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  1. Hunt looks a player just from those highlights.
  2. Watford have injuries galore, 3 pts for us on Saturday.
  3. Another lump of wood but you don't know much about him? You've convinced me.
  4. Definitely Penney at LWB, Harris looked better on the right side too when he switched.
  5. Here we go, not taken long for the team slating to start.
  6. Who wouldn't take 13th now and move on to the season after? I'll take it thanks.
  7. 1 striker (the key signing) has to be a proper centre forward , pace , strength that can play with his back to goal and obviously the main contributor of goals. 1 that can play the right wing back role. 1 Holding midfielder. Obviously these 3 plus Windass.
  8. Kachunga isn't an out and out striker, he played left side in a 3 behind Wells un hudds promotion season. I'd say him and Leko are similar in the way Monk would have wanted to utilise them. Could very well be the next choice after Leko.
  9. All but done? Any source? I actually think Kachunga is decent, not as a number 9 though like we are craving for.
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