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  1. I’ve said this before and it didn’t please some of our fanbase but living in Bolton I have asked quite a few of their supporters about what they were offered as ‘payback’ when they had bought season tickets when Covid came along. Apparently they all said the same ‘they wanted their new owners not to be obligated to pay them given they had been throttled by the EFL’. ALL said they ‘wrote off the debt’ to them as a ‘show of support for the new owners’ Incidentally they were not offered alternatives like IFollow or credits in the club shop but a plea from the new owners to back their club through thick and thin.
  2. While the supporter continue to pay good money to watch inept performances and then listen to the Manager give a post match interview that just highlights he hasn’t got a clue. How long will it be before a good percentage of fans refuse to pay to watch their players playing slow, predictable football. Right now there are some players getting a shirt that are stealing a wage and Moore keeps picking them - surely that can’t be right.
  3. Don’t be so sure he’s ‘not going anywhere’ Good businessmen don’t carry on throwing good money after bad, he’ll soon realize, if he’s not realized already that he will never make a profit on his investment so there will be a time when he gets fed up with the constant battle with the EFL and has no option but to sell to the anyone willing to offer a decent price.
  4. I may well be wrong but whilst I agree that any upgrade to the training facilities would not be a priority for Chansiri right now it is yet another example of the huge cost cutting exercise that has gone on now for a couple of seasons. We are all aware that this was necessary and I’m sure that the annual overhead has been drastically reduced to a workable level but evidently Chansiri is now seriously controlling his ongoing financial support. However I do also feel that there is startling evidence that Chansiri, now he has wasted million in an effort to get into the Premiership, lost credibility and almost single handedly wrecked the reputation of our historic football club may have finally lost interest in his investment. I agree we can argue that travel restrictions have held him back from being present at Hillsborough but other Thai’s have made the trip to the UK in recent weeks but still no show from our owner. Surely anyone who invested what he has into a business opportunity in the hope that they would get a huge return would start to lose interest when any hope of seeing a satisfactory return disappears. So I ask - where is Mr Chansiri Incidentally I’ve also not seen Howard Wilkinson in the Directors box for a long time - hey but that’s another story.
  5. Although this will not make certain parts of our fanbase happy but I don’t believe Sam has a future with SWFC under our current manager. It is well known he speaks his mind, so I guess Moore has come in for a bit of his criticism/remarks recently. As we know he has a record of ‘putting his foot into it’ and directing his comments towards his manager and coaches which effectively results in him being listed as ‘long term ‘injured’ !!!!!!!
  6. With the decisions Moore has been making since he arrived at Hillsborough I think he’s lost his own soul in addition to any plain common sense.
  7. Many poster regularly mention managers like Warne, Robins and Lowe as though they would walk away from their current success to join Wednesday - forget it - you’re living in cookoo land. Remember when Chansiri first brought Carlos to Hillsborough nobody had ever heard of him or even what clubs he had managed but to be fair based on his first full season he’s been the best manager by far that we’ve had for years. So let’s stop looking at old ‘has-Beene’ and look towards a getting a foreign manager that has a reputation for playing a combination of good attacking football together with a strong confident defence. Surely there must be some foreign managers that have the correct credentials. The search must commence NOW as the quality of football or lack of it has never been as bad for many years now and we fear loosing valuable supporters who have ‘had enough’ THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW - PLEASE
  8. Supporters who sit in the South Stand have in the past been able to see some of their favorite but now aging players, directors, club ambassadors like Howard Wilkinson and even our notorious chairman Mr Chansiri sat in the ‘Director’s Box’. But where are they now - it’s been months since Howard or our Chairman have been seen on match days - maybe they are not that keen on the quality of our current performances but why are they really staying away After all, we the ‘faithful’ supporters are expected to keep turning up no matter how poor the performances have been.
  9. Your mention of the quote ‘we should work more at corners’ had me thinking what do our coaches actually do on a day to day basis with our squad of players. We have for a long time been clueless at throw-ins, our set play from ‘free kicks’ is tired and rarely produces any positive results like goals, and as the poster said our corners are not effective, yesterday’s game was a typical example where on several occasions the ball was hit long on to the back post and not one Wednesday player was anywhere close. So we get just another wasted corner where our players just seem to ‘hope’ something may come from it. Sorry but my take on this is either - the coaches are working tirelessly to improve our set plays but our current crop of players haven’t got the physical and mental capacity to learn OR the coaches simply don’t see the faults and do nothing to improve the efforts of the squad during the day to day training regime. Again another example of the failures of our current manager and his ever expanding back room staff.
  10. You’ve got my vote for our next Manager Mr Thome. That’s what I call ‘making the best of what we have’. It’s a total shame that Moore is even blind to the word attack. My next letter to Mr Chansiri will definitely include the suggestion that Emerson Thome becomes our next Manager. Are you any good at Pre/Post match interviews ?
  11. Being one of the SWFC supporters that travel quite a long way to watch the team I’ve supported for over 60 years it’s hard to watch the poor performances we have had to endure this season without getting irate. Right now the team is lacking on so many fronts that the blame must lie squarely at the feet of Moore and his coaching team. What makes it more unacceptable is Moore’s decision making which is questionable every game. I therefore believe he should go as the job is too big for him. Having said all that regretfully, it won’t happen soon (although it should) as Mr Chansiri will not want to add to the list of ex managers he is probably still paying. It is for this reason that Moore’s position is probably safe for some time to come.
  12. Bez - you mentioned your journey back to Bolton - I applaud you mate, Tuesday night match in Cambridge and then the drive back especially when the result goes against us or like at present when the team are not playing well - at least we got a point from last nights game but still a long way back to reflect on the highs and lows. I live in Bolton and hate the drive back listening to ‘praise and grumble’ - lately just too many grumbles after crap performances and then we have to endure Moore post match excuses. Its times like this I wish I still lived in Aston !
  13. Having now played quite a few matches with some of the crap that surrounds him I wouldn’t mind a wager on Bannan leaving as soon as a decent Championship side come knocking again. What’s the point of him trying to play good inventive football if the rest of the squad evidently don’t know the basic rudiments of how to control and win football games. He’ll be off mark my words
  14. Moore is here to stay for the season at least not because Chansiri thinks he’s the man for the job but because DC will not want to pay the contracts up on Moore and his back room staff which will undoubtedly cost a few bob.
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