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  1. Here we go with the player bashing, only taken 3 games .
  2. Squad rotation from the start is the worst thing you can do. You need to settle on a first eleven to get used to their roles. You dont see the top prem teams rotating strikers all the time, or any prem teams for that matter.
  3. A bit of a rest?? He's just had a 3 month rest.
  4. Not a chance, this one is going to run right up until deadline. It's a game of who can get him at the best price.
  5. Oh here we go, wondered how long it would take that to come out. It was cringeworthy what newcastle fans were posting about the appointment of Bruce, now the same is happening here. Though our fans were better than that , obviously not.
  6. Be careful what you wish for, Pulis would get results and have us involved at the top end.
  7. Coleman going into evens doesn't mean a thing. Rowett went as short as 1/3 last week.
  8. So... Hughton goes out to 15/8 whilst Coleman flies into 5/2 2nd fav.
  9. No he hasn't, he was 18's yesterday. Drifted ever since rowett went 1/3
  10. Chris Coleman worryingly is 5/2 now from about 18's yesterday.
  11. Coaches Chievo in Italy apparently, 47 years old former CB.
  12. He's got to be in charge for at least 10 games if he's just to be classed as interim manager for bookies to pay out. Cant see it being Bullen, he'd have got it by now.
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