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  1. Where did you bet? 25/1 and 7/1 anytime on skybet
  2. This working for me aswell, the other settings Vaughen suggested just showed UK stuff, think ill just pay the $5 for unblock-us. Would rather pay £9 or 10 a month and get all the extra stuff than pay £6 for uk netflix
  3. Same, although it did load again late last night, let me start watching an episode of 24 before it packed in. Still nothing this morning. Hope its only a temporary thing but I changed dns settings back to default and UK version worked fine which is a bit worrying
  4. Just had a look, psn store still looks like UK and iplayer, 4oD etc still all seem to be working
  5. Definitely better. I'm mainly using it for TV shows instead of films and there is a lot more choice, even shows that are available on both like 24 and south park it seems like US have all seasons and uk currently doesn't. changing settings only changes it on console as well so if i log into netflix on laptop or other device it still has all uk stuff anyway. So if there is anything I want to watch that isnt availble in US its just a case of hooking laptop up to tv.
  6. Are you watching netflix through either xbox or ps3? If so, just change the DNS settings to acccess the US content instead. Loads more choice, although you do lose some of the UK shows that will currently show on netflix
  7. I had the same problem with Heartgold using an EDGE card but downloaded the latest OS and it works fine now, so you might need to do the same thing. If it still doesnt work and you're are planning on buying one I think you'll need to get the iEDGE card instead if you are using a DSi
  8. As much as I hate the Dome I think I'll have to purchase some tickets....
  9. New dates just added including the Dome on 1st December Tickets on sale 3rd August i think...
  10. Pre-sale £24.75 with booking fee.
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