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  1. Why would anybody want to neg this post. Best manager in a generation . If he stays we will ultimately get promotion with a fit and proper team of his building .
  2. If Fletcher and Hooper are fit and start we win.
  3. Is that a New York minute? If it is anything can change.
  4. Andy Sinton for me. Really thought when we signed him we'd go on to conquer the world. Shows i know bugger all about footy.
  5. If by serious problems you mean give a throw then it's a no from me.
  6. How about unemployed manager who's unlikely to be offered premiership managerial role gets lucrative 3 year deal . What's not to like?
  7. If we can't afford to bring in a new manager do we have a player manager from within the ranks ready to step up to the plate.
  8. Polishing my 68 Morris Minor then fettling the 72 Beetle. I love being an old fart.
  9. Just confirm for me please as no one seems to have mentioned it ; Hector's not playing but Nuhiu starts
  10. Did you ever catch one of those featuring mMan Utd v Man City . I think it was a milk cup replay (early 70s?) Again , Brian Moore was commentating , just action packed and brutal but off the top of my head i don't believe anyone was sent off . It was full blooded end to end stuff , a proper game of Footy.
  11. Blackburn Rovers 1 Owls 2 League div 3 79/80 I think every Owls fan of a certain age will tell you they were at that one.
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