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  1. I wonder if he did speak to Megson before taking the job ?
  2. if only I was a real swfc fan to DC and not just a customer
  3. It's live on sky football action https://www.skysports.com/football/sheffield-wednesday-vs-rotherham-united/430110
  4. if we can get that win rate from the last games we might have a chance staying up - that's all we ask this season - although sod's law will swop places with Donny
  5. Fortunately or unfortunately I bought a 3-year and topped up with another 5-year and all so is all paid for on the good interest free Mr C did ...... So I am stuck for the remainder of this season and the next 4 (21/22, 22/23, 23/24 & 24/25!!) regardless of where we are !! I look on it now as that all I need to worry about is money for my fuel and match day grub ... when we are allowed back in
  6. Probably the same as I did for my 5 + 3 year Chansiri season ticket - be better value
  7. great tactics from Dunkley to big him up ... we will have a new player now in Reach (the old one hopefully) .... great work Dunks
  8. I did read somewhere the prince has loaned 80M from the Saudi Bank to be paid back by 2023 - if that's true the parachute payments are all gone for next two seasons .... plus can't see some of the players wanting to drop down to championship - think a few will be off
  9. coming back from injury lets not rush him
  10. sshhh ...... he's going to be the new super sub
  11. HMRC will be happy that will be at least 800k in tax !
  12. We have identified the soft tissue damage .... they didn't want to play for the previous 4 managers
  13. I was thinking that too so if TP gets a win there that a massive achievement on his first game ...
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