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  1. New Scanners to validate disabled supporters entry in North Stand !! Don't know if other disabled supporters/carers experience queues/delays now that they have to tick you off on a list ... also means you can't load your Cup Games to your ST as they have to give you paper tickets to validate that you have bought them!
  2. Maybe time for us fans to get behind the squad - I am confident there wouldn’t be this negativity if dem blades weren’t in the same division
  3. So 5 year disabled/carer ticket works out at £6.41 per game each - can’t grumble at that - plus your giving back - by helping give someone’s carer a break for a few hours - taking a relative, friend or a neighbour to the match
  4. Actually this is a good shout - only loves the club and said it's a sleeping giant but said he would not want the job as the fans are now putting too much pressure on the players to get promoted and it's showing ... our neighbours doing so well adding to the pressure even more anyway one good win let's see what happens in next 2 games! But from bullens interview I suspect someone is lined up as he was saying he didn't want to leave club and was happy to go back to the academy rather than leave DC wants someone with experience, a name to excite fans and won't appoint someone until he finds that .. harry redknapp and daisy are free lol!
  5. Spot on !! I wish some fans would just f'off with all their negativity trying to cause divide - carlos has gone as they wanted so now time to get behind the team and let's see what we can salvage from this season
  6. We are going all the way this year - after another semi final with the blunts
  7. Tuesday night proved that if you get the balls in the box the strikers will score - whether it be Rhodes, WInnall, fletcher or hooper - that's what they do ! two great deliveries into the box and hooper and fletcher scored - I'd be asking why that didn't happen at Preston if I was Rhodes we potentially have the best strike force in the league and need them all to cover for injuries if they arise - why the feck fans would want any to leave is beyond disbelief
  8. Looking for one adult ticket for Wednesday night - it's a long shot but want to get it for brother in law as a surprise - he has been to every home game this season but didn't get one despite trying online for 7 hours due to issues with flash version throwing him to back of the queue
  9. As long as we match Leeds result or they only get a draw who cares - they can't get 4 points from last game
  10. I heard that everyone who bought a 3 year season ticket gets 12 fee tickets to any games for the rest of the season .... and a draw to win an Audi R8 like Fletchers
  11. Look at Kieran lee ... Did he refuse to play .. No he did the opposite ...put that shirt on with pride and showed his worth to refuse to play is an insult to our club ... However, I'll reserve judgement until we know his reason why ... If it is money related then sorry that's pathetic ... But let's wait to hear what he says ... He may be suffering from depression ... I Don't think he will want to stay after the abuse on Twitter towards him but he clearly has crossed a line ......but chansiri won't sell him on principle unless it's s big number
  12. Only 2 comments to make 1. in the eyes of the LAW he is an innocent man and as such anyone singing anything is liable to prosecution !! but even more importantly you are an embarrassment to this great club and I would recommend you don't go to Chesterfield - we don't need your type of support 2. It is thanks to SUFC not putting plans in place that season and having a replacement striker for him is why we got promoted - FACT - had this not happened they would have got automatic just remember that any such comments on here are liable and you are leaving yourself open - that's from my son who is a training to be a lawyer !!!
  13. Judge might not be playing after today's news of failed drugs tests https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/may/28/alan-judge-brentford-warned-fa-anti-doping-breach
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