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  1. They say win one and one draw from each set of 2 games is what you look for - so a draw or better tonight and the 2pts average per game or more is what you need to get promoted ... so no complaints from me. To get out of this league you need to win ugly at times when not playing well - exactly what rovrum did last season ... at the moment if we can do that and keep scrapping those 1-0's when not playing good - then 3 points are more important for me t get out of this league ! A win tonight and anyone who complains needs to give themselves a good slap - or get to lane!
  2. Wasn't the issue the training ground and pitch - hence why the changes ? most injuries were sustained in training on the hard ground ?
  3. Ok let's see what really happened following today's article in the Sheffield Star? Simply answer the poll on what option you selected following the announcement on 16th June 2020 (https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/june/season-ticket-rebate-options) and what the outcome was ?
  4. Quick question are they travelling via D-Taxis?
  5. Sorry Neil - but Chansiri did not create covid !! and the instructions and deadlines from the club were quite clear - myself, my family and all my friends simply followed the instructions by the date and had no issues with receiving ticket credit, shop credit or money back .. We also read many post on here from fans who followed up with the ticket office and they sorted it straight away...even ones who had raised small claims and even got the money back too ! So I will ask the question why does one so called fan ... contact the press the day before the season to complain about this and give the club bad press... looks like an attention seeker to me ? As a serious fan for over 54 years I would never dream of doing this to my club ... had they taken the ticket credit like most of us it wouldn't have been an issue - I bought a 3+5 season ticket so ended up with credit ... what did I do with it ... purchased additional season tickets for family members like great nephew who normally couldn't afford to go - so its ok we have a new fan thanks to Chansiri credit to replace this one we lost! Anway, whilst I can see both sides of the story I can see the business point of them being banned ... I wouldn't want to give people like chance to purchase my goods and then complain and affect my brand ... I actually think in the last 12 months that the club has been doing well on all fronts ... but here is one bad apple and you are sticking up for him without hearing both the sides of the story... come on get real !!
  6. Just some information for everyone - the shirt sizes are different to the home shirts ... For the Home Shirt - I needed an XL as the L was small fitting For the Away Shirt - the L was fine Not sure if the fact that they are lining up the stripes on the home shirts means that they are smaller but when you put the XL home and L Away shirt on top of each other they are exactly the same size So if you are ordering online and not trying on in the shop be aware that typically you need a size larger for the home than you would normally get
  7. No time wasting, play acting .. I think Joe Crann said it on twitter ... the ball was never really out of play and there was no long stoppages for feigning injury, time wasting, etc. The men's game could really learn alot from this ... and wow when did you last see a back heel goal like that ! ok they all slated the keeper saying she should have saved it - but to be fair how many would have expected that and saved it ? Great advert for the game - lets hope they go all the way .. give the country a great boost and hopefully give the Men's team something to aim for in December !
  8. The Owls are pleased to confirm that our brand new 2022/23 Macron away shirts will go on sale this Wednesday morning from 9:00am. The shirts will be available at the Megastore, our Meadowhall Store (10:00am) and the Sheffield Wednesday Online Shop shortly after launch. Please note this is the first batch of away shirts so numbers will be limited. Following the hugely successful launch of the 2022/23 home shirt, Wednesdayites can get their hands on the retro feel yellow and blue strip ahead of our season curtain-raiser against Portsmouth on Saturday https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2022/july/away-shirts-on-sale-wednesday/
  9. I think no losses and more wins rather than draws should seal the deal
  10. My best friend was addicted to codeine without realising ... they was up to 32 tablets a day at one point before realising he had a problem and it took a new young recently qualified doctor to listen to him and realise yes there was a problem and he had codeine addiction.. and to think this all started with a simple back injury and the need to take pain killers .. and became so reliant on them ..and more ... He and others have personally fought for over 15 years to try and get Codeine based tablets to be 'over the counter' (or prescription only) and the threats and harassment he received having a website about this problem and trying to tackle the issue with the powers that is unbelievable with the stories he has! At the end of the day the pharmaceutical companies are making too much money from "plus" tablets which contain codeine from being readily available to everyone on a shelf rather than controlled over the counter. Ok we have the maximum in a supermarket but nothing stops you going to 4 or 5 different ones to get what you need! Glad Chris now realises that the problem he had and all the other symptoms like depression it causes and can get the help.... but there is still alot of education for our doctors on spotting the signs for this problem ... at least there is now more medical research being done on this hidden and serious problem more common that we all think!
  11. Great of the club to offer same hourly rate regardless of age (i.e. Even if you are under 23, you will still receive the national living wage of £9.50 per hour.) and hopefully the other half of the city will do the same. Great opportunity for many people in the current climate too! Love that they want are ..... a team player with a positive, can-do attitude and excellent communication skills. Just like on the pitch
  12. The Owls are pleased to confirm that our brand new 2022/23 Macron home shirts will go on sale this Wednesday morning from 9:00am. The shirts will be available at the Megastore, our Meadowhall Store (10:00am) and Sheffield Wednesday Online Shop. Our exciting kit reveal last week featuring local champion boxer Dalton Smith and up and coming Sheffield band VIVAS created a real S6 buzz! https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2022/july/home-kits-on-sale-wednesday/
  13. Just in time then ... https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2022/july/home-kits-on-sale-wednesday/ #topic closed
  14. My daughter works with brain injury patients. You only have to see the research / cases from sports like boxing, rugby and now football to see there is a direct link between dementia and repeated brain trauma (as that is what it is) I am just glad most of my family are goalkeepers as looking at some of the research that has been recently published then I am glad my children and myself were not exposed to constant heading of the ball during 10+ years of junior football.... as otherwise I would be concerned letting my child do this now - so I can totally appreciate why they are looking to reduce it! We only have to see the latest person being Ryan Jones, the former captain of the Wales rugby team, has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia at just the age of 41! Saying that ... the other key factor is "sleep" ... as my daughter reminds me... During the day, we all make some of this beta amyloid protein in the brain. When we sleep, however, brain cells and their connections actually shrink. This shrinking allows more space between the brain cells, so that beta amyloid and other substances that accumulate during the day can be flushed away. Therefore, people in their 50s and 60s getting six hours of sleep or less are at greater risk of developing dementia later! This is ironic as I lost my father a few years ago to dementia (and yes you lose them twice) ... ironically he worked permanent nights (mon-fri) and therefore would probably only sleep 6 hours of less within the week and therefore was probably the reason why he got dementia when there had been no history of it within the family..... As we know sports people also suffer from mental health - so if you are heading the ball and not getting your sleep ... the chances of getting dementia just increase!
  15. Agreed ... when you look back and the points thrown away ... was the only reason we didn't get automatics!
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