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  1. Where's Hirst and the imminent signing from Sunderland?
  2. Watford should really romp this league if they can keep hold of their front 3 beyond the transfer window.
  3. And to think some on here wanted him gone last season or shipped out on loan this season
  4. Can't beat bright white netting, and the ball nestling in the back of them
  5. I don't know about the pitch but i wish we'd go back to white goal nets.
  6. Also as for Palmer, think we can take it now that he's CB cover and not in Moore's plans for RWB.
  7. In a system where your 2 main attacking outlets come from your wing backs I'd say it's top of the priority list, like I said I'm not taking anything away from Jack Hunt , he does a job well , what I want to see is a better playing when I'm the attacking third where he just comes up a tad short imo. There's plenty of the type we need in premier League squads , I'd be delving into the loan market for one. I'm getting bored of bringing his name up now but Kesler Hayden on loan from Villa would be my pick, he'd go so well for us in the system we play.
  8. It was glaringly obvious last night we need an attacking right wing back, most of our attacks should come from our wing backs so we need depth in that department, not saying Hunt can't do that role but he needs competition and also he isn't getting any younger, can he handle another rigorous 46 game season
  9. Been championing Kesler Hayden all summer, he'd be perfect in our system.
  10. Looking at that it's a good eleven and bench but I think we're still 4 or 5 short for squad depth if I'm honest. Outside your 18 there it's just Sow, Famewo and Hunt and thats it.
  11. We also need at least one more CB, ideally two. And if I'm been greedy a wide attacker for when we're chasing a game
  12. Bid from Blackpool turned down. Though to be in the region of 500k.
  13. He won't be in any Hull match day squad this season. They've got money to burn, They'll spend.
  14. Storey and Dean better than a player who won promotion and got in league one team of the season ? Hmm yep... Ok.
  15. It is pretty sad fans going back through highlight reels to find a mistake. I'm pretty sure i could go back through Liverpool's games and find a couple of mistakes by van dijk that lead to goals. Get a life people.
  16. Ihiekwe hasn't played centrally in a 3 in his career.
  17. Would love us to bring in Kesler Hayden on loan now to give Hunt Competitio ln down the other side.
  18. Also if he's a specialist left back too and a DM if necessary then I'm sure he'll be cover for that LCB role too which is a bonus. Leaves us only needing 1 more CB rather than 2, ideally for the middle one of the 3.
  19. We need more defensive cover, we can't go into a 46 game season with only 4 out and out CB's if we're continuing playing with a back 3.
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