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  1. Who else we finishing above then even if we do happen to overtake Derby ?
  2. That's correct, but I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and say we'll come back up at the first time of asking. Bannan, Iorfa, Luongo (when fit) , Windass, Paterson, Palmer will all hopefully be still here next season along with some decent young and hungry additions we should go well. I like what Moore and his team are trying to implement so hopefully he will stay and get a crack at getting us back up.
  3. Are you taking the pi$$? League one is horrific, the standard of football down there is shocking and I've watched enough games in that league this season to form this opinion, So no I'm not out of touch with anything thanks so get a grip son. A few decent additions added to the still in contract players we have should have more than enough to go straight back up if they have the right application and mentality needed. I can't wait for us to get rid of the lazy, bottling out of contract mercenaries at the end of the season and bring some young fresh blood in that actually want to play for us.
  4. Just take a look at Hull to gauge league 1, they were worse last season than we are this, they were a complete shambles but looks like they're going straight back up, we should be looking to do the same. It won't take much to go straight back up.
  5. Coventry can win that for me , the only two teams we can focus on now are Derby and Rotherham. Just hope Rotherham lose most of their games and hope we can win tonight and then better Derby's results by 3 pts until we play them.
  6. I'll be very surprised if Moore isn't given first crack at trying to lead us back up.
  7. We simply have to win the next 3 which are all at home.
  8. Moore will have been assured that he'll get next season aswel when he signed. No way will he have taken it otherwise.
  9. I'm not so sure it would have been a stretch staying up if he'd been here all season. We've had what is it 4 managers here this season and not one has seen a performance or result like the one on Monday. Moore has quickly worked out his best formula with the players he's got and put round pegs in round holes, none of this swapping and changing up front every other game. We'd be comfortably mid table had he been here most of the season I'm quite confident about that.
  10. If we can keep hold of Iorfa and Urhoghide to go alongside Bannan, Patterson (midfield) , Windass and get a few decent loans in then there's no reason we can't come straight back up. I take a look at that Hull side that are currently top and I wouldn't take anyone from it.
  11. Think you've answered your own question, they have to spend this time around, their fans don't want a yoyo team that flits between the prem and championship.
  12. When they got promoted last time they hardly spent a penny, Can't see them making that mistake again.
  13. This is some showing from Norwich , they are unreal for the championship.
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