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  1. Bannan and Lee in CM, with Pelupessy doing whatever it is that he does. If ever there was a need for Sam Hutchinson in there kicking people and running around like a headless chicken, it's tonight.
  2. At a guess, I'd say Forestieri went mental in the changing room at half time. It is surely the only explanation.
  3. Absolute sewage. Defence looks terrified every time (bottom of the league) Luton attack, no strength in midfield, Bannan pinging balls around like he's playing with competent pacey attackers, Lees is done, Dawson inspires no confidence in his defence, Forestieri is just looking for a shot every time he gets the ball, which isn't often, because we're being outclassed by Luton. Even if Wednesday end up winning this, and somehow get promoted through the playoffs, do you honestly want this mob playing in the Premier League, getting dry-bummed every week and setting a new record for the worst PL team of all time?
  4. ... when he bothers to show up. Sack him, then sack the next guy, then sack the next 17 guys, and maybe one day, Wednesday will find the right guy
  5. I love that some flipping idiot actually took the time to down-vote "it's seridan" You wonder why people think OwlsTalk is the anus of the internet. Edit: I urrmmmm, I mean , urrrrm , WAAWWAW?
  6. Rafael Floro is actually a decent player if you stick by him for a few years on EA Sports FIFA 14. He has decent pace, a good long pass and curl, which means bombing down the left wing with him and crossing it for Nuhiu to nod in is a guaranteed goal every time.
  7. Could you do it? Lee Bullen Chris Woddle Bart Williams Gary Hooper John Seridan David Hirst Chris Brunt Des Walker Peter Atherton Fernando Forestieri
  8. Me and the other Orlando are different people but kindred spirits, oh yeah and one of us spelled the name correctly.
  9. I hope your other 21 posts are as riveting as this xoxox
  10. I knew Rashiuqa liked you but she told me not to say anything. She told me that time we all went to Hamburg for the bratwurst hurling competition in 2013.
  11. There were many Emmanuel films, show some respect.
  12. For sure. How's Tara? She still making that amazing chicken pasta bake?
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