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  1. Phil, being a fan isn’t just blindly clapping every player you have. Some fans are of the opinion that to improve and to win more we need far better quality than Matias (I’m also one of them). Whilst they wear the shirt they get 100% backing at the ground, but there is nothing wrong with believing that you could replace a player and do better. There’s nothing wrong with looking at cold hard facts and admitting your own players aren’t good enough. We still turn up every week and support them. being a true fan isn’t just accepting everything that happens at the club without question and being blind to reality. Threads like this kill me.
  2. In complete agreement and have been so since the first half I saw him play v Bristol City in 2015. Tonight’s goals don’t change that
  3. Had no pace for four years. bruce is in the building for three hours. First thing, fast winger. so simple sometimes it’s f000kin infuriating
  4. Haha, spot on. remember that cult eh. Scores 5 in 5 and all of a sudden he’s Maradona. love Wednesday fans me but f000k me are some of em suckers for a con man
  5. If he doesn’t score, he is still a class, class player. Great touch, intelligent. Oh btw is this the Fletcher who can’t play two games in a week? Funny folk that don’t turn up on here any more innit...
  6. Really? when? The Nixon hate is always strange. This the same Alan Nixon who predicted, before Christmas, that Bruce would take over after his assistants in January? And pretty much bang on about the majority of signings?
  7. I wouldn’t say Matias out of the side is going backwards. I’d say it’s a positive step forward, as he’s not very good. Suggests that the quality of player next season will be of a far higher standard
  8. recruitment has been eye wateringly horrif8c for two years. that same spine of Westwood, Lees, Hutchinson Bannan and Fletcher is the way forward, but the recruitment around that makes me ill
  9. Amazing isn’t it. Immediately a proper manager is in place and Matias is not getting near it. Nothing against the lad,just a million miles away from being good enough.
  10. Think he ‘wrote’ a children’s book didn’t he?
  11. Proven Knowledgeable Gets the fans Gets the club 4 promotions under his belt Didn’t have to Google him No disrespect to Carvalhal. But we’re in the best position to get promotion with this guy in charge, whenever that may be. Welcome to Wednesday Steve Bruce, we’re all behind you.
  12. For four years we didn’t have a holding mid till Semedo came in so nothing surprises me at this club.
  13. Absolutely. Been saying every weekend for four years. staggering that this isn’t rectified. Think one of Bruce’s first signings will be a winger in the Adomah mould.
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