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  1. Agree! Beevers is the quickest cb we've got and is up there with the quickest in the league.
  2. I really hope this isn't the case. But he was injured most the season and then poor. Ironic he got form towards the back end??
  3. With the offer presented to him, has he taken it yet and do we think he will take it. Would be good for the club if he signed one and think it would put us in a good position for next year. Does anybody know the content of the offer I.e pay rise etc
  4. I love potter. I hope he gets promoted to wearing number 8
  5. I do agree with you. He has the quality to be future captain and showed that at wolves :P:o:P:o
  6. http://www.swfc.co.uk/page/News/0,,10304~2357285,00.html flipping rubbish! Joc is rubbish. Hope you.all are happy who love Him!
  7. Was just asking if he had the dirty side to his game. I.e what we need
  8. Good shout. Like his style of play but is he the sort of tommy miller type player. ?
  9. Not too sure if he will go in the summer. Megson doesn't seem to like him at all. But with teale being so poor for the last couple of months, why hasn't this lad got a go on the wing. I think he looked good when he came on Saturday and played as a wing back. What do we think to giving him a go next year?
  10. flip Joc. Need a better player than him if we going to go up!
  11. Seen him in medz and his Mrs was poo aswell. Has to be said he took no interest in his kids too
  12. Mate of mine bumped into him in barnsley. He on 20 k per week. And wants to play in Portugal next year. End of
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orlando_City_S.C. Good luck.to him.
  14. Agree with the potter but not sure about Joc. Works hard but not very good. I think we can get better more athletic players than potter but should stay. Let miller and JJ go. Waste of time and money
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