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  1. Id be happy if this was true. We look a much better side with two footballers on the wing such as Maghoma and Maguire, plus we need a striker such as cox atm.
  2. michael antonio michael antonio michael antonio run down the wing, and the wednesday sing michael antonio http://youtu.be/bSS-DEusMys
  3. There was about 10 of us singing it on the back row on wednesday! not many joined in
  4. looks like the account has only been set up a cupple of days, suppose it has to start some where
  5. footballleaguegossip‏@FL_rumours Forward Jamie Proctor is a target for Sheff Wednesday and Doncaster after handing in a transfer request at Preston #PNE #SWFC #DRFC #rumours
  6. Egypt for me -Wednesday towel -Wednesday shirt -Wednesday flag
  7. Its always been ours Its always been ouuuurrs Hi Ho Silver Lining Its always been ours
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