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  1. That's totally not my point, they are in the first team squad and will be on good money no doubt.
  2. Irrespective of how much money they're on, we still have 20 first team players currently that will start the season, 10 more and that squad then becomes too big again. We've had to sell our ground to get around ffp, you would think we would learn our lesson than to have a big bloated squad again, Leeds won the league by having a core of about 18 players so they proved you dont need a massive squad. 4 or 5 quality additions to go straight into the first 11 will suffice.
  3. Agreed, but they are still part of our squad so until we get them out we won't be getting the 9 or 10 players in , hasn't that been our downfall in recent seasons? Stockpiling players?
  4. afraid I can't answer that one, this was the perfect opportunity to release the whole lot that were out of contract , start again as such.
  5. As I've just said, 20 players in our current squad, Hardy half a squad
  6. if you think we'll be signing 10 new players then you're going to be disappointed, we still have 20 first teamers on the books currently and whether people think they are worthy or not they are still squad members. Quality rather than quantity this time for me. No over inflated squad, 4 or 5 to go straight into the first 11 is the way I would hope Monk will go.
  7. The question was, would it be classed as a successful FIRST HALF of the season.
  8. **** em, they should have been better on the football pitch.
  9. He's a CM, it will be Palmer in the back 3 with Murphy and Harris wing backs.
  10. They'll still go down imo, can't see them beating Fulham tomorrow.
  11. Take Wigan's 12 off and they are mathematically safe.
  12. In that case why wait till after the Fulham game? Why not just deduct 21 and then we're down anyway?
  13. Agreed , some of our fans will take any info from Tom, D**k or Harry on twitter as gospel.
  14. Nearly 30 years pal. And yes I quite enjoyed our recent game on Saturday.
  15. You must be a millionaire being able to predict the outcome of every game.
  16. Funny that, where have you seen confirmation it's 12? Cos I can't see it anywhere.
  17. Didn't Kev Phillips score in added time for a 1-0 win for them at our place a few years back aswel?
  18. Yep, 28 days ago which beggars believe how the efl sanctioned it.
  19. Only got taken over in February, how on earth did the EFL sanction that?
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