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  1. cross owl

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

    Seriously how can anyone care . I work with a bertie and I said , f*@$%/ g top of the league . Should I be ashamed ?
  2. They have spoken to the refs of this division
  3. cross owl

    It's Jos Working Out So Well...

    The most baffling thing is that the dark side are top . If they were below us and struggling then most of the slating the team are getting would stop .
  4. cross owl

    this is hilarious

    Only one bloke thought that and thats probably because he's only followed villa while we've been third and second division team . He's either got amnesia or didn't follow them when villa were just another three points in the top division to us . Most of their fans will have seen us , blavdes , Leeds, Southampton , Leicester , Forest drop and drop again so they know that this league isn't easy it's a war of attrition between once permanent top division clubs .
  5. cross owl


    Joking aside we forget the bin has family. A photo from this morning shows his parents off to see him in the recycling centre where he is being repaired .
  6. On sky sports championship highlights they played their goal twice from two angles and every other match that I looked at they got to see it once and that's it . Cracker of a goal though
  7. cross owl


    Rubbish. . . . Oh no that ones already been recycled , I mean used , I mean . . . . Oh whatever
  8. cross owl


    If they invent a time machine , don't go back to the seventies or eighties for a match
  9. I generally do , least you get a biased view of the match rather than no view at all
  10. cross owl

    Goal of the season

    Could have any keeper in the net and they wouldn't have stopped it . Like has been said if he had saved it it would have been because he was stood no where near every other keeper would have been . Still lost though
  11. Are they all now just about the winning team or losing one if they are classed as a team who's name should be in the prem but hardly anything about what happened in the match . I rarely read the Sunday's as I go to the home matches and read on here people's opinion on the aways . But reading the Sunday people at my mother's the match report was bruce wants more time , fans not happy, their recent result stat , bruce is sure they will come good oh and they lost to the owls . Looking at others it's generally the scorer , the price for him , how the manager feels and that's yer lot . Is it rose tinted glasses but years ago wasn't it just about key moments in the match and their opinion on the players who played ?
  12. cross owl

    Hector report

    Always helps when Bruce's b@#@h is giving you a hand though and making sure tackling his players is pretty much illegal .
  13. I've been waiting to ref for you for ages dad . Love you.
  14. Jarnail Singh all day every day . No matter what decision he made against us I never hear a complaint from the crowd as he was bang on every time . It's quite bad that you remember a referee for being spot on at his job . Does he still ref ? He only reffed us twice that I remember . He should be given the job of 're training the absolute garbage we see every week for all teams on how to be fair .
  15. cross owl

    Well this escalated quickly..

    In fairness he was given the choice between the pigs head and Cherie Blair , his morals maybe dubious to say the least buy they aren't totally missing