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  1. Give me those pitches with real footie played on it rather than the bowling greens we have now with a non contact sport being played on it by blokes who find it impossible to stand up if someone is within fifty feet of them
  2. No speed bumps , traffic lights every two feet , speed cameras , parking on the side if the road on a main drag to town centre , and mark three escorts , capris and we weren't bad at footie great days
  3. Imagine doing that these days , you'd be in the front page of national news papers with a banning order forever and loads of tutting
  4. The neon sign is what I always remember . Coming from the cross , when I was little coming home from town the fifty three bus used to park outside . The amount of times I heard the roar of a goal while sat on the bus wishing just one of my entire family actually liked football so they could take me . Finally managed it in 83 against Chelsea
  5. This time around, Trevor Francis refused to answer my phone calls and I had no alternative but to fax him, which brought a public outburst from Trevor," Ferguson recalled in his 1999 autobiography what about the alternative of taking the hint you overhyped g1t
  6. Definitely . Me and my mates rarely went into the town centre pubs , it was The Crown as you got off the bus on Penistone , Old Blue Ball , The Shakespeare before its name was bastardised to the Shakey then the Riverside and back again , last bus to Roxys and the job was a gooden
  7. In the eighties pubs closing never even entered my mind . I thought they'd been there and would be there forever . In the latter end of the eighties the pubs I used to go into were all being refurbished they were doing so well . Then not much more than a decade later they were disappearing at a rate of knots for flats , supermarkets , old age homes . Industry gone , even if it was still there you would get the sack for having a pint at dinner . I miss the eighties , not least that I was a teenager
  8. First match I went to was at home to Chelsea , 83 I think , finished nil nil . Was on the north and after the match started a rain of coins and loads of other stuff came raining down on us . A load of Chelsea at the back so a load of coppers just ran up and dragged them down the steps while getting . . . . err . . . . pats on the back on their way past all the rows and thrown into the away end . I just remember thinking this is insanity , now when's the next match
  9. Nah they have a super fandango malaria tablet now that stops it in its tracks , hopefully they can wheel the old malaria tablet out of retirement and it can do a job for us
  10. Yeah the ozzies had already started testing on a malaria stopper and an HIV one over a week ago , neither are used anymore as malaria is now pretty resistant to one and better HIV ones are now available , but in a lab they both totally wiped out corona . Hopefully it does the same in humans
  11. Had a couple of good games , nothing special but he was up against it in a poor team
  12. What will players do now nando's and other michelin starred premises are shut
  13. I left school for a yts in eighty five on less than a grand and a half a year and then the disparity between players and the people who pay to watch them wasn't as wide as it is now .
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