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  1. DJMortimer's post in Great news for the Nuhiu fans was marked as the answer   
    The fans of the biggest clubs in the country right now have taken a lot of abuse down the years for being arrogant, impatient, petulant, disdainful of everyone else and believing they have a divine right to be successful. Yet some of our supporters are indulging in some of those characteristics whilst we're still an average outfit in the Championship.
    And this spending frenzy that some are not only demanding but taking for granted - what evidence is there it will even be happening at all? If you're foaming at the mouth now, God help you next season if we're not 10 points clear by the end of September.
    The hatred for Nuhiu is beyond strange, it's actually despicable. All sorts of scumbags, wasters and pub players have turned out for us and avoided the vitriol levelled at the big man who, like it or not has been a big part of the modest success we've had this season. When he went into the crowd at Rotherham after Lee's winner, he appeared to be letting someone have it. Who could blame him?
  2. DJMortimer's post in Good luck to you all.. was marked as the answer   
    It will be interesting to see how O'Grady does this season. And I've got no great desire to see Barnsley suffer. Obviously some of their fans really don't like us, but that's their problem, not mine and is only to be expected as determined by the bigger brother syndrome.
  3. DJMortimer's post in Have The Players Had Enough? was marked as the answer   
    Having said that though, I think a case might be made for them being somewhat demotivated by the defensiveness and caution from the manager.
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