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  1. Fixed . Hate being on the other side of it though
  2. I like the fact we have someone at the back that won't get caught on the ball as he won't have it long enough . If you are premier league with pots of cash then a defence that can pass and dribble their way out is a must to get anywhere . We are after safety and if the ball is in row z or in the opponents goalies arms its not in our net . I will take that every match .
  3. It would've worked too if it wasn't for those pesky hull kids
  4. A win and five points from safety with a far better goal difference . We will get out of the bottom three like a rocket and then in true wednesday fashion struggle to stay out of it for forty matches
  5. Vinnie Jones so we can do to the efl what he did to gazzas squishy bits
  6. What is this self flagilation at the wailing wall . No player ever was too good for any team they played for , not one . They all come and go on permanent or loan knowing where they are going and who they are playing with and they still go . Like a president once said , ask not what players were too good for you but instead ask what players should have done more . Or something like that . Dark side signing twenty million quid players and we are talking about players too good for us .
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