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  1. Inflatables on the kop

    King bacon gets put down in pretty much everything he is in but he keeps coming back
  2. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    On the kop, always nervous and never confident against the dark side . Any other match I can stomach losing if we've played well and given it our all , this just isn't true against that lot
  3. Inflatables on the kop

    Well one is a vile disgusting animal and the other is a pig
  4. Inflatables on the kop

    Spot the difference
  5. Inflatables on the kop

    Or even an inflatable one
  6. You've heard of sheffield f.c haven't you ? Unless there's another that has been invented just for the morally devoid to support
  7. Exactly this . Because of the hooliganism of the seventies we put the fences up and since then we have treated football fans along strictly us and them lines . People act as they are treated and it's ingrained into football that its as partisan as possible . Look at the songs we all sing , if everyone was sat together you wouldn't shout in the persons ear next to you , you're sh17 and you know you are . Nearly all of us are guilty of baiting the opposites fans which wouldn't happen if we decided to create a proper family game where , like happened before the seventies , we all stood together like normal people . Most footie fans are normal people with a minority that would fight over a blade of grass blowing the wrong way . We could do this but the powers that be don't want the hassle . Whilever we keep people apart it will give some the excuse to be violent , it's not a good excuse but it's the way it is when you create a trench , them and us atmosphere . Apart from that I don't really think about it
  8. Why say that , that's a picture from the seventies isn't it ? Everyone had one similar then then again if it was the seventies no way would any of them be giving it the big un in front of a stand full of away fans rapidly emptying towards them
  9. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    I call mine African sunset , or gerald on a Sunday
  10. I will consider the gap between our fans and theirs and the amount of police presence really gearing it up for some serious pointing , two finger salutes and w@nker signs .
  11. It was all populated but then people heard dem blavdes were coming and moved
  12. Which areas are Wednesday

    It's simply about attitude . If you aim to be a valued member of society from being little then you're wednesday , if you think society owes you money and you wish to spend other people's hard earned then the pork side awaits
  13. WILDER

    It has to be the sh17 Neil Warnock one . Colin is the pantomime villain, gives it and takes it . Wilder is just a standard pig who fell lucky , well as lucky as being a porker gets .
  14. Has he just been released from an institution and he has been saving these up for years