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  1. penrhyn bay owl

    More positives from #SWFC

    You lift me up . Thompson Twins.
  2. penrhyn bay owl


    If he is lets hope its an automatic or he'll never get through a shift.
  3. penrhyn bay owl


    This 100% . The only downside being he's not on the other end of his own pass to finish off the move!
  4. Don't think it bodes well judging by the new fleet of sponsorship cars.
  5. penrhyn bay owl

    New kit designs

    I look at this and feel compelled to go out and buy a cloth cap and rattle.
  6. penrhyn bay owl

    Kieran Lee

    Has Jos been asked about Lee's injury update in any of his pre match interviews . I know most other players have been mentioned but can't remember any info re Kieran.
  7. If we were chasing the game I'd go Waddle Hirst Varadi Chapman McCulloch Curran Di Canio Carbone Bannister Bright Palmer (keeper , defence and defence/attacking midfield and I'd expect the odd hatrick)
  8. penrhyn bay owl

    Sam Hutchinson

    Facebook . If it's on there it must be true.....
  9. If that's the case why bother playing him at all. Just seems such a waste of everybody's time.
  10. Your mission should you choose to take it is to keep the club in the Championship. No need to look beyond the last game in May. You own the club. So what would you do? Sell up? Change the manager now? Risk bringing back key players now knowing you might damage them further but survive the drop? Intergrate the under 18's and 23's even more into the starting 11? Stick with the same formation?. Stick with the same regardless? Make adthe captain? How do you secure that illusive 10 or so points? Oh and bring back stripes and black shorts with hooped socks if that helps.
  11. penrhyn bay owl

    Team for Tues

    Reach plus any 10 who currently aren't in A & E.
  12. penrhyn bay owl

    Team today

    I like the idea of Joey Jones in our team but just a bit past it sadly.
  13. Is that the video where Chapman scores at the kop end and they actually miss it on camera?
  14. penrhyn bay owl

    Jos Luhukay on George Hirst & Sean Clare

    I like his honesty. If he can give an answer he does.fair play.