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  1. If labour bought them back they wouldn't make a single penny in fact it would be the opposite as the unions would take over and labour who are run by the unions would do whatever they demanded . At great expense they built the super tram , couldnt make it pay so flogged it for peanuts and the buyer has made money . I love this country but it's been turned into a laughing stock by all sides of the political spectrum . If I could vote for none of the above and make them all come together and find a healthy middle ground I would . As I've said earlier this election has to be the worst choice in decades . We aren't voting for who we want in power but to try and keep someone worse out . Worse is obviously subjective to personal taste .
  2. Several european countries for overtime you pay less tax or no tax at all . People need an incentive to work extra and for promotion and by taxing them to the wall amazingly enough it doesn't incentivise people to bother . Still high tax , buying back everything for billions and strikes is the way to a healthy economy
  3. You really have to ask how the mentality is different outside the uk . Let's take Japan who I know are not in Europe if a road is completely destroyed by some means they have it up and running in weeks . It takes us months to even get to the point of starting and then it will take months at least to fix . German workers pride themselves on efficiency . What do we have , that'll do I will do the minimum of what I am paid for and if you want more I'm off to the union . Their unions take into account the business needs ours want maximum benefits and nothing in return . I have worked with many European workers and every one of them work harder with less complaining than the majority of uk workers I have worked with . The more of the money you keep the more big business people spend . Why bother doing something that will earn you fifty five grand up from forty five if you are no better off because of the higher tax rate . Paramedics can easily earn that with overtime and rightly so but why should they bother if the second they earn it you are worse off . And lets nail big business so they can pitch up somewhere else that won't nail them as much as possible , then when they go people who work for them will be unemployed so their tax money on their wages is gone added to the tax money they pay when buying stuff with their wages and add onto that the unemployment benefits it will cost us . And yes we are polar opposites , the uk people are unique some ways fantastically better and some ways worse . Part of me wants corbyn in so when he has completely ruined the country and we become a laughing stock even to Greece people can say , Tories fault .
  4. And the several billion pounds will come from where , tax everyone to the hilt , make britain an undesirable place for all business by squeezing them until they leave . And you really think there would be any train on time if it was bought back . They would spend most of the time stood still during yet another strike . Europeans have a different outlook to the british that's why , nothing to do with who owns it . Sorry but in my experience unions make more problems than they solve . The care about their power , their own jobs followed by the jobs of the union members and britain doesn't even figure at any level . Do exactly as we demand or we are on strike and if britain crumbles I couldn't care less as our members have what we wanted . Just my opinion which I imagine is the polar opposite of yours .
  5. Because he sees every single organisation that hate us as having a point , he would on purpose drag us so far into the financial mire by buying back things that have been privatised, he would give power to unions who couldnt care less about britain as a whole just what they can get for nothing . I'd hardly say that would class him as having Britain's best interests at heart . it would take decades to get over . And just because you are left wing doesn't in the slightest mean you are anything like a random mp who happens to be left wing .
  6. And you can't prove that any other party would have done better or worse in that time frame so it's a meaningless argument . Like has been said the choices are a Britain hating communist , an idiot and someone who wishes to ignore a vote . It's the worst choice for decades .
  7. Exactly this . If they aren't making much on the shirt can't expect to have cheap postage . Can't wait for it to come
  8. Someone winning at egg chasing or three points , it's difficult that
  9. Always has to be a team in red and white stripes to stink it out . Who is that now ?
  10. Fox block , meaning . To stop kn08s getting their own way into a gaping opening .
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