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  1. The Great Escape of '28 is on again . BELIEVE
  2. As per title. Will we start the season on -12 or zero points pending the appeal?
  3. Why would any other team back them from a purely selfish standpoint. They are all plus 12 points to our zero points . That's a nice starting place for a lot of teams over us.
  4. I had the programme. We found it in my grandads loft when he passed away. My dad who would have been 8 at the time wrote on the front in pencil "my dad went to this match" I took the programme into work and kept in my desk. When I left that job back in the seventies I went in to collect my things and some two hat had nicked it. I don't think there's a week goes by I don't kick myself for leaving it there in the first place. There you go I've upset myself again now.
  5. Play him right wing back there is a decent player in there.
  6. Surely there's enough in the tank for this team to see us through the next few weeks without swapping and changing.
  7. What's the point of football if you can't have this.
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