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  1. I've got a photo of Teletext with us top of the prem. I'd been on holiday and being around 1996 I had no idea how we were doing until I got back to the UK. Used my last picture on my film to photograph the telly before sending photos off for developing. It was the summer I started a new school down in Reading. First and only time I've been called a glory hunter... It didn't last long.
  2. Egor Golenkov seems the obvious choice. Right age and good goal ratio.
  3. Ipswich are shopping for free agents like us. If we had given him a new contract they wouldn't be looking at him so talking about compensation is a little odd.
  4. I wouldn't say they were sky high amongst last season's team during our relegation 'battle'.
  5. With Hagen on the right, Green on the left and Adedoyin up front it's only Brennan at lb who is out of position and we have some cover for central mid. Cover in some areas is undoubtedly a concern, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. Yes there are a lot of young players, but everyone of them is older than Jude Bellingham. We will have to call on other under 23s to be subs and play some out of position at times yes. It's fine doesn't mean it's great, but rather I think the squad can cope sufficiently not to go down again. What have I not heard about Patterson?
  6. Yes things behind the scenes are dire, but this isn't changing anytime soon. At least some of his advisors are being shipped out. I don't think he really wants his investment to end in disaster, at least I hope not. On the pitch, we have youngsters who were on the books of Chelsea (Hagan), Man City (Dele Bashiru), Arsenal (Dawodu) and who represented Ireland at youth level (Brennan). I just like to think that whilst it will take time, with experience and proper investment in their development, they might just be able to cope against Rochdale, Crewe, Morecombe, Gillingham, Cheltenham and Cambridge as the season progresses. Yes the first few games may be horrific but hopefully this will improve as the season goes on. Pre season will be massive. I hope we stay up, Chansiri takes proper advice and then we take stock to see who is ready and who isn't before making sensible hungry additions unlike our previous spending sprees which got us where we are now. Remember that it was spending money badly that got us where we are today.
  7. Well, I knew what the overall response was likely to be when I posted it, but thought I'd try to put a positive spin on things given that it looks like we will barely bring anyone in and Bannan and Windass seem likely to leave. Green can also play as a left winger and Charles Hagan (never seen him play personally) can play right wing, leaving room for Adedoyin up front with Patterson. Also leaves Hutch, Hunt and Waldock as cover for Luongo when he gets injured. Having said that, Hutch will probably be needed at centre back for most of the season. Does anyone here actually rate any of our players under the age of 23? Surely based on how Urhoghide did last season, there is hope for the others yet - I like to think so anyway.
  8. It's fine doesn't necessarily mean we will be pushing for the play offs, but I like to think once given the time to play regularly some of our younger players will be capable of stepping up to league one level. If they don't, hopefully come January we may be able to sign a couple of improvements. Hopefully we can stay up and with game time and experience we may even do better next season. It's like when your wife tells you it's fine. Normally there's a significant problem but generally you don't get divorced that year.
  9. Have been thinking about next season and I don't think as bad as we are all thinking, even assuming Bannan and Windass leave. Main problem is our injury prone squad and a lack of width. Next season we have to stop worrying about promotion. Consolidate and bring in and blood young talent. Need a few wingers and a left back as I see it. Hopefully Adedoyin, Dele, Hunt, Brennan, Waldock and Green will come good with game time and that Iorfa, Luongo and Dunkley stay fit. I'm aware that Waldock, Hunt and Brennan are out of position in the attached pic, but thought I might as well show them until we make some signings. If no one signs, we may have to look at moving players to alternative positions anyway. Useful that Patterson plays full back if needed. At least we won't be disappointed for a change. We can't do any worse than expected.
  10. Poyets son plays for Pafos FC with Hutch. Well before hutch left. Could they be talking?
  11. I've heard Swansea have an injury crisis at the moment... coincidence?
  12. My biggest problem with Carlos is that we didn't need a new manager when we appointed him.
  13. I've been feeling unbeatable since we lost to Bolton. I can see us holding out without conceding for at least 80 minutes today. Narrowly slipping to our 5th defeat in 6 in the final minutes.
  14. Perhaps we could try to lure Leon Clarke back in January?
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