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  1. promotion, ive a feeling its our year. Mind u,i have the same feeling every year. Its usually gone by september
  2. you want our jordan rhodes mr webber? We"ll give you him,but 1st you must give us something.............7 million quid
  3. its a shame that we couldnt have just sacked him
  4. im glad youve got no say in it then
  5. you can go to any game in this division with a chance of winning it. Surely thats a good thing
  6. thought this was another steve bruce cricket thread
  7. the club should let us know exactly how we stand with it. At least we"d go into next season with a "backs to the wall" attitude
  8. if he leaves it will be for more money or for a longer deal,not because hes sulking over the last manager not playing him
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