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  1. Didn't Kev Phillips score in added time for a 1-0 win for them at our place a few years back aswel?
  2. Yep, 28 days ago which beggars believe how the efl sanctioned it.
  3. Only got taken over in February, how on earth did the EFL sanction that?
  4. Agreed, I'd take -6 right now and fancy our chances staying up. 4 point cushion with 7 to play.
  5. All pretty much spot on, you'd like to think we've got enough here for a comfortable mid table finish even without the players who have left. Anything more than a 9 point deduction though and its fill yer pants time.
  6. What absolute bolox. Nearly every post back then was 'teams going for promotion dont sell their best players'. 'Make him apologise and let's move on'. And I've better things to do aswel than go looking back. Chansiri would have got slated if he'd have sold him that season.
  7. The players we sign from July 1st wont be eligible for the rest of this season.
  8. Oh yes, the club reads owlstalk and feels pressured into making a statement hours later. Doesn't matter when the deadline was, the club have made a statement when they felt the time was right, no conspiracy going on I'm sure.
  9. Hindsight eh.. not one fan would have sold him back then and I bet theres not one post from back then to suggest so. And now the chairman is getting slated for not selling. Fickle fans spring to mind.
  10. Are all the bed wetters happy now theres been an announcement? Or are we still a joke of a club?
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