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  1. I know many on here had banter with Wolfmanjack,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I don't know if anyone has mentioned it,,,,,so apologies if it's been mentioned,,,,just wanted to let people know of his passing away,,His funeral is on the 20th April at City Road,,, I know he loved to wind people up and have a laugh on here,, :(
  2. Well you don't remember rightly then,,you bloody old fart,,,,,because there were at least 6 more of us in that stand,,,, :)
  3. Llera todays scapegoat,,FFS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,everyone's slagging him off for their goal,correct me if I'm wrong but didn't their player escape 2 other Wednesday players before slotting it past Llera ? Give him a break and enjoy the win FFS
  4. Get yourself a pig mask to wear with it,,, :)
  5. ,,,that's a m8 of mine,,,,Mick Bottom,also Jager and Mark Howe either side of the St Johns fella,,I was there somewhere,,but obviously not stood with the hooligan element,,
  6. R.I.P Trev's mum,sad day mate,,lost my mum when I was 23,now 52,still got the memories,hope you and Di are ok,,chin up bud.
  7. There's a shop in the precinct in Hillsborough that sell Zippo's with a Wednesday crest on,,,(opposite Jack Fultons)
  8. Basically,,,the ref bottled it,due to the fact he'd just booked Barton,and that would mean sending him off,deffinate pen in my eyes,,the Antonio decision could have gone either way,,would have been a little harsh on QPR if it had gone our way,but,,,,,,,,,,,it's the sort of decision that would/will go against us this season. There was a lot of positives from yesterdays game.
  9. The first thing I thought of was,(,and I'm not entirely sure if I'm right in thinking this),,,,Wednesday and Leeds were/are,known by a bird,,,Wed = 0wls and Leeds = Peacocks,,,,were as Barnsley = 6 digit scrubbers Am I right in thinking that Leeds were known as the Peacocks ?
  10. 0wlstalk without whinging and getting hysterical about nowt !!!!!! Nah,,,it wunt be the 0wlstalk we all know and love,,,,,
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