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  1. We have identified the soft tissue damage .... they didn't want to play for the previous 4 managers
  2. I was thinking that too so if TP gets a win there that a massive achievement on his first game ...
  3. You clearly haven't watched Reach in last year its like playing with 10 men at times and I am sure many others will agree! But if we can get that Winger back with that quality of scoring those screamers then TP will be a hero !
  4. Agreed don't think Wildsmith has done much wrong .. his starting positions and talking to the defenders seems to be alot better than Cam who always tends to be closer to his goal for me! The young keepers will only improve with game time, winning games (as do all the team), clean sheets, etc. ...... it's so difficult as our keepers have been exposed by the rest of the team at times not as any fault of their own
  5. 70% of a keepers job is talking to his back four and positioning .... One thing that many goalies forget is to talk with their teammates... you could always hear westwood shouting at his back 4! So ask yourself how does Westwood compare to the others in terms of the 7 basics? 1. Talking, 2. Quick Reflexes 3. Covering Angles 4. Reading Opponents 5. Diving 6. Handling of High Balls 7. Use of Feet
  6. Barry that's the defenders job to pass the ball to you .... you don't need to come back and get the ball off them .. now get on the half way line like a good boy
  7. I just want to be in the championship next season ... safety first (with a little swagger) ... and then we can become Barcelona 2 once we know that pigs are in the same division
  8. Just wondered if the trust fall into the majority or minority?
  9. It was probably his family tuna business as the sponsors - would make sense on shirts - but I can understand why you think it may be fishy
  10. is this for the 1st team, U23's or U18's asking for a friend
  11. Did you forget about the -4 that to me is a minimum of 55 ideally (51 total) in the last 37 games!
  12. 50 years watching and i haven't seen much worse than this .... f'ing rovrum
  13. That's rubbish ..... everyone knows they were Harris attempts to take out the Drone
  14. On a good note ....... I decided to get my presentation finished tonight for work rather watch the 2nd half At least I can have a lie in tomorrow
  15. RIP ... a great assistant ... never forget those great years under Ron and Trev
  16. He was suspended after the blackburn game in november so didn't take any part in any games so could not impact their results - barnsley were annoyed that it has taken almost a year to conclude this by the EFL i think you will find .... so there will be no points deduction i am afraid !
  17. I would have clapped - even though would have been sickening as it felt like a loss Saying that you only need to ask the 20% of us that are normally there until the actual end - as the other 80% normally leave early to catch tram or get back to their car early
  18. i find it interesting that the youngsters say they feel more confident having their teammates around them rather than senior players - well after the performance last night from some of the senior players you can understand why
  19. Just run it on your laptop or mac with a HDMI cable into TV - no need to cast to TV then - works fine for me
  20. As someone put on twitter last night - lets hope they continue their good start ... especially their next 6 fixtures which are laughing at them (HAHAHA) ...
  21. Fingers crossed - would love for us to win first 5 games and them lose all theirs and us be 3 points in front of them after 5 games - now wouldn't that be hilarious - imagine steve gibson's face Oooh ..and then the same week we win appeal and get some points back .... double hilarious Then I woke up ...
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