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  1. So did Linda lusardi back in the day , she wouldn't score against us either , mind you that's not even close to being true
  2. Why the same worry about the opposition and their super dooper players every week . Let them worry about us and ours . Same matches played and less points than us . We are not up against aguero and Salah ffs . Its anyones game , probably tight but if either team has an off day and the other plays well either could get hammered . F@@k 'em
  3. With the thread title I was expecting a different opener
  4. The cowleys like league one . Thought it was the missing band members of frankie goes to Hollywood at first with the streaked hair
  5. Wonder what reception the cowleys will get next season when they rejoin his ex club after leaving them for the err big time
  6. Imagine how long they'd both have gone down for in a football match . They'd both still be rolling holding their faces with a ref wondering how forcefully to wave the red card
  7. Problem is when you are high enough you can govern what happens to that information and only comes to light when someone equally high up wishes to use it for their own gain , or after they've slept with their other half
  8. Just found a document entitled . End game solution for Hillsborough stadium .
  9. I think that's the norm these days , if you don't get permission it's a frowned upon
  10. Eighty nine I was an actual adult for a year , never been one since yeah they were , snow wash , ice , pin stripe, bleached , stretch . See the Jean's back then took ages to pick
  11. Jk they are the ones , no front pockets , teamed up with a fred Perry polo shirt , fourteen hole dockers and a pilot jacket I was pure girl bait me
  12. Pin stripe Jean's. Ah the memories just a short time after the Jean's were so tight there were no pockets on the front , she couldn't have searched them without arrest
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