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  1. Would that mean a new nickname . We could be The Nellie's & us fans could be known as right Nellie's.
  2. The Great Escape of '28 is on again . BELIEVE
  3. As per title. Will we start the season on -12 or zero points pending the appeal?
  4. Why would any other team back them from a purely selfish standpoint. They are all plus 12 points to our zero points . That's a nice starting place for a lot of teams over us.
  5. I had the programme. We found it in my grandads loft when he passed away. My dad who would have been 8 at the time wrote on the front in pencil "my dad went to this match" I took the programme into work and kept in my desk. When I left that job back in the seventies I went in to collect my things and some two hat had nicked it. I don't think there's a week goes by I don't kick myself for leaving it there in the first place. There you go I've upset myself again now.
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