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  1. Most Wednesday fans have been saying for a good while, that the squad needs, overhauling, refreshing........With all the contracts up this year,gives us the perfect opportunity to achieve this and get us going in the right direction, rather than just treading water.
  2. All clubs are facing a drop in income, which is likely to run into next season too, which may drive player values and wages down for most clubs.
  3. Making a new " Best friend ", namely the Fridge !
  4. Snap, top left of the kop, as you look out, did not realise there was so many on there until TC scored !
  5. EFL meeting this morning, expected to follow premier league, so maybe some developments !
  6. For me, the statement is trying to diffuse a timebomb, fans squabbling with eachother, as a few did on the kop saturday, fans singing " You're not fit to wear the shirt ", in essence he is asking the fans to get behind the team, whichever 11 are picked, to support them and the manager.
  7. I go to support my team, although i do wonder why sometimes after recent performances, not renewed yet, that decision will have to wait as my lad finishes college this year, and will depend if he has a job and will he have Saturdays off. All being well, will both be there next year.
  8. I don't think it's an over reaction at all, i can accept defeat, like most Owls fans know we have had plenty of those over the years, but all i expect is, that whatever team we put out, they give 100%, to try, to make an effort..........They do that and they have my support every time.
  9. Fletch has had a great season so far, but if the team can't perform without one player, then it shows how poor the others are.
  10. I watched Jordan Pickford yesterday, he made a mistake, cost Everton a goal, the fans did not boo him, slag him off..................we have far bigger issues than our goalie, namely those players in front of him !
  11. I am happy with either, we are lucky to have 2 good keepers, the problem is the 10 in front of them.
  12. Like most, i never heard of him, and know nothing about him really, he may not adapt to the English game, in which case we won't really of lost anything, but there is chance he may be a diamond in the rough, and become a success and a saleable asset in the future, worth a punt.
  13. Young lad, making only his 2nd appearance for the first team, he did well overall, the club need to keep on with his development as part of the squad or loan, but a good prospect !
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