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  1. Number 4 got my vote but only because of nostalgia as i remember getting this strip for Christmas one year even went and played outside shorts n all. Number 2 would be choice if you could shut my nostalgic retro brain up
  2. But tell me what Fletcher did tonight what does he ever really do !! At least we all get behind big Dave with his clumsiness and the odd turn of what seems like fluke skill. But he has passion and would have fought hard tonight and maybe given us a little something of the nothing we had tonight
  3. My apologies realised as i posted it and did not know how to change it. But if you think that performance was less DISGRACEFUL than my spelling then clap clap
  4. Oh i am relieved and could not wait for the final whistle so i agree. AND YOU WANT ME BANNED BECAUSE IA M UPSET THAT WE DID NOT CREATE ANY THREAT on the Sheffield United goal !!!!!!! Call yourself Wednesday maybe you should be banned for thinking 0-0 with 0 chances created is a good result for US
  5. So Not Jon Newsome !! you think i need barring because i am upset that i watched OUR team take an absolute pounding from our nor so lovely neighbours. Shall we all just clap our hands because they were to poor in the final third to score whilst we created NOTHING. Get a grip and realise that there is something not right instead of applauding us not loosing
  6. Some people may be happy with what they have seen tonight, but i may have watched a different game to the commentators or some fans,but i have NEVER in nearly 40 years of watching Sheffield derby's seen us so dominated by THEM. The players we have in this SQUAD, maybe not be 11 that played tonight, should never be dominated like that by THEM. I don't post on here often but i would rather watch a Wednesday team lose 3-2 and play with some attacking passion than (lets be honest ) draw 0-0, with a United team that did not win because their final 3rd play was poor. Do not fool you
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