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  1. An apology

    You should only apologise if you do something wrong...........you can't dictate what others write, they are responsible for their own words. not your fault !!

    So many good performances today, great team effort, thought the midfield was brilliant, Jones steady allowing the others to interchange and keep popping up all over the place.
  3. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Dom Howson‏ @domhowson 4m4 minutes ago More Owls substitutes: Dawson, Palmer, Pudil, Wallace, Jones, Joao, Rhodes
  4. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Dom Howson‏ @domhowson 2m2 minutes ago More Owls line-up v Birmingham: Wildsmith; Hunt, Lees, van Aken, Fox; Lee, Bannan, Butterfield, Reach; Fletcher, Hooper. #SWFC
  5. West Stand concourse at half time

    Yep, me and my son were on a tram with loads of them, had to get off at Bamford street, the police as said had blocked the road off, holding them back. so we had to leg it through Morrisons onto the bottom, we only just made it for kick off.
  6. wallace

    I agree he has been poor by his standards this season, i don't see why we can't vary him, by playing down the left, get the ball in quicker, instead he goes down the right, then has to double back to get it on his left peg.
  7. If Van Aken and Venancio both make the grade then i think CC has played a blinder, 2 CB's who can actually bring the ball up field and pass fwd, which will mean our midfield won't have to drop deep to collect the ball.
  8. Not one game, but the series of FA cup matches we played against Arsenal, went to them all, and the Atmosphere at each game was electric, just a shame we lost the 4th replay, but the boys did us proud !
  9. It was great to see them actually play with a smile on their face, enjoying their football, lets hope this faster pace is continued into the season.
  10. According to him........aka S6 transfers aka transfers X1, etc etc FL Transfers‏ @TransfersXI 21m21 minutes ago FL Transfers Retweeted Football Transfers Djourou is a done deal.... Who knows when it will be announced though. Nothing official but steering group will be very interesting tonight
  11. johan djourou

    According to him, which i know we take with a pinch of salt : FL Transfers‏ @TransfersXI 12m12 minutes ago FL Transfers Retweeted Jay Sykes Not Djorou, not Batth, not Dean. Club still want four more in, but finances an issue. FL Transfers‏ @TransfersXI 9m9 minutes ago FL Transfers Retweeted Jay Sykes Expect Mulgrew to be a done deal very soon
  12. MULGREW BID REJECTED Sheffield Wednesday have had a bid of £100,000 rising to £200,000 turned down for Blackburn defender Charlie Mulgrew, according to Sky sources.
  13. Alan Hutton

    so FL transfers must be the old S6 transfers, which makes sense based on what i have read about him and his so called " in the know"
  14. Alan Hutton

    No idea, i know he changed his name transfers X1 i think, but he is bound to one right one day
  15. Alan Hutton

    According to him FL Transfers‏ @TransfersXI 2m2 minutes ago Medical + terms being discussed for Alan Hutton. Fee of 800k agreed. #avfc reluctant to sell, expect this to cause big changes for #swfc