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  1. I can’t disagree with you LondonOwl but I’ve gone over the games we played after the restart and we created a bagful of chances that were spoilt by woeful shooting, bad decision making in the final 1/3rd and a total lack of football intelligence. It either showed our attacking force as weak, uninspiring and lacking in the basic principle that to win we need to score more than he opposition. That said to leak the number of goals that we did the defence needs a general overall.
  2. I’ve heard today that Bolton Wanderers have already signed 8 players since their league was suspended. I appreciate that as they are regrettably now in League 2 they are probably not looking at high quality players but it does beg the question that we need to get a move on. in the knowledge that we need quite a few new players and I only hope that DC and co.are busy behind the scenes. Living in the North West I don’t hear local gossip about who might be on our radar and even the rumour mongers have gone quiet so I hope it’s a case of keep it quite and out of the gaze of journalists etc until the deals are done.
  3. I do agree that no one should make sad abusive and offensive comments towards individuals and hide behind an pseudonyms or hashtags. However, Moses ought to think twice before he levels any amount of blame for his mistakes at supporters. Regretfully it appears we have yet another player who is happy to blame the supporters for their underperformance. For Christ’s sake grow a pair!!!
  4. With the number of loan players that have arrive either over weight or simply not match-fit it does makes you wonder who has been responsible for carrying out their medical and fitness tests prior to signing. We already know that the Wednesday backroom team have been understaffed for some time so have players in the past been brought onboard with little or no checks actually been carried out or have we signed players purely based on their past reputation and performances without carrying out some form of fitness/medical test. Lets hope in this window we don’t sign players that are still suffering from being over weight or from past injuries as it will undoubtedly take weeks to get them up to speed with the Championship pace etc., As we will be looking to claw the 12 points back as quick as possible it will be imperative that every player is 100% fit and available for selection from the start of the new season so I only hope each new player is well scrutinised.
  5. It does seem that we may have to rely on signing a reasonable number of loan players which could be a worry initially. To date just about all the loan players we have had over the last couple of seasons have come unfit and have taken several weeks to get up to speed and be in contention for the 1st team selection. With our points deduction we need a good start and the team to play with confidence and passion. We have very little preparation time so I hope the players that we are looking at are fit and ready to compete from day one. Hope we start hearing some positive news soon.
  6. I absolutely agree - and that’s the point, how long can the loses be sustained. He came with a pocket full of money, gambled - lost, gambled again and lost again. How long can we expect our gambler to have all the passion and ambition to win when he just keeps recording losses. That’s not fun surely !! - and while he continues to find the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow the reputation and standing of our historic club is being eroded away.
  7. Sheff 74 - I’ve said that repeatedly, it’s his Dad,Uncles and his close relations that are directly behind TUF and I have seen no evidence that DC was a successful businessman prior to buying SWFC When he was filmed taking over the reigns from Manderic the backdrop was ‘TUF’ That suggested that The TUF business were supporting DC as a major sponsor or as some have claimed in the past that they have been guarantors to the funding. If that was the case and we will probably never know then at what point does the board of TUF or his family say enough is enough, we can’t continue to loose millions with little prospect of a return. i know it’s been said that he could put SWFC into administration and that would be the end of the club but thousands of successful businesses have risen out of the ashes left after administration and gone on to be very, very successful. i don’t believe it would ever get to that but I’m not fully convinced that DC or his direct family will continue to see great chunks of wealth be flittered away in the hope that one day SWFC will be good enough to win promotion to the Premiership which would finally give DC a return on his massive investment.
  8. Are you sure about that !! I have had a personal meeting with Mr Chansiri and Manderic before him.
  9. If we could get hold of the type of players that have a ‘never say die’ attitude then 12 points can certainly be clawed back over a season, the problem I have is that I am unsure that Monk has the draw as a manager to guarantee these type of players will come to SWFC i live in Bolton and when a Big Sam was manager he attracted good quality players from all over the world. It was mind boggling the players that signed for Bolton while he was their manager. i can’t see Monk having the player knowledge or the magnetism to attract good quality players. Ist call in our revival should be a manger with connections and the blueprint that brings a reasonable percentage of success. i live in hope.
  10. I like you don’t see what over the horizon for our club, administration could be the outcome if no reasonable alternatives are found. I dread the day that ever happening but if it was your family’s wealth that you were squandering away in a foreign land how long would you keep throwing your money into a business with a frosted future.
  11. Chansiri has always said he would leave if the fans show they don’t want him as Chairman/Owner and certainly after today’s verdict there doesn’t appear that many are shouting for him to stay. Those that are currently backing him are actually more worried about a worse type of owner getting hold of this club and what further damage that could bring. or simply that any potential investor would see us as currently as a pretty bad investment. Either way just answer these simple questions :- 1) Are we a better club after 5 years of his management - that’s a no 2) Are we seen as a well respected club by the football fraternity - sadly yes we are right now. 3) Do you think Chansiri will continue to finance a business that has repeatedly lost millions since he took over and show no prospect of making anywhere near a respectable profit in the foreseeable future. in conclusion I don’t believe that Mr Chansire has a bottomless pocket and being a proud man he will definitely be hurt by today’s verdict therefore I believe this signals the start of the end and he will be encouraged by his family to cut his losses and sell as soon as possible.
  12. I agree you would expect more than 9 goals from an hungry centre forward but it’s about confidence in your own ability and having the know how to be in the right place at the right time. We used to call it ‘goal hungry’. For those old enough you may remember a pretty hungry centre forward called Malcolm McDonald, he’d banged s few goals in for Luton when Newcastle gambled that he might have that same hunger in the then 1st Division He was that confident he said he would score 30 goals on his first season. That got him the nickname super- gob but he became a lethal no.9 for Newcastle, Arsenal and England Oh how we could do with a centre forward with the same hunger and confidence as ‘Supra-Mac’
  13. NDA - Yep you’re right our chairman will not be able to divulge any sensitive information with regards to the EFL case at this stage but as he undoubtedly needs our continued support financially it would be good to hear his thoughts on our current position after what turned out to be a very depressing season and to give his general’ thoughts on the way forward for the club I’m sure would be appreciated. I realize that certain plans cannot be put in place until we know the ‘outcome’ but life carries on and a simple statement from Mr Chansiri right now I’m sure would be welcomed by many.
  14. You’re a bit late, I have already apologised for my error keep up!
  15. Where have you seen evidence that the independent panel are still going through things ?
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