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  1. Clotet is still the caretaker manager/coach at Birmingham , Why would he give up the main gig to go back to being a number 2?
  2. Quite, could easily have easily put Thornily in and then not disrupt the midfield.
  3. That's the spirit after a good performance.
  4. We did, sorry I totally forgot to put my PM in with my 2nd choice, It would have been Wednesday though so we'd have both gone through anyway. Onto week 6 then.
  5. No problem, I'm happy to pick again and let Daz stick with Preston seeing as he got in there first? Then either theres gonna be an outright winner this week or we both move onto round 6.
  6. Done! Good luck Daz, Although theres a strong chance we just may have chosen the same team
  7. Minor ankle injury, hopeful for Saturday.
  8. Awesome, why o why when things seem to be going well theres a setback along the lines. Unbelievable
  9. Very tough choice this midweek but I'm gonna go for Cardiff City please.
  10. He's been quality since Monk arrived. Plus We have 3 right backs, If Fox left we'd have no left footed left backs and just Palmer who can play there.
  11. Why would we bring in another RB? That's the last position that needs strengthening.
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