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  1. Season tickets - who's renewed?

    Yep, did mine last month, for me and my son, although he thinks we are not renewing, so will be a nice surprise for him on the first home game next season !
  2. Keep it in the corner Atdhe!!

    Before the corner was taken he was screaming at Palmer, waving his arms, for Palmer to come to him, i still think the original plan was to run down the clock, but suddenly it opened up for him, and the rest is history, cracking goal.
  3. Last 24 hours for season tickets

    renewed mine and my youngest on Friday for kop
  4. Owls substitutes: Dawson, Palmer, Bannan, Jones, Fox, Butterfield, Rhodes
  5. Owls line-up v Leeds: Wildsmith; Venancio, Lees, Pudil; Hunt, Hutchinson, Pelupessy, Reach, Boyd; Nuhiu, Joao. #SWFC
  6. I will be renewing on the kop for my youngest and myself, my eldest sadly works 3 out of 4 Saturdays now, so he will pay on the day if off for a home game.
  7. Butterfield

    You just know things are desperate when you see his name on the team sheet.
  8. Carlos press conference

    I don't understand some fans, Carlos is a nice guy, loved the club, the fans.........and did his best for the club, unfortunately his best was not good enough in the end, and he moved on.........i won't be booing him Saturday, in fact it will be the opposite, he did what he thought was best for the club, as Jos is doing right now.
  9. Dawson Fred Lees Thorniley Hunt Boyd Wallace/Abdi Jones Reach Joao Rhodes
  10. Team for Dingles

    Wildsmith Venâncio Loovens Thorniley Hunt Reach Wallace Pelupessy Boyd Joao Rhodes
  11. The summer out list

    We have a lot to move out, and as already said some of our better players may also up sticks, which is fine, if they don't want to play for us, then we are better off without, i think we have the right man to rebuild with good connections abroad, some decent youngsters, bit like Wagner did at Huddersfield, we just need to stay up !
  12. Formation Tomorrow

    Wildsmith Venancio Pudil. Thornley Hunt. Boyd Pelupessy. Reach Fox Joao. Matias
  13. Team for Birmingham

    Wildsmith Venancio Pudil Thorniley Hunt. Fox Jones Pelupessy Reach Matias Joao