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  1. Not sure we will get away with playing 12 players.
  2. I'd rather have our current squad than theirs.
  3. They've signed Lewis Baker on loan and that's it, Whilst losing wiedwald, Lonergan, Pennington, Grot and Lassoga. I said last week that Leeds are considerably weaker than last season and have a lot of work to do. They don't have a recognised striker and only 2 senior cb's at present.
  4. Are these two players good enough for places in our first team matchday squads this season? Would love for a couple of academy graduates to come through and be worth a bob or two in the coming years.
  5. s29wfc

    Signings or no signings

    Anyone that's tipping Leeds to go well obviously hasn't seen their squad. Looked at it and on paper it looks shocking. They've brought in Lewis Baker but lost 2 of their 3 keepers. Hardly any striker of note now lassoga has gone back, And only 2 recognised cb's. They look considerably weaker than last season now some of their loanees have gone back.
  6. You can throw Matias into the mix too providing he can stay fit. Jos played him up top in his first few cup games and did well although I want to see him given a run as a wide attacker in a front 3.
  7. I'm missing no point.. you said our next game is in 10 days time. I'm Saying don't we have a game next Friday.
  8. Thought we had a game a week today?
  9. s29wfc

    Next season, Jos’s squad

    Erm 0. As i said we've got 26 first teamers not including the two loanees.
  10. s29wfc

    Next season, Jos’s squad

    We've got 26 first teamers not including Butterfield and Venancio who are both on loan. Which 12 under 23s have you included to get to 38?
  11. s29wfc

    FA Cup Replays on TV

    The Spurs replay is on weds 28th Feb at 20:05, On the BBC.
  12. Ffs here we go with the all the qualified coaches views on the team.
  13. Sure we beat West ham at Hillsborough when they were in prem a few seasons ago. It was 1-0, O'Grady scored.
  14. s29wfc

    Sean Clare first league start

    So do we think the contract issue with Clare will now be resolved ? Or is that too a case of no return and he'll be off when his contract expires in the summer?