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  1. At this time of the year every supporter has their idea on the players they would like the club to bring in. When we mention foreign players some suggest our record is not so good but we have had some very useful foreign players - Semedo comes to mind and there are others who became crowd pleasers. Yes we’ve had our share of players that were just plain awful but we are constantly barking on about attracting up and coming young players from the lower leagues but isn’t every club on the look out for these ‘gems’. Then there is those supporters that scream out loud when a 30+ player is mentioned but take a look at the players Barcelona, PSG, Real Madrid and Juventus are looking to take just from our Premier league. Yes they are good players but they are all at the twilight of their careers. So my take is if they are not just looking to prolong their careers and spend weeks and weeks on the treatment table, if they can bring some new ideas to the squad, play with a decent element of passion and become part of the Wednesday family I say we go for them. We can look at a younger element when we are nicely entrenched in the Championship. On a final note let’s not forget it’s not our money paying the players it’s the Chairman’s money and he must be getting pretty pissed off with the crap advice he’s been given with regards to some of the players who’ve ended up at S6.
  2. He will probably end up having to make a big dent in his bank balance when he has to settle lawyers and his wife’s court costs so if he left Leicester he would definitely not come to Hillsboro with Chansiri’s new pay structure. The only way he would play for the Owls is if he goes on to play well into his 40s like Stanley Matthews did for Stoke.
  3. The way Dean cheered his son off the pitch last night you’d have thought Josh had scored a hat-trick, was a cert for ‘man of the match’ and had run Sunderland’s defence ragged. I wish !!!!!
  4. On the face of it I think it’s great that we can still attract talented youngsters to sign for our academy but when you consider all the effort by many and the overall cost to the club of players, the management and the general running expenses that it costs the club it does make you wonder if it’s all worth it. Our problems seem to be that we struggle to bring talented youngster through to the 1st team, we try an odd one on occasions but despite all the years of coaching they don’t seem to be good enough to make the 1st team on a regular basis. I appreciate we have got an odd one through like Palmer but that’s just one out of hundreds. Surely it’s time to evaluate afterall when was the last time we made any real money from players that have come through the ranks.
  5. I have as a big fan of Iorfa before his bout of injuries but his latest performances do tend to leave you on tender hooks when he get the ball. I was reading that his father was a centre forward and played at International level for Nigeria. That got me thinking could we elevate young Iorfa to play centre forward or at least become a strike partner for Gregory. Don’t forget we’ve done it before with some pretty impressive results. He’s certainly fast and you never know he might just be the answer we are looking for up front with Gregory. Worth a try ?
  6. He’s injured right now but hope his treatment takes a little longer as we play Bolton on the 9th April and before his injury he was regularly getting ‘man of the match’ awards Great player for us and at times I wish he was still with us but unfortunately it appears he is now very injury prone so maybe it was a good decision when he was not offered a new contract
  7. I live in Bolton and my mate runs a local Connie club (Over Hulton Conservative Club) his partner does the catering so food could be available if you let them know in advance. The club is situated between J4 and J5 of the M61 (Bolton ground just off J6) with loads of parking and only a 5 mins dive to ground. If any supporters or supporter clubs want to stop off I’m sure they would be welcomed but you would need to tell them you are coming. Their tele number 01204 61384 ask for Andy Karen or Nicki and mention that Rod recommended the club as an ideal stopping place for visiting supporters. PS - I tell Bolton supporters where to stop off when we play them at Hillsborough.
  8. As an ex Sheffielder I have lived in Bolton for over 40 years and being a season ticket holder I travel over to Hillsborough for every home game. On one occasion I was surprised to see I was driving behind George Boyd who was on his way to Hillsborough. This got me thinking if any of our current squad have to drive for a reasonable length of time on a daily basis to get to the training ground or to the stadium on match days. Its we’ll documented that years ago Ron Springett trained daily with QPR before meeting up with the team on match days but does any of our current squad live miles from Sheffield. Be interested to hear from those in the know.
  9. It’s difficult with our English weather to stage anything that would be entertaining and keep supporters in their seats during the break. But I think we could approach all junior schools within about a 10 mile radius to invite young lads and lasses to have a bit of a game at half time. Something like a mini FA Cup competition with an eventual winner I’m sure young kids would love to kick a ball on the Hillsborough turf watched on by their mums and dads. It could be a good way of attracting new Owls supporters for the future.
  10. Tend to agree but he’s a big ticket man and Walsall or Doncaster are not big ticket.
  11. Where there’s a will, there’s a way At least all the North would leave home games regardless of result in an absolute great mood If Chansiri was a business man he would have an ‘exit’ strategy - now maybe he would like to be regarded as a business man but we know he not as his record proves.But his family members are business people and as they are probably funding him right now they WILL have set an ‘exit’ strategy that with relegation to league one will probably be activated when and if we don’t secure promotion this coming May To that end Chansiri or his advisors (maybe family now) will be talking to as many interested parties as possible - in short they will be doing their homework, their research. Anyone with a right mind would not continue to carry loses indefinitely, Chansiri’s utopia of promotion to the Premiership and with it all the wealth is now just a distant dream so to sell soon does appear a very high possibility.
  12. If they are ‘on loan’ and pick up injuries that look like they could take some time to overcome surely as part of the loan agreement they should go back to their parent club until such time that they are declared fit by their manically team. I know it doesn’t help our current situation but it shouldn’t be costing us financially.
  13. If we sold Windass and we’re lucky to get a good fee for him you would hope we would then go out and get a striker who doesn’t have the injury issues we have become so familiar with. My bet would be if it was down to Chansiri and Darren Moore we’d end up with a winger that no one wants and comes to Hillsborough unfit and free. The money from the Windass transfer would simply disappear into Chansiri’s D Taxi account.
  14. Reading paid £7.5m for Lucas Joao as a package that included ‘add-in’s’ and that was Chansiri’s best deal.
  15. I am sure Chansiri knows just how the vast majority of fans think about his tenure as owner and chairman but it would just be our luck that he accepts an offer from say a Columbian drug baron that can’t speak English, knows absolutely nothing about football and thoroughly enjoys using threatening behavior to any of ruling the authorities so that he can continue to keep and build his empire. Dont laugh - it may well be regarded as ‘who laughs last. Our long association with the English Football League may well be coming to an end !!
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