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  1. If you feel you have something to offer why not join us and form strategies in a democratic way for the good of the club Really appeals to your normal "Wednesday fan on the street" who's been taking stick all week/year/decade from his piggy workmates about the shambles that is going on at his chosen club. Where are these strategies formed? In the rumbleing forest?
  2. This sums up what's wrong with Wednesdayite.
  3. Last 3 posts spot on.......darra, becauseof. ...and owler66. (Not sussed multiquote yet)
  4. Hi Deejayone 2 quick questions....... What is your take on the events of the last 24 hours re. HMRC? Do you think the bad publicity will affect your dealings with business partners on a day to day basis? eg Negotiating with Puma re. shirt supplies
  5. No more Monkeying around, they fight like humans, not just for survival but out of contempt/vindictiveness. The only species that I know of other than Homo Sapiens
  6. "why don’t you volunteer at a rescue and rehab sanctuary for primates who were ripped from their mothers and forced to live in captivity,help them with what quality of life they have left.That might cure your urge. depression."
  7. Just been googling "monkey intelligence" . If this shambles gets you down just remember that you could be getting emotional about monkey movies. 70+ comments that make this lot on here seem sane. Random quote: Vicki C. says: November 9, 2008 at 3:39 pm I have wanted a chimpanzee since I was 3 years old and now I am 56 and the urge is even greater! http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/clever-monkeys/introduction/3946/ Made me smile on another mad day in the world of wednesday........
  8. "When it comes to their social behavior, people sometimes act like monkeys, or more specifically, like rhesus macaques, a type of monkey that shares with humans strong tendencies for nepotism and political maneuvering, according to research by Dario Maestripieri, an expert on primate behavior and an Associate Professor in Comparative Human Development and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Chicago."
  9. Does this latest fiasco count as part of LS's legacy of his tenure as chairman or does NP take the credit? Is this the real reason that there's no S/S home shirts in the club shop for a full season?
  10. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sportheadlines/Exclusive-Sheffield-Wednesday-face-500k.6435948.jp
  11. I agree. Go and do a "Stock Levels" course or summat..........
  12. If Deejayone spent more time doing his "real" job instead of on here trying to discredit unpaid volunteers who are doing their best, then maybe the club would have some home shirts in the shop this season. FFS, it's like McD's not having Big Macs for a year. The club I love is a shambles. Get some proper work done.
  13. I was going to change my avatar to the picture of LS and DH having a giggle at some charity do (I think). Just thought it my be easier to ask for the link as I've been looking but can't find it. Anyone help please?
  14. "It was your first post ffs - how does anyone differentiate you from them?" Because I've posted once and they've posted several times. I don't take myself seriously at all really, I'm just practicing because I'm new to this lark. If he goes to Leeds on Monday I'll be the new Transfer Gossip Guru.
  15. Bills has been wrong a lot more than once already IMO for what it matters given that I'm a newbie.
  16. I have spat my dummy out for several reasons which are having an effect on my present mood/frame of mind. In relation to the above post, I, unlike Barry Chuckle and Bolton Owl have posted one transfer rumour which may or may not be true not several that have all so far turned out to be untrue. I feel like I am being judged by the actions of others and it's a good job I can stick up for myself or the "regulars" might have scared me off by now. Try and be a bit more open and inclusive dudes.
  17. See, it must be true.......... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_Spurr
  18. Most of the transfer gossip on these types of sites i.e. UNOFFICIAL fans sites is rumour. If we all waited for OFFICIAL information before talking about possible ins and outs then we may as well go on weareallwednesdaymarchingontogethersortof.com or whatever the forum linked to the OFFICIAL site is called. FFS it's a fans forum. I agree there's been a load of crap posted on here in the last week but that's the point of these types of sites. Some of the people on here take this site and themselves far too seriously if you ask me. I'll try again.......... There is a very strong rumour doing the rounds in Leeds that Tommy Spurr is signing for Leeds on Monday following a medical. The very strong rumour started as a normal sort of rumour a few days ago but as it gained credibility by being confirmed by people who possibly have connections at the club. Better not say anything just yet though because it can't possibly be true until it is officially confirmed by SWFC PLC then, and only then, maybe we can have a chat and exchange views and opinions.
  19. I didn't create an account 20 mins ago JUST to post this. I had a previous account that wouldn't let me log in, my username was sonofbert. I posted twice I think, once when a pig was obviously winding everyone up (as happens quite often on here IMO) and once to comment on somebody's mucky carpet and dodgy slippers when they'd taken a pic of the new away shirt on their living room floor. I had a previous username a long time ago and that stopped working as well......I have been an avid voyeur of this site for the last few years while living abroad. I posted the info because it is a strong rumour doing the rounds in Leeds and I thought it might interest my fellow supporters FFS. That is the first and last time I will justify my recent existence on this board to some of the tw@ts on here who think they own it because they spend the whole of their flipping sad lives on it. Good evening and glad to be aboard the Happy Ship Owlstalk.
  20. Leeds on Monday. Medical booked.......half a million quid.
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