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  1. Best outcome that, Keep Derby down there, we will Finish above Rotherham
  2. And what's wrong with just wanting a coach to coach the players. Its what happens now at many clubs in England and around Europe. Its simple, Get results and you stay in a job, fans weren't complaining when we had Carvalhal and his staff just doing the coaching.
  3. Also those that say Thompson is doing well, I'll say it again, 2 pulis esq line ups and tactics and we just got on the right side of the luck in both games, 2 better opposites and we'd have been well beaten, what will happen when we lose a few on the bounce? Has he got the nouse to bounce back?
  4. So cos they may not be elite league do they not count? He has a 60% win ratio throughout his career, he'll have a winning mentality that could bode well for us. Also that dreary football at Watford got them to 5th place and won the manager of the month just before he left. To be fair to him his cv blows all the other candidates out of the water.
  5. Really?? Has he ever been a head coach / manager apart from at Boston ? Ivic has won titles and cups around Europe.
  6. Yep, cos a wily old manager with tonnes of championship experience was doing a fine job in his 10 games in charge of just that... trying to avoid relegation.
  7. When he said There was nothing in the Lopez rumour, later that day he had signed too. You may be right about having good links to Wednesday, But he also hedges his bets a hell of a lot and also gets stuff wrong.
  8. Alex Lopez always springs to mind when when talking about Nixon.
  9. Not really, you can't blame Chansiri one bit for wanting to go back down the foreign route after the last 3 Englishmen, one did the dirty on him and the other two were beyond useless.
  10. Yeah sure. You don't reckon Green would have known he was signing a good few days before he actually travelled up? So a good itk journo would have known that too. Nixon is all guess work.
  11. Didn't Nixon also say the other day that Andre Green wasn't a done deal yet a few hours later he was all signed a posing for pics at the stadium?
  12. Another striker and a left back both to go straight into the first 11 will see us have enough to stay in the division. I'd like to think along with the new signings and if we can get the majority of the injured players back then we can get the wins needed, ideally aswell we could do with appointing the new manager asap so that he can have a full 2 weeks with them before the next league game.
  13. Can we all reserve judgement until we've seen him actually play with some team mates around him in a formation where we don't play a 10 - 1.
  14. You asked the question pal. I answered it for you. He's not massively odds on, were he to go 1/10 then that'd just about be a done deal and someone would know something.
  15. He was 1/3 on Friday night and most of Saturday, then went 4/11 so that is still on the drift.
  16. You mean he's gone out to 2/5, he was 1/3 over the weekend. That means he's drifting.
  17. I just think whilst we have won 2/2 under Thompson, its exactly the same line up and formation/tactics that Pulis went with. Soon as we lose a couple on the bounce I don't think Thompson would have a clue how to turn things round, has he even ever been a first team coach before. I think the players would throw him under the bus as soon as things started going wrong. He wouldn't have the authority to give them a good roasting if needed as such.
  18. I'm sorry but giving the job to Thompson would be the worst thing he could do.
  19. Agreed, and also the last 2 league games haven't seen a big change to be fair, very much Pulis esque line ups and tactics but we've just been on the right side of the old lady luck.
  20. Agreed, one thing I do hope with our fans is not to go on a rage if he doesn't appear on the team sheet week in week out, worst thing we can do is over cook him and burn him out before he's even started. It's got to be a gradual introduction, can't argue at the fact he's probably the most promising youngster we've brought through the academy in a very long time if not ever.
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