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  1. cross owl

    New Kit

    I'm trying to make a case for stripes all around and here you come with facts I give up
  2. cross owl

    New Kit

    Never known a pundit ever not know who a player is or a referee ( unless your English and decide that you need three yellows ) so why don't the organisers of competitions just stop doing what the hierarchy in all businesses do and keep changing rules slightly to make their job look relevant .
  3. cross owl

    25 years ago tonight !

    My missus has one of those , must have been a long journey as apparently they can be quite difficult
  4. cross owl

    70's Owls T-shirt

    But if you wear seven of the blue ones thats t shirt , trousers , socks , hat and shoes . It's be fine , wierd but fine
  5. cross owl

    25 years ago tonight !

    Did you cadge a lift off Sheldon Cooper least he could have told you the dynamics of the lesser seen foldy leg
  6. cross owl

    New Kit

    Well the back of the shirt is plain but the back of the socks are stripey I don't like plain backs of striped shirts no matter who wears them , personally think it ruins a quality look
  7. cross owl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Hands down swarbrick for his Brucey bonus , letting a player tell him how he wants the game officiating and being allowed to blatantly cheat with absolutely no come back on him whatsoever . Not a player but still had a players shirt on .
  8. cross owl

    What price would you pay?

    Which is fair enough . With how elitist the top end of the prem is now all it is to me is more expensive to see less matches and unless you get a benefactor of man city proportions every season is a relegation battle where you are losing very nearly every other match . It's now just a business to sell to the most people which bugs me no end .
  9. cross owl

    What price would you pay?

    I couldn't care less about the prem these days . Udders stayed up after losing more than they won and drew put together and scored far less than a goal a match . They have got a couple of hundred million though for being awful . I'd rather have decent affordable ( obviously that's relative ) seasons in the championship rather than being butchered in the prem most weeks and paying shed loads to watch it just so we can see a full away end while being hammered by the Scousers , cockneys and mancs . We have teams we love to hate and some with big followings to look forward to next year so bring them on
  10. jos preseason v Carlos preseason
  11. cross owl

    New Kit

    Well I'm hoping the front matches the back , hate it when the front is all stripey and attractive and the back is plain and boring . I prefer the same in our shirts too
  12. cross owl

    New Kit

    Collar doesn't match the cuffs then ?
  13. cross owl

    New Kit

    As long as it's kept tight at the back it's not such a problem
  14. It was typed wrong , he meant to say Ozzie Owl and Martin but accidently typed , Ozzie Owl ( Martin) . Hope that cheers you up
  15. Liverpool sing we are sheffield wednesday and play in blue and white . How odd