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  1. IMO, he has shown complete disregard and lack of respect, to our club, DC, players and fans.................i hope he does go, and we get funds to help build for the future......if he stays for me, it will leave a bitter taste, so to speak.
  2. Although mistakes have been made by DC, you cannot fault his love and commitment to the club, the last few days in the way he has handled this and fpp has shown it is still 100%, respect to DC.
  3. Bruce has had plenty of time to distance himself if he was not interested, I think the damage has been done regarding his relationship with the fans, like most i hope he goes, the sooner the better for all.
  4. Don't see Brentford forking out that kind of money, where there will be no future profit more than likely................Think it is more probable that Fulham have made that kind of offer
  5. Wouldn't buy him, but maybe worth a loan ?
  6. Onomah reminds me of Lucas, you know there is talent in there, and shows glimpses, but is not consistent.............. 1 good game now and again will not lead us to the premier league.
  7. I know, my point was, triggering an extension on a player who wishes to leave, could backfire in the dressing room, etc
  8. I like the idea of activating the extra year, and keeping the 2 year offer on the table, but the risk to me, is if he does not want to be here, it could affect his performance, cause unrest etc..............if he is not happy to stay, then he needs to be moved on, we need a happy, united camp to move fwd.
  9. If he has fully recovered, then i think he could be a valued squad player, not play every week, but gives us another dimension when required.
  10. Me and my youngest have season tickets...........my eldest is now off Monday, i have a voucher for a free ticket so will use that for him, but have to collect in person, any ideas what time the ticket office is open Friday and Saturday ?........thanks in advance for any help
  11. Good move for him and us, he needs game time, which at the moment, we can't give him, so hopefully he will get his fitness/match fitness back, which may benefit us next season.
  12. Dom Howson‏ @domhowson 26s27 seconds ago More Owls line-up v Chelsea: Westwood; Palmer, Lees, Thorniley, Fox; Pelupessy, Hutchinson, Bannan; Boyd, Reach, Fletcher. #SWFC 0 replies0 retweets1 like Reply
  13. Getting better each week, the players seem to be playing with passion, commitment, giving 100%, still some quality to return, Sam W getting there, Nando to return..........and now a manager who has a good championship record, good connections to bring players in.........and i guess money either now or in summer to hopefully take us to the next level.
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