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  1. You just knew that as soon as they got near the penalty area they would go down like skittles . Still shows that we can match the best in the division .
  2. Westwood will stay . Bruce will just give him the mesma stare he gave swarbrick
  3. Exactly this . It's purely down to not wanting to look an idiot . A player goes for the corners as if he puts it down the middle and the keeper just catches it he looks foolish and vice versa . If a keeper stands up and it goes to either side he also makes himself look foolish . If you smack it hard and straight at the keeper chances are he won't hold it and it will come back into the penalty area . Problem becomes if you become a side that mainly smacks it down the middle then your advantage goes . Still it won't change anything and we don't lose many since Jo's left let alone concede three . Bad pen but we move on .
  4. For every ten games played this season the have got a point more . We have had a shambolic first half of season and they're still only four points in front . Mind you I'm surprised they have lost a game . Ah well villa good luck in August in yet another championship season .
  5. What with swfc in the material . Didnt know Bremen liked us so much .
  6. I liked that one . Whether you like it or hate it at least it was a bespoke kit for us rather than these days when manufacturers just say to clubs . This is it what colours do you want . Plus you could make an entirely new kit just out of the material from one sleeve
  7. Not surprising really . Just a show boating potter who got lucky
  8. This exactly . Half the time the defending team would just have one defender going to them as we werent even any good at it knowing full well there would only be one man in the box who they could just surround . Bruce obviously thought this was a stupid way to play
  9. Like Cardiff a few years ago when they needed a draw for top six on final day and beat them
  10. So if hutch is walking , pudil is jogging and winnall is standing still then what tv channel is thornily watching ?
  11. Back drop of Parsons cross only gets a sunset like that if somethings on fire
  12. We win and we are one of four teams on fifty points then derby on fifty one and then play offs . All In with a shout of play offs . Who'd have thought that a few weeks ago
  13. We will sneak the last play off spot on the last day and the dark side will drop into third . Then we will ruin their brilliant look at us season while we go to the final with most of our season being a shambles . It's the wednesday way
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