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  1. BPF Hutch Iorfa Gibson Hunt Luongo Adeniran Bannan/Wing Brown Windass Gregory
  2. Guessing Palmer left back again, brown in front of him
  3. Hunt could be a better option, as gives defensive cover, not sure about Wing, not been impressed so far, but maybe we are not playing him his best position cos he was good last season at Rotherham, him and Baz don't seem to play well together.
  4. Wildsmith Dunkley Iorfa. Gibson. Theo Adeniran Hutch/Deli Bannan. Brown Paterson. Berahino.
  5. I have as much of an idea what DM's game plan is, as the players do, which so far this season is zero.
  6. It takes time for a new squad to gel, but i have seen no signs of this squad coming together, and wont by making 3 or 4 changes every game.
  7. One common theme that runs through most games so far, is our midfield gets overrun. The only positive i can take from today is the support the fans showed Semedo.
  8. Seem to have to many changes each game, never a settled side, makes it harder to get some kind of consistency.
  9. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Johnson Deli Shodipo Adenarin Wing/Bannan Brown Berahino
  10. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch Johnson Wing or Dele Adeniran Bannan Corbeneau Gregory Brown
  11. I see Palmer as a useful squad player, can cover different positions for the odd game, but he is not a permanent left back, that should be Brown or Johnson. I don't think Wing and Bannan works playing together, both to similar imo.
  12. I think once we sort out the forward line we will be okay, defensively we seem quite solid, midfield seems okay but don't have anything upfront for them to release, only 1 game but a decent start overall.
  13. I did have a problem, i put in my ID and password, and it kept coming up with error, i Clicked "forgot password", got the e mail to reset, after that i had no issue and got tickets coming in the post.
  14. As i said on another post, when i selected tickets, i could not allocate them, kept coming up with error..............i clicked forgot password, and reset my password, and after that had no issues, all the names to assign tickets to appeared in the drop boxes.
  15. I had problems at first, kept coming up with the " error", would not accept my password, all i did was click forgot password, and reset, had no issue after that, should be coming in the post.
  16. Darren Moore has confirmed that first team coach Paul Williams has left the club for personal reasons. Williams joined the Owls in March this year following the appointment of Moore as Owls boss. On his departure, the manager said: “Just to let everybody know at the football club that Paul Williams has left us mutually. “It was sad to see him go but we understand it was for personal reasons and we wish Paul and his family really, really well going forward. “We thank him for the time he’s given to the club, he’s a personal friend of mine so despite us not working together I will be keeping in touch, but from Paul to everybody, he wishes everyone connected to this football club every bit of success, the fans, staff and players.” https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/july/moore-confirms-williams-departure/
  17. To many players that don't seem to care, no guts to fight, complete lack of passion, which in turn shows disrespect to both club and fans.
  18. As i said earlier, i got the call on the 11th, and still waiting I e mailed the ticket office last Friday, and got a reply yesterday : - Hello Mr Brown Thank you for your email and my apologies at the delay in getting back to you. I’ve chased your payment with our accounts department and they have assured me that it has been refunded, please allow a couple of working days. Thank you for your patience. Kind Regards SWFC I was not annoyed with the wait for my call, but am annoyed that i was told it had been sorted, to be paid in 3 to 5 days, and nothing, then to be told to patient and allow more days. Disgusting !
  19. I know the feeling, i had a call last Thursday, followed by e mail confirmation, i was told 3 to 5 days, but nothing has been paid into my account.
  20. Just had my call, mine and my sons refund will be paid in 3 to 5 days, nice lady on phone, number came up as private, so guessing she may have rang from home !
  21. The only good thing is not paying out, including petrol and food to watch this shower, but no doubt all being well, will be back next season no matter what league we are in.
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