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  1. Has Jos indicated that Hooper is fit again to play ?
  2. A central striker would be on my list. Imo none of ours fit the mould of how jos wants us to play. So an upgrade on Nuhiu and Fletcher if possible and has to have pace.
  3. s29wfc

    Almen Abdi

    We didn't have a Joey or a Hutch in there on Sunday.
  4. Isn't Hector out of contract at Chelsea in the summer anyway?
  5. s29wfc

    Hector and Onomah

    Absolutely.. this is a must for how we want to play. Not sure Fletcher or Nuihu fit the central striker position that Jos wants.
  6. s29wfc

    That Referee

    Didn't that come off penney which played their big striker onside?
  7. Fletcher has another year after this I think.
  8. How the hell isn't he on our set pieces? What a wand of a left peg. His tekkers on those free kicks are Ronaldo esque
  9. s29wfc

    Matt Penney

    The question i would ask is.. how does Penney compare to The likes of Charlie Taylor and Tyrone Mings now when they were Penney's age? Really can't compare him to Sessegnon.
  10. What don't you get? Pudil has never played LB or LWB under Jos. He now sees him as a CB
  11. s29wfc


    Am I right in thinking it's a 4231 formation and onomah is part of the 2 with Lewis Cook? Then Gray, Maddison and Sessegnon behind Calvert-Lewin.
  12. Also says we're playing Leeds away on 17th Sept... apparently
  13. s29wfc

    Keeper Situation

    Do you see him day in day out in training?