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  1. Can’t see them fetching many either, put them on lower, open upper to home fans at £20 a ticket. Loved them home away days we onced did.
  2. a man to right of goal was also taken out around 85 minute and cuffed down at bottom of stand.
  3. Syp issued been a back accident on woodhead and was saying only go over if you really need too.
  4. You’ll have no problem getting 1, struggled to sell last few seasons
  5. I sit on T2 row 13 1. You get wet 2. Just, depends how tall you are 3. Not a clue, why don’t you swap a game and sit in them seats? You can move seats by just going down to ticket office
  6. I know it says Millwall game but we play them next Tuesday. Could be in doubt??? http://www.skysports.com/share/11655715
  7. Tv selection for 13th April will be done by 8th March. I reckon it will be on tv along with Norwich game too.
  8. https://www.justpark.com/invite/6F63CDC4/ free £5 on that mate, cost us £13 with a 10 minute walk
  9. We’ve 1 available on kop, £15. Meet at ground?
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