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  1. Theres a few who drone on about stuff on here
  2. Players won’t generally do extra stuff now for fear of overtraining and injury
  3. As an ex soldier (just) I know some can do this, but we’re not talking about normal strong men here we’re talking pampered football stars who think that life is hard. I do agree though structured training is needed, but not just running for 2 hours.
  4. Wonder how many ST holders who aren’t on the final year of the 3 year ticket will not get one next year? I for one will have to give it some real thought before I commit again and I know others will be thinking the same. I can’t see prices being any less than this season?
  5. 2 hours of non stop running every day? They’d not be fit for anything after that. There’s much more to fitness than running.
  6. Dear Donny Owl, i apologise for for the confusion Regards, Dronny Owl
  7. Dear Mr Chansiri, We the loyal cash paying fans want to see and buy our new kit. Any chance you can take a photo of it and then get them stocked int shop sometime very soon. Kind Regards, All Wednesdayites
  8. Two hours of crying in my car though, was swimming in the tears!!!
  9. I've never questioned his ability or skill, I'm just saying he's a mardy arse, he knows he's not going to get any decisions, as we all do, so just get on with it, stop moaning on the floor and do something, he wasn't the only one chasing people down and busting a gut for the team either, Hutch and Bannan do it quite regular. If he got over himself, and got on with his job he'd be a lot better off.
  10. Really? You could have fooled me, I mean every happy player refuses to play for the team don't they?
  11. I don't think the first post is absolute rubbish as Ramone puts it, what some people fail to see is this year no matter where we came aside from Newcastle and Brighton this years competition was not of the quality expected, you can bet your bottom dollar the likes of Villa, Leeds, Derby and Norwich plus those coming down won't be the same next year. And the expectation of what we will do given our last 2 years and the expectations of the chairman will only add to the frustrations if we don't deliver.
  12. Oh it has, maybe you do know best? You'd best get an application in for CCs job.
  13. Ramone still arguing the throw, nobody can have an opinion as Ramone knows best.
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