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  1. hes got his own team now & hopefully he"ll have his own squad of players. lets see what he can do now
  2. why are you not sure of his wealth, we are in the shiit because of him having plenty of money to chuck about
  3. of course theyll still loan to us. Its about gametime for their player,not will he get em promoted!
  4. do you honestly think losing the championship tv money next season would benefit us
  5. there was plenty on here that wanted the**** of an owner to buy us
  6. i know we are in a mess but are you sure that this is the right club for you
  7. yeah fox should go to a top eight club. He just needs to improve first
  8. having a rough year doesnt mean you should dress like a tramp
  9. we"ll beat boro tomorrow & the club will put out a statrment. "By the way,NOT ******** GUILTY"
  10. you say if we finish in the bottom 3 next season, theyll deduct the points the season after & you question my intellect
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