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  1. I thought he was out for 3 months?
  2. Who are also on the same points as us this season.. the number of points our fans deem as a disaster of a start.
  3. Anyone would think we're playing Real Madrid tonight looking at the reaction for Sunderland.
  4. Dean only on bench for Brentford
  5. Confirmed by Howson. Not in squad.
  6. Bart Bialkowski

    Their keeper??
  7. SQUAD NUMBERS 2017/18

    Jones and Fox needed swapping round. Otherwise back to normality.
  8. Which teams have significantly strengthened their first elevens without losing players from last season apart from the parachute payment assisted clubs who can afford to do so?
  9. Pace

    Yes it's a proper shambles going into a season with exactly the same squad from the previous season that finished 4th and with the addition of George Boyd and the returning Kieran Lee and Almen Abdi.
  10. johan djourou

    Jones and Bannan have been the only midfield pairing available for most of the pre season games. We have more than likely been forced into it.
  11. johan djourou

    You would have thought so. Much has been made about needing a left footed CB but not a necessity for me.
  12. They lost away at Fulham first game then followed it up with another loss at home to Huddersfield iirc.
  13. Exactly this. Does anyone really think we will go into September with only two recognised centre backs?
  14. Guys it can be worse and it is worse for Leeds. 2 cb's like ourselves and ZERO left backs. So chill out we will get another cb in before the season starts then another before the deadline along with maybe a couple more players.
  15. Brentford won't win enough points on the road to be a contender.