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  1. Watching an even more non contact sport , getting hammered by the separate top six premier league and still no one giving hardly any credit to any team outside the top six . Every season just trying not to be bottom three along with the other fourteen teams. Watching as the club becomes even more of just a business with [email protected]@@@@g light shows to music from the pitch lights , the ball on a pedestal like some pot of gold and treating the start of a match like the second coming of the Lord just to make sky armchair fans happy and the most contact of the game is the obligatory hand shake to show how lovely football is before the match . Less and less contact and more and more interference of the match by people watching their screens miles away and dissecting things that happen while holding the match up while still not giving goals because the ref relies on his watch rather than a lino or himself doing their job . Funny as it was that it was the blades but still shows that using your eyes doesn't matter , no watch vibration no goal . All because of the riches one place different in the table makes to a clubs bank account . Its a simple game that money has turned into nothing more than a vehicle to make money from as many people as possible . I will always be a wednesdayite and go to matches but football is a pale imitation of what it was and it is especially unrecognisable in the prem . Apart from that not really bothered
  2. My earliest memories are the seventies so its three for me . Also if your a kid drawing your teams badge at home , school books , bus shelters , walls you'd have to be an artist to draw number one whereas number three you can draw the exact badge wherever you want with pride
  3. So we want brilliant football with a manager that hasn't heard of dem blavdes , is loved by all , players that are saints on the pitch and we should have that choice even though there are football fans in their thirties that aren't from sheffield that only have memories of us of being a yo yo second and third division side . He is a petulant bad loser , so what I don't want a manager who is a good loser . As for what he said , dear me he was in charge of the dark side and a fan and knows what the rivalry means . Any platitudes towards us would have set the dark side off against him and managers want fans on side . Is he the man for the job now , nah . At the time definitely .
  4. Sag will still want part cordoned off penistone shut for half the day , leppings Lane manned by coppers from Wales as all leave will be cancelled and this is syp too to so they will demand nine feet between cut outs in line with requirements plus a bit of safety added on
  5. In todays non contact sport I'm surprised he wasn't banned for life and taken to court .
  6. "As Sheffield Wednesday players, you have to understand that and know if you give your best, regardless of whether you lose or win, they will support you." So basically when you get booed it means you have given no where near your best . Like all fans I imagine . If you can't give your all in front of twenty thousand maybe football isn't for you . Or a club that doesn't care if you couldn't care less what happens , which is none .
  7. That's the problem , a lad I used to work with one of his mates took a trouble pub on , cheap to rent so thought , see what happens . He put a lot into it , got rid of the trouble , got decent patrons back in , started doing food and it was doing well . The landlords literally trippled the rent as soon as they could . He told them he didn't mind paying more as it was doing well but he wasn't paying that much as he would be on less than the bar staff . They said take it or leave it so he left . Pub back to being boarded up earning nothing . They'd rather have nothing at all than charging a reasonable amount . Its totally bizarre to me . I've spent loads in that pub going between there the gate and travellers , this was the late eighties and early nineties though
  8. With the title of redevelopment opposite the kop I thought it was plans for the lepp , disappointed now
  9. That would be class . I've always been one of your biggest fans , scuse me mate can you take a picture of us please
  10. Tell me please err what is meant by this , gerritforrad four foot snake and stopfuck1nabahtwirrit
  11. Still rather it was a sport rather than a marketing tool . If football in the eighties was how it is now I'd have taken up knitting instead . I'm a Wednesday fan , haven't been a football fan for years.
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