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  1. penrhyn bay owl

    How much longer

    Amateur Hour
  2. If we can't afford to bring in a new manager do we have a player manager from within the ranks ready to step up to the plate.
  3. penrhyn bay owl

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Them 1 Us 2 Spider n Ticker .
  4. penrhyn bay owl

    are we looking at relegation

    I've got to ask. How did you get out?
  5. penrhyn bay owl

    This Weekend

    Polishing my 68 Morris Minor then fettling the 72 Beetle. I love being an old fart.
  6. penrhyn bay owl

    Forestieri screamer

  7. penrhyn bay owl

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Just confirm for me please as no one seems to have mentioned it ; Hector's not playing but Nuhiu starts
  8. penrhyn bay owl

    BT Sports Classic

    Did you ever catch one of those featuring mMan Utd v Man City . I think it was a milk cup replay (early 70s?) Again , Brian Moore was commentating , just action packed and brutal but off the top of my head i don't believe anyone was sent off . It was full blooded end to end stuff , a proper game of Footy.
  9. penrhyn bay owl

    Most memorable game

    Blackburn Rovers 1 Owls 2 League div 3 79/80 I think every Owls fan of a certain age will tell you they were at that one.
  10. 1968 Owls 5-4 Man Utd I was 9 went with my older brother who was a Man Utd nut. We travelled to Hillsborough from Our home town of Llandudno on the Man Utd supporters coach and presumably paid on the gate for kop tickets. I went home and away with him that season and saw all the greats of the day tied wrist to wrist with his red and white scarf to stop.me wandering off. Ironically as we got older he saw the light and has followed Wednesday all over the country with me ( not tied together although he's of an age now it might not be a bad idea)
  11. penrhyn bay owl

    More positives from #SWFC

    You lift me up . Thompson Twins.
  12. penrhyn bay owl


    If he is lets hope its an automatic or he'll never get through a shift.
  13. penrhyn bay owl


    This 100% . The only downside being he's not on the other end of his own pass to finish off the move!
  14. Don't think it bodes well judging by the new fleet of sponsorship cars.