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  1. cross owl

    Ian Holloway

    Just sing this continually Oliver's Army https://g.co/kgs/2tEMcd
  2. cross owl

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    We've no chance of going down though as apparently there are three far worse teams another one better start shipping goals at this rate .
  3. cross owl

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Only Bolton and Ipswich have worse goal differences . No real attacking threat and a cobblers defence .
  4. cross owl

    Best training method?

    How we would want them to return v how they would return
  5. cross owl

    Infinity Card

    This season is taking an eternity so which is longer infinity or eternity
  6. cross owl

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    It's taken us twenty years nearly to be struggling in the championship . In that time Norwich have hit the prem three times .
  7. cross owl


    I'm not saying you're wrong , maybe came across wrong . My point is just that at championship level Colin is tried and tested , wilder is undoubtedly doing a great job over the last season and a bit but time will tell if wilder makes the championship his own or even ( shudders ) the prem because as you say he has nineteen years on Warnock . Like I said I am basing it purely on championship level .
  8. cross owl


    Wilder hasn't even done it once with one club and promotion is still several months away if they are still there at the end who knows . Colin has avoided relegation with a club who looked finished and got promotion with several different clubs and players . Wilder is no Colin yet . Given that I would take either no matter their allegiance .
  9. cross owl

    Cliché thread

    X runs like bambi on ice X runs like he's pulling a tractor X has a head like a ten bob bit X is six foot five and when he jumps for a ball he's three foot two To recap x is garbage
  10. cross owl


    No way would attendances go down . They'd go up because loads would want to tell him how much of a piggy bar stool he was , and when we were picking up points left right and centre they'd carry on coming .
  11. cross owl


    You can add wilder to that list . No matter how cultured the football is you want to see , you need the players for it and the cash . All the above do the basics perfectly well and give the players a cause to fight for and accept nothing less than total effort , let's face it giving the dark side a cause must be hard enough . No matter how fancy the team and the cash and attitudes it has it always hates playing teams built on nothing but pride and determination . Winning is winning and I don't care how it comes . Pretty on the eye is a bonus . As for dinosaurs , all dinosaurs would destroy all its modern day equivalent and all pretty football has the hardest days against dinosaur sides .
  12. cross owl

    No wonder we're fooked

    Dangerously close though , man u fans are generally at work during the day about two hundred miles away
  13. cross owl

    No wonder we're fooked

    Yeah but I feel for the man u fans , do they jump ship to city ( who they've always supported ) or wait for all the other super rich clubs to suddenly become rubbish . Let's face it loads of them only supported them because they won stuff and could lord it over people they meet . now they are a mid table side they'll be giving away season tickets with a litre of bleach . Well hope springs eternal in my childish mind .
  14. cross owl

    No wonder we're fooked

    What were man u fans doing in Manchester on a non match day ?
  15. cross owl

    What we could do with

    You're not allowed bravery anymore . He'd never stay on the pitch in these watered down footie times .