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  1. Bristol have the second best away form of the league . I doubt they looked at us and thought , oh no better play for a draw . No shots on target at home , we deserve no compliments .
  2. Nope just the cash needed to pay on the day
  3. Rule number one to make people welcome draconian measures in all aspects of their lives . Invent a threat or blow one out of all proportion then the public will accept any measure you wish to implement and anyone who disagrees will be seen as someone with something to hide . It also makes sure that people view each other with suspicion which when you want to divide and conquer its fantastic . Every so often the police say they have foiled a threat and thats it . Look at the laws that have been invented over the last couple of decades to remove people's free will . To achieve and prevent absolutely nothing and thus is no different . Apart from you get some shiny new laws to stop you doing things .
  4. I have heard it sang once for about five seconds in over fifteen years . Where do they sing it ? Didnt even realise it was still sung . I'm on the kop and stunningly enough I heard it in the south after the beam back years ago .
  5. So a fan says something racist then instant ban for life as we don't want that sort following a football team , fine no problem . A player says something racist and a bit of a fine and forget about it . In a fair society both should face the same penalty . I don't mind which penalty but both should face the same .
  6. I have no preference but if it's not blue it looks odd err so blue , yes I prefer blue
  7. Best Sheffield Wednesday Kits Ever

    My first ever kit , 1979 for my tenth birthday . Wore it as often as I could get away with
  8. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    What is it Ooh the anticipation It's a I know the pictures are sideways and have no clue how to alter them
  9. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    I have that too from the same place , must have been late seventies
  10. No stripes here at all

    Bet he didn't roll around for twenty minutes while all his team wave invisible red cards and the ref can't wait to send him off . At the same time fans tutting at how unprofessional the player is and saying how he should never play again for letting the fans and his team down .
  11. You Broke John Terry

    Didn't someone read that a journalist wrote in a paper that fox jumped onto terrys foot . If your going to lie at least make sure there aren't pictures everywhere showing that you are just plain lying hoping that Terry will let you get into bed with him .
  12. Refs have little integrity and virtually no continuity . Give one team something for a perceived foul , two seconds later completely ignore the exact same thing by the other team . Look at the prem matches , top six team v top six team refs are fair and rarely get it blatantly wrong . Rest of league v rest of league fair but not to the standard the same referee will employ at top six teams . Top six v rest of league , refs will come down on top six teams side as much as they can because if a powerful team complains you'll be reffing under twelve matches if your lucky . If you support any team outside of the top six in prem they are incompetent and biased on a weekly basis in a majority of matches and if anyone calls them on their obvious failings the f.a. fines the teams manager the ref has scr3wed . Look at some of the decisions against us , at best incompetent at worst totally biased . Loads of teams will have the same feelings . While some will be sour grapes the amount of truly baffling decisions means that the refereeing standards are set out to be poor and they fail to achieve such dire standards .
  13. F.A.O John Terry

    Better out than in . . . . Or is that trumping
  14. F.A.O John Terry

    Can't be true , didn't fox jump on his foot
  15. If This Was Next Years Kit?

    Sheffield Wednesday written on the back of the collar like the mid nineties ones too and it has it all . To think the debates about a central blue stripe , now we haven't got stripes at all .