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  1. Only ever performed well over a long period when paired with a commanding partner. Borner could maybe be that, but he’s never captain material and he’s probably the worst player we have in terms of footballing ability and their second goal today proves that
  2. Was only saying other day he looks more stacked than he’s ever done. He was always gangly in his younger days, but looks like he’s hit the gym and has helped his game. Proper menace of a centre forward now, with his physicality and the fact he’s wiling to put himself in where it hurts. Was chuffed for him he’s broke his all time season record as well, hopefully he can push on and get 20 before end of season
  3. He’s had a good career and been a great england servant. But I did think the goal scoring record (albeit a record) is inflated as he scored loads against lower teams in qualification but was less effective when it mattered in major tournaments.
  4. Hes spent the past decade or so assisting Simon Greyson at various clubs.
  5. Iorfa would of been more effective last night in midfield, he can go past a man with ease. We struggled to that last night
  6. Game last night was crying out for someone like lee, our forward line was static and literally in a line, no willingness to drop in for the ball, with there defence doing a good job of covering the space in behind and stopping the wingers getting many crosses in. Then bannan or hutch dropped in deep to collect leaving reach and the other midfield marked out the game, which became even worse when we went 442. Which forced us long, against two 6ft something centre halves. Lee would of found the spaces in the midfield to help us turn on the floor in tight spaces. Instead of a hoof ball game we couldn’t possibly win.
  7. Has to be Kieren Lee for me. Probably one of the best midfielders we’ve ever had. Closely followed by Loovens Antonio hooper
  8. Obviously the build up could of been different so you could point fingers at outfield players. but Westwood has limited influence on that, his job is to keep the ball out the net, surely with the momentum of the ball, if he had softer hands he could of helped it on its way for a throw-in or a corner. Basic defending, that you teach little kids you play the ball to the sides away from the central danger area, which is the exact opposite of what he did. I expect better from him, but he’ll no doubt save us more than he costs us this season, so you take the rough with the smooth.
  9. Another nearly man, who’s part of the recycled crap championship managers who keeps getting a job despite never actually achieving anything
  10. Replacing him with an equal will more than likely cost a fair bit of cash. Better to bump his wages. For me he could have 5 years left in him. As a goalkeeper he’s arguably coming into his prime years. 34-38
  11. Ff on left side of midfield = more consistency
  12. Not convinced he’s a good apple, and that’s probably why he’ll be off
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