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  1. 4-1-4-1 Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Palmer Hutchinson Aarons Onomah Bannan Reach Fletcher
  2. Question. If we do the unbelievable and sneak in.. who thinks we can go up considering all probability the other 3 in there will all theoretical be better teams than us and who have been hovering around the top 6 all season.
  3. Fletcher's travelled and is fit to play according to Howson.
  4. I don't get this. Surely if we release Palmer then we'd need to sign another to replace him (2 for each position) as we would only have Iorfa to play there. Im not including baker cos i do believe hes out of contract too and I just don't rate him. So we'd be foolish not to offer Palmer a new deal as it would cost more money to get someone else in, Palmer won't be on big wages either.
  5. For me Hector has never been or ever will be a midfielder.
  6. He is. He's watching over the England training session right now.
  7. Wow! What an absolute rubbish statement. Go read what Xavi said about Scholes.
  8. He probably will to be fair. They let Tomori and Mount play when they played Derby in carabao cup earlier in season.
  9. Correct. The community shield is not an official match, it's an invitational event.
  10. Not to mention getting a massive ego in Terry to drop into the championship.
  11. That's cos he's a top player is Hutton. And shows how much some of our fans know about football. When we were by all accounts set to sign him a couple of years ago a certain section of posters on here were an embarrassment with their views of him.
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