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  1. 3D Printed Hillsborough

    Cant resist any longer
  2. 3D Printed Hillsborough

    That's great that . He should sell the plans or the actual thing. If I had a 3d printer id deffinately want the plan .
  3. Variety – The Stripes of Life!

    I like the option two away kit , never understood Newcastle moaning about this shirt at all . https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/newcastle-united/5610508/Newcastle-unveil-awful-yellow-away-kit.html
  4. Swarbrick proving that one of incompetence , bias , being paid off are alive and well and face no investigation whatsoever .
  5. Away at hull when we needed the win to finish sixth in league one and singing where were you when you were sh17 to a packed set of rugby fans while tgeir err top boys were giving the cut throat signs below us at one all
  6. L@@@s just to watch lookl@@@s try and put a brave face on it in the relegation day or just completely ignore it . Hull for getting to the prem and not really giving a rats about it and if I can't pick the dark side I will stick with two
  7. Man u as I'm a nice bloke and it's closer for most of their fans to watch them at ours than travel all the way to manchiiesteeeeeer , tottenham as given Wembley as a stop gap and West ham as they have basically been given an athletic ground funded by the fans of everywhere else .
  8. Portsmouth , I like the place and they've had a downer worse than ours , Rovrum just so we can spank the petulance out of them and they can go crying on their big bruvvers forums and Plymouth , lived down there for a few years .
  9. Final whistle on last match so this sh17 fest of a season can be forgotten and stripes and a new season to look forward to
  10. Variety – The Stripes of Life!

    Option 4 . It's stripes and something different .
  11. Clean language viewing

    She'd been before then
  12. Clean language viewing

    Ever heard the language kids turn out when they think no adults are around . As long as they know it's bad language and shouldnt be repeated that's all you can do . Hearing bad language at a footie match won't turn them into potty mouths or be anything that most school age children haven't heard before .
  13. Barnsley are where they belong , spent nearly all their lives in the second tier and spent less time than us in the third , but more in the fourth . For me it's Leeds , well why not , Yooniturd again why not and wolves . Wolves just because they are going up and are about to splurge wadges of cash to stay there this time .
  14. Preston are confident!

    Team battling for a promotion play off spot playing team only just out of relegation scrap because other teams are just as bad , fans in confidence shocker .
  15. If we hadn't struck the injury time winner then only burton would be worse than us over the last six matches but that goal alone has made only the bottom five worse than us . Saying the relegation teams are so poor when we are showing that only their uselessness is keeping us out of it is a bit pot calling kettle black .