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  1. cross owl


    I never saw this coming
  2. 1983 my nan and grandad had just got a betamax , went to mista video on Buchanan and convinced my grandparents that American werewolf was a comedy and fine for thirteen year old me . Good job nan was cooking tea while shower scene was on , also never been as instantly scared as when you thought he had woken up just for the alien army to turn up
  3. cross owl


    Man ure have got one after a couple of minutes of the first match if the season . What month will we get our first
  4. cross owl

    Heres summat radical

    What about means tested for season ticket price then the haves and have nots would each be effectively be paying the same . Kop a week and a half wages , north two weeks wages and South two and a half weeks wages . Would it pay , I haven't a clue but if someone on the dole who can't get a job pays a fifth of what I pay I couldn't care less and if someone at the top of their profession pays four grand for the kop then so what . Everyone forks out respectively based on their income .
  5. Could be worse we could be stoke who after losing first match by two goals are obviously going to be relegated too . These one match seasons are awful wish we were promoted like Brentford
  6. I hate these one match seasons . Roll on next season this one has been awful
  7. Anyone can beat anyone so let's be the winners . It's Wigan not the French national team we are up against . Too s@@@ for the championship two seasons ago and nothing's changed.
  8. cross owl


  9. cross owl


    The season ticket has stripes
  10. The sheffield derbys aren't code named , operation easy overtime , for nothing .
  11. Parent you mean , no way have they ever met their dad
  12. Bet these friendless geniuses don't go anywhere near areas of sheffield where double parking, blocking pavements and complete disregard for all restrictions is the norm .
  13. Oh look a who's who of single virgins who were picked on at school .
  14. cross owl

    Charlie Browns

    The good local pub pubs ( if you get my drift ) have been ruined by supermarkets selling beer cheap and nailing pubs to the wall over prices of everything else . Gastro pubs are now being built so if we built one of those but on match days just sold beer as no one will want to sit down to food with the twelve thousandth rendition of , were on our way
  15. Good job this wasn't in over the last twenty years as Ferguson wouldn't have been allowed on the sidelines ever and his whining team ganging up on refs not being allowed would have stopped whinechester United from winning anything in that period .