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  1. What makes you think he might play more in the premier league? Not being facetious - genuinely intrigued.
  2. Haha. I'm just an ideas man. I never see anything through to completion. I respectfully hand this over to those capable of making it happen. I would love it if this happened. Please make it happen! My youthful mojo is spent. Yours, the forgotten city x
  3. This is quite simply one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. Somebody add some lyrics and make it our anthem for years to come.
  4. That's, just, like your opinion man.... *i was thinking of Etna. My bad.
  5. Francis regularly took Souness up Pompeii whenever they were in Siciily
  6. 'Kehlar is better than Lees by a country mile'
  7. Probably been said on here for before... Work with a lad from Leeds and they blame Warnock for publicly humiliating Lees and blaming him following a few shoddy games. Other than that Leeds fans were more than happy with him and eater him highly. Once Warnock killed his confidence he was never the same. So, thank you Colin
  8. I did an actual when he suplexed Hunt by the corner flag near the end. Just like The Rock!
  9. Thanks all. Rotten luck for Betra when he should be playing and training as much as possible at his age. Hope he comes back from it. Guess it's only a good thing if the emphasis has shifted towards developing the under 18s as some have said rather than hoping some cast offs from prem academies come good for us. Will give Kivo's account a follow as well, cheers for the heads up.
  10. Sure this has probably been done so apologies if I've missed it. Is it just me or is there a lack of emphasis on the Develoment squad this season? Maybe it's because we're not pinning our hopes on it producing a gem but I hear very little about it now. What happened to Stobbs? Betra?
  11. Agree completely. The drummer slows it down and takes a bit of bite out of it
  12. What was all that about yesterday?? Was he mocking the band by singing Marching on Together? Brave thing to do on our Kop!
  13. I'm a bona fide happy clapper I'll have you know! However, we weren't great yesterday but just had the extra quality that we've often been on the receiving end of during close games in years gone by. The signs are good, we'll get better and better but we're not the finished article yet.
  14. Which is about as much as we created as well. It was a closer game than it should have been. We should have finished them off at 2-0. In fairness, PNE gifted all 3 goals to us.
  15. PNE hardly threatened???? They had us on the rack at 2-1 for quite a while. They had 4-5 very good chances and should have put a few away.
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