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  1. Are we kicking from right to left then Thompson is tge man . Goalie wagg
  2. That's just my point. All advertising has a negative cost to society so how far are you willing to go . We don't mind being sponsored by apple even though their products are stolen and muggings happen directly because of their appeal but gambling is a no because people spend more than they have. My point isn't stopping all advertising but why some things that have a negative impact are fine while others are not .
  3. All the under twenty fives i work with smoke and when I asked why as cigarettes are now far more vilified than in the eighties when I grew up the answer was the same as when I was at school . Its cool . At my mates children's schools and my nieces and nephews smokers corner is as popular as ever .
  4. All those that smoke must just be at my mates children and my nieces and nephews schools then because smokers corners at their schools are as popular as they have ever been .
  5. The take up for smoking has hardly changed and with vaping on the rise . Stopping advertising doesn't stop need . When I was young I didn't start smoking because of advertising I started because it was illegal to buy at my age and other kids were smoking . Advertisement didn't come into it .
  6. All advertising has negative connotations . Consumerism fuels crime as not everyone can afford the latest TV or phone so because of advertising crime happens and no one would care if we had sony and their product all over the stadium and shirts . Where do you want to stop . Someone thieving to feed their own or someone else's need for a new item is fine but someone betting money they can't afford that no matter what they'd bet anyway is bad .
  7. Until the girls blouse football of the last few years weren't pretty much all great footballers working class kids . People are just annoyed that the owners if football think because he is Rooney his side should walk every game four nowt .
  8. Yeah but for a regular kid drawing our logo on school books , bus shelters , street signs and yoonited ground doors the simple one is easy and quick whereas the new one would see you arrested or chased and still would look nothing like it
  9. What makes anyone think we will need anywhere near fifty points to stay up . We are averaging 0.9 points per match and all teams around us are averaging less . Its looking like forty points will be enough . Still a big ask as if we carry on averaging what we have been it will leave us on thirty five . Looking like the championship is looking like an all time low for points to stay up unless all teams in the bottom eight start rattling off one and a half points per match .
  10. I'm a wednesdayite through and through but I'm not a football fan any more. Football is a sad image of what I grew up watching . Its now just a product to sell to people who watch at home . VAR , rolling around like you've been run over , sending off for getting the ball , tackling becoming a thing of the past , as time goes on more and more advertising on kits with the sponsor more important than the clubs crest , get to the prem and the fans are meaningless as the money they put in is a drop in the ocean . Nah if we folded I'd use my season ticket money on something else .
  11. I liked the eighties . Didn't have such whining babies on a football pitch .
  12. Football has turned into a shadow of its sporting roots . Whineball p15535 me right off .
  13. Today less than half the prem playing and one three o clock kick off . On Monday there's match at half five . If you're a fan who likes to go and see their team then who cares , if your in your armchair then what can we do for you .
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