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  1. Video not available on iFollow for me, even when connected via VPN and pretending I'm in America. Can anyone else see an option for video stream?
  2. The body language immediately after he said it wasn't great
  3. Cambridge forward takes down a ball like prime Messi. Could only happen to us.
  4. Just get some wingers on and whip a ton of balls in, might as well go for it.
  5. Knowing our luck, the wind will change direction for the second half.
  6. Link? There isn't one because this didn't happen.
  7. I've read the book and it really is very good. Extremely well written and a lot of insight into behind the scenes stuff, especially what kind of gargantuan wages our permanently crocked/permanently awful flops were being paid and how our debt ballooned. Also an excellent backdrop of how Sheffield changed from the 70's onwards. Worth every penny.
  8. Remember when we tried to sign Rudolph Austin? Davies seems like a similar player, can play both defensive mid and attacking mid. Less height and strength but more skill.
  9. If we win the next 2 games and get within 6 points of automatic, Chansiri could go on a spaff fest.
  10. True, I'll update it when they release the new table on Statto.
  11. Edit - I mean against Fulham Here's one for all you table gazers.
  12. It wasn't actually a save, it hit the bar. But Wildsmith was great.
  13. Why all this obsession about players not in the squad? You can't have a big squad and not leave some out every week. There are only 18 spots to fill.
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