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  1. Thanks Sam. I don't get paid till Friday so will have to bite the bullet on extra quid or two ;)
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if the Norwich game is pay on gate this coming Saturday OR will the tickets have to be purchased in the Owls Store prior to kick off? Thanks
  3. She too has tried those options bud. Now waiting for the date to when they can try and remove it. We've been told that their isnt really a cure for it. Its just a case of burning it away and hoping for the best. My wife dont get it too often but always during the "time of month" where it can literally stop her in her tracks. We just playing the waiting game now bud. But thanks for the advice.
  4. Hey bud, My wife suffers from the same condition. She has immense pain and a lot like your wife she has been "fobbed" off for months. The pain still comes every month and its unbearable for her, as it is for us seeing our wives in such pain. I really hope your wife is ok and the op is a success. Hopefully we wont be waiting too long for her op. All my best to you and your wife.
  5. Who thinks Danny Batth would come back if DJ asked him nicely
  6. Can everyone whos got my mobile number text me with their name so i can save it. My bb is officially dead so ive got another phone for time being. If you want you can message me it on here too :) Cheers

  7. Just to let everyone know my blackberry has finaly died! So ive got no phone for a couple of days. Might need to get everyones numbers again coz i dont know if ihad them saved to my sim! Happy days! What a poo poo last few days!!!!

  8. I have the best family in the world! Love u all so much! Thanks to all my friends for their support this weekend aswell, uve all made it easier! Hopefully my wifey will be home tomorrow and we can start getting ready for Christmas! And as for my little boy, stay put till Feb! Listen to ur Daddy :)

  9. Wonders how the NHS can be skint! £25 in parking, £7.50 a day for the crappy tv on the bed... Do they think we got money to burn or what!

  10. Any good news?? PLEASE!! This week has without a doubt been the hardest of my life!!!! Nothing but poo poo news!!

  11. Feel a bit better now I've heard from Debbie :) can't wait 2 c u! This bed is too cold without u 2 here! Roll on 9am when I can come n c u xxx Love u loads xxx

  12. Hated leaving Debs there! Hate not being able to help :( Just want you both home :( Love you both so much!!

  13. Looking forward seein Jam 2nite! Cooking him, debs n stew dinner :D

  14. Italian 2nite with my Mum n Dad, Debs and Debs Dad :) Potaaaaato!

  15. 27 weeks 2day! Only 13 to go! :D xx

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