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  1. Is this not closer to the truth ? It is in my house
  2. MIx it up . Direct attacking football and when we are four nil up with five minutes to play switch to keeping the ball and win four three we keep the ball simply to let the opposition get back into position .
  3. Yeah but its the toon . Fifty thousand geordie chanting for you to be sacked . Who could turn that down
  4. Hope he can manage them , resigns ,, loses first four matches , sacks bruce , loses court case , signs pep wildiola while we sit at the top of the championship laughing at all of them as we wave in passing them all
  5. Ok wouldn't swap absolutely any history whatsoever wins or anything else from that toilet of a club . Couldn't care less about their win rate . If we had their win rate the boxing day massacre would never have happened because we wouldnt have been there to play them . Also it would have altered our history completely . We could have ended up being man citeh but we could also have ended up being Portsmouth . I am happy with our win rate then and wouldn't swap it for the seventies rate of l###s or anything else . It is what makes us what we are .
  6. Yeah because they are tearing football apart aren't they . Everyone in world football still fears the mighty l@@@s playing them after half a dozen good years out of over a century of football . You're right wish we were l@@@s .
  7. Well I for one being around in the seventies am glad we are nothing like that stain of a club .
  8. Childish summary not wanting to have the background of pretty much the most derided team in britain who we have a go at for their awful way of playing in the seventies .
  9. Ferguson's side wouldn't be allowed to dish out limps with complete impunity now . Keane would never play more than two seconds a season either . I just don't rate him at all . It's like giving a bang average driver a Porsche and giving someone talented a reliant Robin . The talentless bloke in the Porsche will win just because of the tool he has been given . Back then man u was by far the biggest tool , which suited him revies l@@@s didn't win by playing football either and only won because other players didn't fancy a hospital tea . There are many far better managers than them that just didn't want to play like hooligans or given the resources the sour faced one had . I hope we aren't going to be a soft touch but I would rather win by our side getting down to it rather than volleying people or whining at every single decision .
  10. Thing is fergusson is the most overrated manager ever . He whined at everything to the officials , made sure his players played the ref more than the game and the refs when faced with him and his players especially at home were given most decisions and away they were still given most decisions as they were too spineless to give decisions against man u against an also ran side . Plus they had the biggest by far pulling power of players without him having to do anything . If you put him into today's prem over man u he would be sacked in months as there are other teams who can match them and wouldnt get everything his own way . In today's game he would be lucky to get the manager job over the pigs . Apart from that I dont mind the complete c@@t
  11. The ref was confused and kept giving the wrong decision against united . After being told his job at half time the second half was different .
  12. Man u always knew where their players were , about four inches from the ref .
  13. Silver away equals promotion . Nailed on with a variation of this
  14. The VW one is one of my favourites . I managed to get one of the ones without the VW logo . Just stripes all round will do me . Plain or big square on the back just looks garbage to me . Red numbers like the nineties , stripes all around and a march back to the prem while laughing as the dark side are known in the prem as Sheffield united nil .
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