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  1. im missing it, even though i wasnt enjoying it at all before the lockdown. I suppose im kidding myself that we"re going to come back on fire. I do the same every close season. It doesnt last very long
  2. how do you know what he wants or doesnt want to spend
  3. we also cant jump in feet first and cause thousands of extra deaths
  4. its a poxy football programme not a Dickens novel
  5. theres 1 on ebay, its had 11 bids & its on £25.18. Why?
  6. it"ll be nice to be able to shout, "we pay youre fukkin wages" again
  7. mine too. Hes buried next to my parents in denaby cemetery
  8. fair doesnt come into it. If the seasons not finished it should be voided. If a teams winning 1 0 but the game gets abandoned,they start the new gam 0 0
  9. but some of us really do go just to watch the football
  10. he probably is a bit of an hero to his staff right now
  11. we"d be screwed without him right now
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