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  1. Have you got any fast passes you haven't used.
  2. Such bad memories of this shirt. Away at Everton 86? In the league cup getting turned over 4-0 and being sat by that smarmy faced Derek Hatton . Happy days
  3. That Sir is the best post I've seen on this site in a long time. I thank you for putting a smile on my face at this most miserable time.
  4. This absolutely. After the pen we played some bright Intelligent ,free flowing footy for about 10mins or so then it totally dried up . For the life of me why should that happen?
  5. Along with all the other folk wanting to buy us
  6. If all we have to worry about is footy , life must be great.
  7. 12 of us set off in a minibus from llandudno at 4am for this one. I've no idea what time we'll get home, still stuck in traffic in Tintwistle.
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