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  1. cross owl

    Forestieri Red Card

    So if us or the blades score a winner in the derby in the one hundredth minute the ref will obviously have to book every single player . Over exhuberent celebrating what a crock of b#$$#$%s . Fans can give one single player s$$t for ninety minutes but if they score don't dare be exhuberent . Another rule to make football appeal to the permanently offended . I would still say the same if Billy blunt scored against us . I'd be totally f@@@@d off and be swearing for at least an hour but I wouldn't expect a card to come out
  2. cross owl

    club crest

    Forest and Swansea badges are the same type of style as our old/best one . Simple to draw and instantly recognisable . Glad I was a kid in the seventies as I can't imagine being able to draw on/deface exercise books with the new badge . Take me a fortnight to draw the wings .
  3. He can redeem himself in the next villa match and gives them a single free kick and everything else to us
  4. https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/gl-an-evening-with-paolo-di-canio?utm_source=&utm_campaign=UserReferral_ma Groupon finest
  5. cross owl


    A thousand seats not taken out of a capacity if eleven thousand . Wonder if syp have had a word with their coppers
  6. cross owl

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    Yep wilder has definately took the bait . Warnock is very astute wilder just signed him as soon as he said he'd always wanted to play for them
  7. cross owl

    Police presence today

    You are forgetting the fact that other forces employ people who want to lock up bad guys , keep the public safe , drive around fast and have a bit of a rumble . We employ people who like filling in forms , want a good pension and get promoted off the streets as soon as possible .
  8. Yeah but would they be happy doing f@@k all just videoing stuff so they can kick someone's door down at two in the morning , five days later with twenty cop cars and then tweeting about how they are coming down hard on criminals
  9. Syp is the most awful key stone cop governed laughing stock in England . They make it the most expensive by their own inability to do anything right as there is no way a sheffield derby is worse than a Glasgow , Liverpool, Manchester ot london one . Joe public don't get the police they deserve on any day let alone match day . If central government gave them a billion pound budget they'd still segregate our fans to ludicrous levels not do anything remotely like a well organised force and p@$$ and whine about how they need two billion .
  10. cross owl

    No Westwood today - tired

    Exactly this . It would be more credible if he was missing today because his baby unicorn has hiccups
  11. cross owl

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

    This is Britain. Guilty until proven innocent . The amount of crimes the cps ignore as not in the public interest and hand bags on a football field means a court date .
  12. cross owl

    Ground being sold in February?

    So flog the ground to a relative who renames it Hills bro , sort out all the money problems and make us able to pump money in for players. Get promoted and effectively buy it back from yourself with the golden/poison chalice the prem is . If it's allowed it's hardly beyond the realms of probability . If it happens it happens . It would also show the total farce any money tightening incentives they come up with for what they are . .
  13. cross owl

    Hutch's salute....

    And then it was written , thou shalt not have a personality and it was so and it was then written that any mickey taking should be outlawed and lo it was so .
  14. cross owl

    Wednesday - V Preston OMDT

    Isn't everything on some whiner or others list these days
  15. cross owl

    Ian Holloway

    Just sing this continually Oliver's Army https://g.co/kgs/2tEMcd