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  1. Next season kit

    Dear Donny Owl, i apologise for for the confusion Regards, Dronny Owl
  2. Next season kit

    Dear Mr Chansiri, We the loyal cash paying fans want to see and buy our new kit. Any chance you can take a photo of it and then get them stocked int shop sometime very soon. Kind Regards, All Wednesdayites
  3. After watching Bradford v millwall

    Two hours of crying in my car though, was swimming in the tears!!!
  4. Sam Winnall...

    I am
  5. Sam Winnall...

    I've never questioned his ability or skill, I'm just saying he's a mardy arse, he knows he's not going to get any decisions, as we all do, so just get on with it, stop moaning on the floor and do something, he wasn't the only one chasing people down and busting a gut for the team either, Hutch and Bannan do it quite regular. If he got over himself, and got on with his job he'd be a lot better off.
  6. Sam Winnall...

    Really? You could have fooled me, I mean every happy player refuses to play for the team don't they?
  7. Total write off

    OK cheers for your input
  8. Total write off

    I don't think the first post is absolute rubbish as Ramone puts it, what some people fail to see is this year no matter where we came aside from Newcastle and Brighton this years competition was not of the quality expected, you can bet your bottom dollar the likes of Villa, Leeds, Derby and Norwich plus those coming down won't be the same next year. And the expectation of what we will do given our last 2 years and the expectations of the chairman will only add to the frustrations if we don't deliver.
  9. Total write off

    Oh it has, maybe you do know best? You'd best get an application in for CCs job.
  10. Total write off

    Ramone still arguing the throw, nobody can have an opinion as Ramone knows best.
  11. Sam Winnall...

    He also got nothing from the ref and sat on his backside whinging for nearly 40 seconds when he could have got up and chased down a lost cause, he did stop running i saw him. This is not an arguement its my opinion and i said i think hes done his time here, its probably time to go. Clearly he has been unhappy, he isn't the player he was last season. One player does not and can never make a team.
  12. Sam Winnall...

    Top scorer yes, but hes not a big game player, his reputation proceedes him wherever he goes, is there any wonder with his antics that he never gets any decisions? Players have worked him out, refs have worked him out and being kept quiet in both legs by a donkey. Never said not good enough, hes got talent in abundance, but has he got the right attitude? I'm not so sure
  13. Michael Hefele

    I didnt notice this but i did notice his sly signature move of taking a free kick by feingning to kick them forward and then kicking it back to goal. Hate that bloke with a passion, would enjoy seeing someone snap him in half at the final.
  14. Total write off

    The players we have are good enough, with the exception of a replacement for Loovens, but theres no consistency within team selections. You will always have to make the odd change due to injury/suspensions but as a manager CC needs to find his best 11 and stick to it (this needs to be done early too). We also seem to be happy with trying to keep posesion and sitting back on a 1-0 lead, taking off an attacking minded player and replacing him with a sideways or backward passer is only asking for trouble. Abdi could be key to us next season, used properly and with a full pre-season we will be a better team, negative tactics have to stop though, yes we accrued more points, but how many did we lose when sitting back inviting teams to come at us? Defending starts from the front, high press, strikers getting the ball back high up the field and not sitting back. We have players who can play wide, we have good full backs who can bomb on Hunt, Palmer, Pudil and Reach (when used there) if theres no out and out wingers utilise these players to give width and organise cover to drop in behind them. We can easily be challenging for a top 2 place next year and must go out all guns blazing to aim for that, only problem is we cannot and will not do that without an attack minded team which play to our strengths. Jordan Rhodes, Sam Winnall, Steven Fletcher and Gary Hooper are capable, all proven goal scorers at this level, but only proven with service, which they've not had this season. Onward and upwards, its the only way we can go ..........
  15. Sam Winnall...

    Failed to deliver at Watford, failed here over 2 seasons unfortunately, he's a fans favourite, I get it but you cannot let your heart lead your head. It's unfortunate though because he won't be worth half as much as he was start of last season.