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  1. Totally agree with your post Mc Dawson is a long way from being a true No.1 keeper. He doesn’t command his area. He rarely comes off his line to catch or clear corners. He’s not a really good shot stopper, his record over the last two years proves that - he’s let in an awful lot of goals he should have saved. His general positioning is often suspect. His clean sheet record is poor by comparison to other Championship keepers in conclusion I ask what the hell is our goalkeeping coaches doing with him If we persist with Dawson we will lose more games than w
  2. Giving some thought to your comment Clifford I can’t say your wrong but it had me thinking. When he first arrived on loan from Chelsea he was one of the many young players they nurtured in the hope that one or two really break into the big time and then they could either sell them on for pretty penny or in a very few cases they do actually break in to Chelsea’s first team In Hector’s case if you remember he was a bit sloppy when he first arrived but blossomed as the season went on. In our team he became a good player and I believe the additional coaching and game time he clocked up
  3. To be fair it was strange that we should go all out to sign Dunkley based on his reputation prior to having a double leg fracture. But it is DC who is paying the lad so we should just hope that he DOES come back as good as he was and becomes a reliable member of our defence for years to come.
  4. For what it’s worth here’s my take on the situation of Chansiri taking out a loan secured on the stadium. If we believe all that has been said he has financed our club from day one with his own money/wealth. If that is the case it may be true to say he’s put in £70- £100m Including the original purchase and covering year on losses since. As I have intimated several times that his personal wealth must have been well and truly dented so getting a loan secured on the stadium may well mean he can repay himself a good percentage back. If he then walks at some point in the future his pers
  5. I’ve been saying for months that no matter how rich Chansiri is personally or how rich his family is he cannot keep dipping in to his bank account when any degree of success or return on his investment seems light years away. At what point do you say enough is enough ? That point might be near - to finance a football club with no ongoing revenue must cost a phenomenal amount and I bet no Wednesday supporter would risk losing their family wealth just to keep their favourite football club pay the players unrealistic wages. I hate to say this but our club is broke.
  6. Zac Clough - believe me is way below the standard we should be considering. To be fair to him he cane into Bolton’s first team after some excellent displays in for the Academy team and was literally an overnight sensation bagging a few goal and assists. Forest heard about his progression and paid handsomely for his services but the fact is he’s lightweight and struggled to even make the Forest first team. Bolton took him back on loan but he underperformed so they sent him back. Rochdale then took him on loan and again he didn’t make an impression there so he’s now 25 years old and Forest
  7. You say he’s cash rich but in truth we don’t just how rich he actually is but let’s turn this around for a moment. Let’s say you were our rich chairman with say £20m in the bank - now that’s not a bad amount to have sat in your bank is it. But now with the pandemic you are having to support all the costs of running a Championship club with no real income from sponsors, turnstile money or even merchandising money. To keep the club solvent it is costing you personally let’s say £2m per month then in one season your £20m has been filtered and now you only have £10m sat in your bank How lon
  8. Oh don’t be a spoilsport - go on, just your loose change would do.
  9. My Thai takeaways are booming right now and making more profit than club but the weather is awful.
  10. I live in Bolton, we’re in lockdown so we drink 24/7
  11. Given that our Chairman has invested millions into SWFC he will still need to financially support the overheads through these difficult times, especially with no supporters going through the turnstiles, therefore if necessary would you dip into your pocket to help the well being of the club by making a one off or monthly contribution. ?
  12. I kinda like the guy, I really do believe, like many others that he really does have a deep love of the club, he says what you would expect him to say albeit somewhat repetitively but considering his nationality his understanding of the questions we raised was first class. To answer your question, to be fair it was a bit of both, he’s definitely committed to SWFC but I guess like any businessman if a good offer came in I think now he would sell. incidentally, at no point during my meeting with him did he ever confess to making any bad decisions and yet he had an answer for all the que
  13. Inspector, I wouldn’t want to break the confidentiality agreement but in reality I was only one of a handful that had a personal meeting with the Chairman early in the Year i had a similar meeting a Director of SWFC when Milan Mandaric was looking to sell the club as I knew a serious Russian investor who eventually did buy a football club but in Belgium.
  14. I only hope Paxo just shares a fag with Chansiri, but I believe he is now a personal friend and confidant. i had a meeting with the chairman 6 months ago and when questioned he said Paxo wasn’t paid by the club - but it makes you wonder why he is always present.
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