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  1. jts20owl

    north west corner

    Wonder how many times the NW Corner has acutally been used?
  2. I'm hoping it's 8am as thats what time I'm turning up..
  3. jts20owl

    2 Burton tickets required

    Give the ticket office a ring, they may have some returns left. I bought 3 this morning.
  4. jts20owl


    Yeah live video doesn't seem as good second half
  5. jts20owl


    Cheers! Live match stream working perfectly using this browser!
  6. jts20owl

    George Hirst to Carlisle?

    Keith Curle was at the training ground after christmas so could be substance to this. Would be a good move imo.
  7. jts20owl

    What time and where from?

    7am from Mosborough!
  8. Depends how many in room... £30 each if 4 are in.
  9. A friend of mine has a hotel room going spare for 4 people for tomorrow night in Shepherd's Bush that he can't cancel for £120, includes parking. Only 5 miles from Wembley. Reply if interested. Cheers
  10. jts20owl

    Terry 'Tets' Robinson - 56th minute tribute

    RIP Terry. Thoughts with the Robinsons & Hodkins. Hope Wednesday can do it for him Saturday!!
  11. Mine are all the same too, ordered 9 adults and 1 child and all tickets are the same. I rang See Tickets last night and they said that is fine..
  12. Managed to book 2 rooms at the Ibis on Monday morning bang next to the stadium! Checked again on Tuesday and all sold out! Tickets getting bought Saturday morning!!
  13. Added this on my Hotmail account, do you know if it will sync to my Blackberry too? Cheers
  14. jts20owl

    Bournemouth tickets

    Booked 2 rooms at Travelodge for £80 each with 3 beds in each room, about £25 per person, pretty decent really. Only 1 mile walk to ground. Just hoping we get match tickets now...