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  1. poor today but you are overreacting with him
  2. 1963owl

    Can’t wait

    ill be honest. Im not confident
  3. we dont know until we try it
  4. just play it on a saturday & police it like you are paid to do!!
  5. 1963owl

    Be careful Wednesday

    agreed but i cant remember many of us complaining while he was spending it
  6. 1963owl

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    but thats like saying , you dont need to go to a gig cos listening to a cd sounds better
  7. 1963owl

    Today feels like a win

    agreed mate
  8. 1963owl

    Today feels like a win

    great performance today but its 2 points dropped. we shouldve stuffed em.
  9. 1963owl


    id be happy with top 10 & a win against the blades. Both a lot more realistic than a month ago
  10. 1963owl


    showing him some support can only help him
  11. 1963owl

    Are We Going S*** Or Bust

    id prefare to steady the ship & adjust our playing style till the end of the season, then give it a good go next season