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  1. Cos believe it or not Brighton were impressed with how DM handled Taylor Richards when on loan at Donny. But some of our know it all fans think cos of what happened regarding Corbeanu they think teams won't touch us with a barge pole. And that's why they are that... just fans
  2. So if you're younger than 30 then you can't be a leader ?
  3. Can't see that making much difference, he's way down the pecking order it seems, Cunningham, Rafferty and Lindsay all can come in for the laddo that got sent off tonight.
  4. Only other one that we've had concrete interest in is Jordan Storey isn't it? All the rest are rumours from twitter wannabe itkers. Storey is a good player yes that signed a new contract at Preston in September but has seemingly fallen out of favour under Lowe. Maybe other interested parties that we are competing with for him.
  5. Yep as i thought, 3 players I've literally never heard of, guessing it would have been pretty straightforward for those teams to do those deals.
  6. I was kinda getting at there's nowt else to do apart from go to the footy hence the decent fan base
  7. Don't click on the thread then ... simples
  8. Absolute tosh, neither of us have won anything since 91, we are both big clubs in our own right with the fan bases but you can't say one is bigger than the other. We're a 2 club city for starters plus there's eff all else to do in Sunderland
  9. Who's saying i care? It's a forum, you know a place where you discuss things.
  10. If we aren't a big club then Sunderland aren't either, both in league 1, both on the decline, what makes them currently bigger than us? We will sell out every away allocation this season just as they probably will.
  11. Do you reckon we are in the market for a left back along with a couple of cb's so that Moore can go back to a back 4? Or are we set on the 3 at the back long term now? I must say I like the current formation with the overlapping cb's as such. We just need them to be able to defend too when it comes to the better teams putting us under some sustained pressure as we've seen frailties in that part of Palmer's and Johnson's game.
  12. We beat them both away, No reason why we can't do the same at home. I wouldn't swap many of our players for any of theirs if any when we get a fully fit squad back.
  13. I think top 4 has gone , Realistically we are playing for those last two play off places. We can't get beat ar Oxford on Saturday, A draw wouldn't be the end of the world then we can start looking at reeling them, Plymouth and Mk Dons in over the next few weeks.
  14. I thought Moore said Iorfa is back training with the lads and in contention for next week?
  15. Why would it mean Iorfa is leaving ? Apart from Hutchinson (and we know what his fitness record is like) we have zero fit CBs. We need Batth plus 1 more if anything.
  16. I love the formation, Palmer and Johnson are like wingers at times, I just wish we could defend when teams apply pressure on us.
  17. Jack Hunt has nailed down that Rwb/Right midfield role for me , never stops running, gets up and down the pitch and another great assist today for Hutchinsons goal.
  18. We still have another 22 games left to play and are only 6 points off the play offs with a game in hand on 5th and 6th place. Way too early to write us off yet. Hopefully a couple of signings through the door before the end of the month along with Iorfa , Luongo and Windass returning we can kick on in the second half of the season.
  19. Ait Nouri haha You mean him thats first choice Wolves left wing back ?
  20. This is what I like to hear, bit of positivity amongst all the moaning shiits, bet they've been gutted not having owt to moan about for 19 days.
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