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  1. Just been on Sky Transfer Centre LIVE! The latest news and gossip from around the world with updates on Willian, Adrien Rabiot, Joe Hart, Andre Gomes and Cristiano Ronaldo. 20:44 BRISTOL CITY CHASE HUNT Bristol City are close to signing Sheffield Wednesday defender Jack Hunt for a fee of around £1.75m, according to the Bristol Post.
  2. andypandy

    Possible player exit?

    Use the money to bring in Fred....Ash Baker for me can fill the role left by Jack
  3. andypandy

    Spot the difference

    Joey's collar looks slightly different, but could be the way he is wearing at, seems to have more blue by the button !
  4. Home game, September 29th, against dirty Leeds has been moved to a 12:15 kick off.
  5. Assuming everyone is fit, and no one transferred in :- Dawson Hutch Lees Pudil K Lee Reach Pelupessy Bannan Nando Hooper Dave
  6. andypandy

    Summer transfers :- the outgoings

    There are quite a few players going into their final contract years, so if we are going to cash in on any, we need to do it now or tie the key players down.......players include Hooper, Bannan, Boyd, Hunt, Abdi, Joao, Matias, Westwood, Jones,Palmer and Fox and K Lee
  7. The retained list is based on contracts up for renewal.............doesn't mean others wont leave if bids come in.............the good news for me was no mention of K Lee so hopefully he will be fit for next season and not retiring as has been said before.
  8. andypandy

    Season tickets - who's renewed?

    Yep, did mine last month, for me and my son, although he thinks we are not renewing, so will be a nice surprise for him on the first home game next season !
  9. andypandy

    Keep it in the corner Atdhe!!

    Before the corner was taken he was screaming at Palmer, waving his arms, for Palmer to come to him, i still think the original plan was to run down the clock, but suddenly it opened up for him, and the rest is history, cracking goal.
  10. andypandy

    Last 24 hours for season tickets

    renewed mine and my youngest on Friday for kop
  11. Owls substitutes: Dawson, Palmer, Bannan, Jones, Fox, Butterfield, Rhodes
  12. Owls line-up v Leeds: Wildsmith; Venancio, Lees, Pudil; Hunt, Hutchinson, Pelupessy, Reach, Boyd; Nuhiu, Joao. #SWFC
  13. I will be renewing on the kop for my youngest and myself, my eldest sadly works 3 out of 4 Saturdays now, so he will pay on the day if off for a home game.