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  1. Give over...... I’m crap at life but quite good at sex.
  2. We will, I know it. Just need Birmingham to score and somebody is going to fire his fat all over tonight.
  3. I once shagged a fat bird in Middlesbrough and she didn’t sing until the end. Fuckingopera like when she did.
  4. He didn’t mean it like that. He’s notacuntposter. Let it go. Get all your energy behind the boys 2nd half and save it for later. COME ON!
  5. Stop fuckingmoaning! Football is theatre. Theatre is life. We’ll win this I can smell it..
  6. Sorry. It was just a few gentle slaps round the chops if you were sat next to me. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  7. Shurrup and stick to cheesecakes you miserabletwat.....
  8. Sitting watching this outside a bar in Spain. We will come from behind....
  9. There is no way any team can’t come from behind at least once in a season. Today is the day Believe!!
  10. Just seen it. Leaked a bit of tatty watter near the frozen peas. COME ON
  11. Walking round the supermarket whistling the Great Escape in anticipation of the teamsheet. If I dropped dead right now, I’d die happy.....
  12. IF we can win today we are right back fuckingin it! Would love to be there today, love it..... I’d be wasted and excited right now.....
  13. These days are what we truly live for. I rang my old man earlier. He said calm down you daftcunt. I love him
  14. Like reyt mad lasses. Always the best in bed. COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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