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  1. andypandy

    Where’s your whelm at?

    Getting better each week, the players seem to be playing with passion, commitment, giving 100%, still some quality to return, Sam W getting there, Nando to return..........and now a manager who has a good championship record, good connections to bring players in.........and i guess money either now or in summer to hopefully take us to the next level.
  2. andypandy

    Red button tomorrow

    Cheers pal, i don't have a printer so looks like i will have to go to the ticket office before match, unless something comes through i can use on e mail.............thanks again
  3. andypandy

    Red button tomorrow

    I have a season ticket, and sit with my youngest on the kop, however tomorrow my eldest is off, and wants to come too, so i have ordered an E Ticket for the south, he will use my season ticket and sit with his brother, and i will end up in the south.................how long does it take for the e ticket to come through, and how does it work please ? , thank you
  4. andypandy

    Hillsborough on Saturday

    potential to be really toxic, no matter what the result, but i will be there, and for the rest of the season, and will be renewing my ticket for next season, as soon as they go on sale.
  5. according to Wiki, Hirst has made 10 appearances, 1 goal...................really ripping that league apart
  6. andypandy

    Meadowhall Shop

    The shopfit is completed,fire test done etc, looks like all the merchandise has not arrived, been told it will either be tomorrow or Wednesday when it opens.
  7. andypandy

    Dawson slagging after last night

    Man Utd have had one clean sheet so far this season, yet i don't hear any of their fans screaming for De Gea to be replaced. and yet some of our fans seen intent on blaming Dawson for the lack of clean sheets, he is just 1 of 11 players who collectively should share the responsibility.
  8. andypandy


    Dawson is the last man, the ten in front of him are more to blame than he is !, still learning, but a good goalkeeper none the less
  9. I like them both back fit, the more options we have can only be good for the team.
  10. I usually catch tram, but getting nagged to take the car in future..............are there any issues using the dog track or Malin bridge Park n ride ?
  11. andypandy

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    If he returns to full fitness, then it is down to him to show he can break into the team, and if he can do that, good on him, gives us more options which can't be bad.
  12. andypandy

    final team

    if its 4...3....3 Dawson Baker Lees Hector Penny Onomah Bannan Reach Joao Fletch Nando 3.....5.....2 Dawson Hector Lees thorniley Baker Reach Onomah Bannon Nando Fletch Joao
  13. andypandy

    Your team for #SWFC vs Ipswich

    Players should earn the right to start based on performance, and the eleven who started against Millwall, for me have earned the right to start against Ipswich if fit, i would not change anything unless necessary !
  14. Could be interesting if correct, be useful to see some more youngsters