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  1. https://www.justpark.com/invite/6F63CDC4/ free £5 on that mate, cost us £13 with a 10 minute walk
  2. station road owl


    We’ve 1 available on kop, £15. Meet at ground?
  3. station road owl

    Chelsea game - Ticket Information Here

    2500 tickets sold yesterday
  4. station road owl

    Next 4 home games

    Yeah can split games, gonna get ticket office to print tickets off this weekend, I’ll message you after I’ve got them.
  5. station road owl

    Next 4 home games

    My football mum can’t make next 4 home games, £20 a game, seat on kop
  6. station road owl

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    £30 adults & £15 juniors Ticket prices Tickets for the FA Cup are priced at £30 for adults and £15 for seniors and juniors in all non-hospitality areas of the stadium.
  7. station road owl

    Ipswich info

    Ipswich Town Initial Allocation 1505 Ticket Prices Adults: £30 Over 65: £22 U23: £15 Under 19: £8 Wed 16/1 9am: STH w 720+TPP Wed 16/1 2pm: STH w 680+TPP Thurs 17/1 9am: STH w 640+TPP Thurs 17/1 2pm: STH w 600+TPP Fri 18/1 9am: STH w 560+TPP Fri 18/1 2pm: STH w 520+TPP Mon 21/1 9am: STH w 460+TPP Mon 21/1 2pm: All Season Ticket Holders #swfc
  8. station road owl

    Hull parking

    At the ground, was a £5 last time I went
  9. station road owl

    Luton info

    350 tickets left
  10. station road owl

    Luton info

    Luton Town Full Allocation 1500 ALL TICKET Ticket Prices Adults: £22 Over 65: £17 19-21: £17 U19: £14 Over 75: £14 Under 17: £8 Under 10: £5 Luton Town tickets are on sale Tuesday 8th January and Wednesday 9th January over the phone and on the Sheffield Wednesday Online Shop only. Luton Town Tues 8/1 9am: STH w 740+TPP Tues 8/1 11am: STH w 700+TPP Tues 8/1 2pm: STH w 660+TPP Wed 9/1 9am: STH w 620+TPP Wed 9/1 11am: STH w 580+TPP Wed 9/1 2pm: STH w 540+TPP Thurs 10/1 9am: STH w 500+TPP Thurs 10/1 11am: STH w 460+TPP
  11. station road owl

    Birmingham Fans Tickets Sold

    Could be another reason?
  12. Mate can’t make it due to Illness, can meet at ground. Face value
  13. station road owl

    Looking for 1 birmingham ticket

    I’ve got an u21 going, face value