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  1. It might be 4m but it's never gonna be all up front anyway, there will be add ons.
  2. Yeah that 365 offer is brilliant, I'll be doing a few league winner singles and accas in the coming weeks.
  3. The one who had a bogga up his nostrel when he did our match day vlog penultimate game of last season ?
  4. And I still think the best CB is yet to come, surely DM will want to fill that central of the 3 vacancy.. I feel our CB's are all suited for the wide centre back roles apart from maybe Heneghan... Harlee Dean perhaps
  5. Not a rumour but I'd love to get Kesler Hayden in on loan from Villa. Would share the workload with Hunt for the RWB role.
  6. If Wilks and Purrington do sign and then we bring in let's say 2 more CB's that will still only give us a squad of 24 and that's counting A.Hunt, Brennan, Brown and Sow. The the former 2 I'd like to get out on loan and the latter 2 I'd like to move on if we can. I still feel we'd need another 3 or 4 to cover the squad for potential injuries and suspensions.
  7. Let's stick to having defenders playing as defenders unlike at times last season.
  8. Two good systems there. Think a couple more CB's for the first 11 for when we play with a back 3 and then a natural LB we would be in a really good place squad wise.
  9. Harrogate have had a loan and permanent bid knocked back, reports are that Sunderland want to try him at league one level now so assume if we're interested it would be a loan.
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