club is being run professionally and to a strategic plan. With the exception of Dave Allan all our past chairman have been leaders who have tried to guide the club through some difficult times without alienating their fans. Chansiri has constantly used the blame culture to cover his inefficiencies so all I want to hear from him right now is ‘The Clubs for Sale’ - ‘I’m off’ The sooner the better, if it was tomorrow 1st Jan 2021
  6. DC made a handsome profit selling Lucas Joao, so let’s hope if he does sanction sale of Windass he has his negotiating head on and gets £3 million plus for him
  7. As it stands right now I doubt that will be the case as I ask the question as to WHY couldn’t/didn’t Chansiri pay the wages on time. it begs the question he didn’t have the available funds to meet the requirements of everyone’s salary and with the lack of incoming revenue that’s in some ways understandable. But it doesn’t bare well for the future months. My guess is the delay was due to a complete lack of funds to meet the commitments and he has gone to some financial institution (or his family yet again) and borrowed the money. No matter how he’s got over the current cash problem I
  8. I don’t believe for one minute that Chansiri is a billionaire and as I’ve posted on many occasions his ‘pot’ must be almost empty and he has probably lost the financial support of his family. With no gate receipts and little or no television and sponsorship money flooding into the club he must be having financial nightmares. His inability to pay players wages on time is indeed a major concern that doesn’t hold well for Pullis having a decent amount to invest on the new players the club desperately need from this next transfer window. Happy New Year - I don’t think so - do you ?
  9. If this downward spiral continues there is every chance that there won’t be a club to support and we would certainly have no ‘fans forum’ to see if you are right about the old people ‘ cap doffing’ thing
  10. Your not wrong billyblack - I initially thought our delay was just because the club was using the extension offered to businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic but now I’m beginning to worry the delay may be for other reasons which could be a big problem.
  11. I am sure ToppOwl that right now just about every Owls supporter are in full agreement with your assessment of the current situation. we are all eagerly awaiting the January transfer window to see the quality of players we can attract to fill the big gaps we currently have in our squad. The way I see it I don’t believe Chansiri has the level of finance we need to buy/loan good players and then pay their wages week in week out with no real income coming in to the club. Like him or hate our new manager has inherited such an unbalanced team that is crying out for additional quality p
  12. Todwick Owl you mate are absolutely spot on I can’t as free with you more but as supporters of this once ‘great club’ should we have to witness a totally inept performance by a Wednesday team that are currently taking a wage but lack any sort of cohesion, passion or flair/ confidence to do something different.
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