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  1. Look on the bright side - at least we witnessed those days when SWFC were up there with the best teams in the UK.We can boast of Seeing players like Pele applying their skills on the Hillsborough turf. Regretfully today there are thousands of Owls fans that have given their all for the club, supporting the team home and away but to date have only seen the odd glimmer of success. Regretfully I don’t think we will see those glory days again in the next 10-20 years but we live in hope so let’s hope our fortunes change sometime soon and our club start to make our supporters proud to be an
  2. There is absolutely no way Paul is a blade. Both he and his son Jack love SWFC through and through When he’s back in Sheffield he will always be seen in the South Stand watching the OWLS Fact
  3. I know where you’re coming from but for once try to lose the negativity and try and be a bit positive. Ask yourself the question - Why do I go and there’s your answer. More fans will return when they are not been ‘fleeced’ at the turnstiles, when the blue and white side of the city want to be part of the ‘fight back’ Come on Mcguigan try for once to look on the bright side - all this negativity has Chansiri written all over it.
  4. The players that have been draining the club for years will be gone and if Chansiri is also ‘gone’ thousands of fans will be back to Hillsborough buying well priced merchandise and season tickets, beer and pies all adding extra turnover and profit. ’If you build it they will come’
  5. As I’ve said in an earlier post if I was looking to buy SWFC I would not want to negotiate with the current owner who quite evidently grossly over-values the business/club. Chansiri has some big bills to pay in the near future and if he has no current income from next season’s ticket sales etc he will yet again have to dig deep to come up with the money to settle the bills. That’s when any potential buyer will strike when Chansiri is vulnerable due to a continual mount up of debts and the prospect of Administration.
  6. If Chansiri wants any chance of getting some sort of a reasonable bid for the club it is up to him to make the purchase as easy as possible. If he truly wants out because it’s bleeding great amounts of money on a weekly basis then he would be a bigger fool if he made the sale difficult for any interested party.
  7. I totally agree with your posting but if I was a potential buyer I would just be calm and patient right now and see what position Chansiri is in when he has to meet the repayments on the ground purchase. With running costs still mounting up despite the prospect of getting some additional ‘big earners’ off the books in a couple of months the overall debt must be getting bigger and bigger with no ‘real’ additional income from 2021/2022 season ticket sales. With the prospect of winding up orders from creditors owed millions (tax and vat man) and additional pressure from his family who must be scr
  8. I applaud your optimism but in my opinion I believe we have a hard few months ahead of us when we see exactly which players will leave as their contracts expire and others who just don’t want to play in the 3rd tier so equally want to listen to offers. That will undoubtedly leave us requiring an awful lot of players and there lies the problem as I see it. In reality I don’t think Chansiri will want to shell out any more of his money to buy new players and to make matters worse we would have to depend on loaned players from premiership or even the Championship clubs. The better players wi
  9. Chansiri is not ‘killing the club’ - Chansiri HAS killed the club - under his mismanagement we are a laughing stock. Just about every pundit, ex players, ex managers have voiced their opinion on the Chansiri regime - I have not heard anyone give him any credit what so ever. All can’t be wrong Chansiri is what’s wrong with SWFC - he simply has to go whatever situation that leaves us in. Only then, maybe we can’t start to look forward with any amount of positivity. Pack your bags Delphon your time at this club is surely coming to an end.
  10. A bit of leeway !!!! - you must be joking (April Fool). This man has had thousands of ‘leeway’s’ from the majority of SWFC fans but after all his mismanagement and poor business acumen he’s now well and truly past his ‘sell by’ date
  11. I agree we should not be criticizing Moore after only a handful of games. Having said that he has worried me slightly when he says our players are a fabulous squad, if he tries to keep any of them from leaving then we will just see a repeat next year of the ineffective football we’ve be subject to for just too long. If he doesn’t cleanse the squad before the start of next season we really are doomed.
  12. We definitely need the type of spine highlighted and I certainly hope we go all out to get passionate, hungry players we have desperately needed for some time now. The downside is there are 2 problems that will undoubtably prevent us from recruiting the ‘spine’ 1. Just about every team across the leagues are looking for suitable players to strengthen their central spine. 2. Are SWFC an attraction for good players when we won’t buy and probably now won’t pay salaries that would draw the quality players. I certainly hope the Summer recruitment drive attracts the right player
  13. I would see what our new manager and the recruitment team can come up with but if we can’t attract better then any offer would have to be on greatly reduced weekly salaries and bonus’s based on games played. Both these players have earned a small fortune playing for us and realistically we need younger and more hungry for success type players (if we can attract them)
  14. Which means we could get a good transfer fee for him. Personally I would like him to stay but there will be clubs after him and depending on what club offers him a good contract I can see him saying yes
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