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  1. Dawson for me . Only player that was ever likely to get on the score sheet .
  2. Is your team having a bad run , finding it difficult to pick up points , fans upset , in a bit of a rut THEN COME TO HILLSBOROUGH we have the most delightful accommodation and will do our very best to not turn up and give you the confidence boost you need .
  3. Knackered - We defended well and were clinical. It's hard. Of course it's hard. But we worked hard. If we lose we lose, but if you have given everything, if you have to crawl off that pitch , then that's what we want. You give it all that's all wednesday fans ? Or most fans , want . You cant win them all or have the best players but if you do lose all fans want is that you go down fighting .
  4. I dunno Terry Curran weren't bad on his day for us
  5. Show me one voter , just one from any party who dissects exactly what the party they have voted for will implement . There are no voters that understand exactly what that parties entire manifesto is . That is not that they are not intelligent enough to understand but that they don't look deeply enough into it and dont care enough . It's exactly like football , people align themselves with a certain party and rarely break it no matter what . Blairs labour is totally different to Corbyn's but staunch labour areas still vote for them even though only the name ties both leaders and parties together . The last election showed nothing of the kind . People voted against labour because labour weren't prepared to honour the referendum . If corbyn said he would honour it and he wanted out the pasting they took at the poles would never have happened and in the next election it will be business as usual . A few floating constituencies but mainly staunch labour v staunch conservative .
  6. Where did I say that at any point ? My post said that our councillors don't care because they don't have to . There are loads of safe seat places for all parties and all parties don't put their best people into safe seats as it would be a waste of talent . People vote labour because they always have done . Nothing to do with intelligence . No presumption just the knowledge that when it comes to politics , like football people rarely change allegiance no matter how c##p or badly run they are .
  7. I try and vote labour out of sheffield in every election . Sheffield is just treat with contempt by the council because why should they care . They get voted in no matter what they do so why do stuff for the people when they will vote you back in no matter how incompetent so you may as well just do what is best for yourself . Labour have the perfect excuse for being s@@t . If conservatives are in central government you blame them and if labour are in just blame the last conservative government , easy .
  8. Not what I said at all , I never implied in the slightest that reward equals wins . Depends what you want to call reward . If all you care about is points then fair enough . If you try your best and are seen to be trying then win lose or draw your reward as a player is that fans take to you . If scousers t@$$3d every match off and won two nowt but macclesfield went for it every match then scousers would have the wins but the macc lads would have the fans chanting their names . Fans , win lose or draw want to see effort and ours is garbage .
  9. Thought that was the , I won't let the sun go down on me , song
  10. No one expects a win but going through the motions rarely gets you a point never mind three . Reward is directly connected to effort . We've clapped teams off after a loss if we can see they've done their best and were beaten by the better side or undone by a momentary lapse , that's the reward for effort not points but thousands of people recognising you did your best . No one can say any player barring iorfa and bannan that looked even remotely not full if Turkey . Their heads didn't drop after the goal as their heads were never up and that's lack of application to do your best every match .
  11. I've heard poached salmon was a bit tough and the bollinger champagne was a bit warm too . Don't even mention the hot gazpacho soup ffs .
  12. Football gets to be more and more of a pain in the ar5e to like as time goes on . The powers that be couldn't make it more of a pain to watch if they tried . While ever skys millions are involved and the top clubs gates stay the same they couldnt care less if all fans hated it as long as subscriptions the world over didn't go down . If all prem clubs fans stopped turning up it would still be far more profitable to stay in the prem than have full stadium every week in the championship . Prem fans arent needed so the powers that be at the top of the clubs couldnt care less as long as tgey stay in the prem , armchair fans dont care and they are the ones paying for sky .
  13. If they tore this league up and got ninety odd points we'd make play offs with twenty points taken off us and an embargo . They , like many of our players over the last twenty years , bar a dozen or so , simply aren't up for the fight . The reason some of them are here is the fact we have been poorly run and throwing cash around . Some should never have been bought and some should have been moved on . They are either here or still here because of bad choices .
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