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  1. I got barred from a boozer on Saturday for shouting at that set ofwankers and it was the first time I’d ever been in there. I am normally a very calm person. I ruined the bingo by all accounts....
  2. Just have awank and a word with the bank. Sorted! Instead of just beingwank.
  3. I would imagine it is the least of his worries. You’re ex-forces from memory, I respect that and your service but ffs you wouldn’t want the biggest part of this lot in the trenches. I’m a bit wound up today so leaving here for now but I will tell you straight, all my mates, all lads together watching Wednesday since kids, have all said the same. By miles not the worst team but by far the most spineless and constantly looking for excuses. I REALLY hope we stay up. They will not be heroes if they manage it.
  4. I just want a team, whatever ability, whichever division that just actually goes out there and looks like they actually giveafuck.
  5. Straight question..... You get paid say 10k a week. You’re guaranteed 7k up front for the month with the rest guaranteed to follow very shortly. Would you down tools whilst kissing the badge on social media, in the midst of a global pandemic, your boss has been fighting for his life and in a must win game?
  6. Social media blackout over, training video, everyone having a laugh...... #wegoagain
  7. Have they ever not been paid? A lot of money in most cases. We all have to wait for money and sometimes get knocked. Stop making excuses for them.
  8. I take that back. I thought it was in response to the dementia post. Bit wound up today. Will still meet up for a cuppa though if you’re over 6’ foot and hung like a Skeggy Donkey.
  9. The consensus on here was that it was a false position. Don’t rewrite history.
  10. I can’t see who laughed but I don’t get what’s funny?? PM me and tell me. I’m back soon re. my mum. We can have a cup of tea and a chat in a beer garden.
  11. Don’t get me wrong btw. There is NOTHING more right now that I want for us to stay up. I don’t want us to go down and rebuild. I want us to stay up and fuckoff a decent portion of the current squad because they consistently do my head in and they they think, and a lot of our fans think, that they are much better than they actually are and have ever been.
  12. Yes but that was a false position remember? The players in this team who get the most hammer are the ones who try their hardest, to the best of their ability week after week. The “best” players get a free ride from our supporters week after week. They have hidden behind the points deduction, they have bigged up the new boss yet failed to deliver for him when he’s potentially fighting for his life and now one of them has leaked this, again!, to hide behind and make excuses for their poor performances. If you can’t read between the lines of all this then you’re a bigger sap than Chansiri. They are taking the absolutepiss and have been doing for ages.
  13. How come they were just as garbage when they were being paid on time then?
  14. I’ll state this quite clearly. If the reason for that shitshow on Saturday was because they were only get 7k up front with the rest a bit later then those players out there are an absolutefucking disgrace to this club. I am personally on the verge of losing everything I ever worked for as a result of this pandemic. My mental health is ruined. I’ve been caring for two elderly dementia patients 24/7 for weeks and my own mum is in hospital in Sheffield currently yet I still get up every day and work to the best of my ability to earn a few quid. Please don’t ask me to feel sorry or make excuses for that sorry bunch of wasters. Westwood’s smiles at ft on Saturday said it all. They are taking thepiss out of everyone at this club.
  15. I have lived and worked in Spain for 20 years, mainly self-employed, and I’ve never EVER get paid on time and sometimes not at all. I spend time fighting for the money that is owed to me and mostly get it eventually but I’ll tell you something........IT HAS NEVER EVER, EVER AFFECTED MY PERFORMANCE AT WORK. Stop trying to find excuses for this bunch of overpaid, and they always get paid, bunch of wasters!
  16. It would be perfect on our players´ shirts though.
  17. Some reyt drama queens on here. DC knows what he’s doing. The old carrot and stick approach. They’re all on a 50k one off bonus to stay up but he delays their wages when they let us down. In Chansiri we trust.......
  18. Permutations I read as masturbations and then loads of talk of going down. Woke up reyt horny.
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