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  1. Absolutely agree should have broke his neck trying to stop it !
  2. Think mathematically it would be a miracle ... only way that would happen if EFL docked others points
  3. 5-year deal ... that's even funnier
  4. Wot aren't they in europe no more
  5. hope so automatic and greggers top scorer (then my 66-1 bet will come in and I will make a few quid)
  6. Sunderland did spend 50% of that possession between keeper and back 3 I mean 2-0 and then 3-0 down and pxss balling around with it at the back - thought I was watching wednesday at times!
  7. Absolutely spot on ... not seen the crowd lifted like that for a while and not seen all players subbed given a standing ovation .... hopefully DM noticed this too!
  8. What changed was Sunderland played like we did - farting around with it at the back at 2-0 and 3-0 down .....and letting opposition get 2 banks of 4 in place ... We did to them what ever other teams have been doing to us .... on the front foot, went forward, worked for every ball and our strikers actually spent most of their time up front and not having to come back into our own half to collect the ball ! Simple as that - role reversal ...
  9. It's interesting as I used to use all my works holidays just to go to away matches and now I know exactly how Nigel feels - it feels like a chore to go to even home matches let alone away and the atmosphere is awful - but then again if there is nothing on the pitch what do they expect .... I do wonder if I wasn't a carer for a disabled relative whether I would be bothered too after 54 years! But at the moment taking someone to matches to give them time out from being just stuck at home or visiting hospitals for endless appointments means more than anything. It's just a shame that the bit of excitement from their team to help them through the week has gone .... and now it just depresses them even more
  10. Doncaster losing hopefully they will take moore back after they sack their manager tonight
  11. Sunderland Ipswich and Plymouth going to be the ones fighting for them autos - we aren’t going to to get anywhere near these 3 the way they are scoring for fun now with mr negative Moore
  12. Quick question ... Are you now banned from every applying for a season ticket again because of this ? I do find it amazing that I and many others I talk too applied as requested in the timeline requested and had no issues with iFollow Passes, Store Credit and Multi-Year Season Rebates at all . I actually bought 2 more season tickets with the rebates provided so its a win win as all gone back into the club . But I am glad you got sorted despite how you have had to go about it. I am sure the staff handling all the rebated would have got there in the end. For me I couldn't do this - because its not just about the money .. it's about being a life-long Wednesday fan for 54 years - BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY its also about being a carer and taking a disabled relatives to matches (giving their partner a break) which means more than who owns our team, what league we are in, what position, etc. Football for disabled fans is a great escape from the endless days unable to get out of bed, constant pain, visits to hospitals for infusions, etc. etc. Maybe when you do feel that you are ready to you should look at this - giving back - helping others - and supporting your team. I tell you what giving back feels great knowing you have done good. Also, Mr Chansiri did some cracking multi-year season ticket deals for disabled/carer fans
  13. Nope referee clearly told players it hit knee first and then hand - was no penalty
  14. We have been through a pandemic ... no one could foresee this ... the fact that people are getting their money back (which they are entitled to is great) - I personally went for ifollow/shop credit initially and then ticket credit for which I bought 2 extra season tickets ... so all has now gone back into the club without having to pay anything back to me. I understand that not everyone could afford to do this as circumstances financially changed. However, saying that I saved a fortune on petrol, travel, away tickets, drinks and food, programmes, etc. with not actually going to matches during the pandemic and ST's were already paid for (5 year) so its really a blessing in disguise - I could have watched us being crap home/away in ground and been worse off financially if there hadn't been a pandemic !! Many might be annoyed at the time the things have taken to get refund but at the end of the day ... This was not Chansiri's fault and he did not create the pandemic! I don't think anyone expected it dragging on as long as it did (the pandemic) after the initial refund announcements. I found it interesting that the FSA has said that in Championship 51% of fans said they wanted a pro-rata refund on their season tickets and would accept it as credit. This dropped to 27% and 20% for League One and League where a Staggering numbers of supporters of EFL clubs are refusing to ask for refunds for their season tickets – in a bid to help their sides survive the pandemic.!! Anyway, Cash was always going to take longer - I mean my mother has waited like 11 months to get bedroom furniture from Bensons because of them having cash flow issues paying suppliers ... However, it was easier to wait for the furniture than get a refund and start again.. it's not just football clubs that have been affected. So good luck getting your refunds ... I am sure this is more of an admin issue and the time it's taking due to number of staff rather than the club not wanting to pay you back.
  15. Speaks very well and clearly a hungry player - lets hope we see him more in first team sooner - he likes to go forward ... maybe that's what they are asking him to learn to not do
  16. If its bad then I thought they didn't show it as it will be used by SWFC to raise the issue with the EFL ........so they can then use it in their training of even more incompetent part time officials on how to completely miss a clear cut penalty when it's against Wednesday
  17. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/september/sunderland-clash-rescheduled/ The Owls’ clash with Sunderland at Hillsborough has been rescheduled for Tuesday 2 November. The game was postponed back in September due to the Black Cats meeting the criteria of international call-ups. Kick-off in S6 will be at 7.45pm.
  18. Agreed 100% - the target of 4 points (2 per game) has been achieved in last games - could have been more - yes we have dropped 4 points in last two prior to last night which would be a massive difference. But 3 wins from next 3 league games (2 home and 1 away with Oxford, Bolton and Wimbledon) and we would be 24 from 12 games which is exactly where you want to be .... averaging back to 2 points per game
  19. reminds me of kids football where all 20 players are in the same area all 20 following the same ball ....
  20. Wonder if F1 hotel will be like £5 a night so you can book just for a parking space
  21. if not that then definitely need to assign a Client ID to the tickets being purchased
  22. I had a similar issue and it was the date of birth not being set correctly even though it was displayed - also there was a fault on the system and it wouldn't allow you to set it - I messages the SWFC account on twitter and they sorted it within 10 minutes and I was able to change the DOB and then order the relevant ticket - hope that helps
  23. A shock meeting and a farmer's field: The loan spell at Tranmere that made Sheffield Wednesday man Liam Palmer - he was highly rated by their fans
  24. If all fails Neil then it's asking the bank for a "big cheque" ....
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