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  1. Our team is shocking , league one standard - so pity any rumbleer that gets job
  2. Squad isn't good enough to stop up . If jones does go will Milan back the new manager in January er nope
  3. Club won't move forward until Milan sells up , no matter who comes in , simples
  4. Spot on !!! Milan got to look at offloading us soon , promotion , stayed up ! Give DJ proper backing we could have done something this year . Instead free agents n 30+ year olds
  5. It will be the same next year until Milan leaves I'm afraid who ever in charge .
  6. Bottom 5 wage budget in champ , I bet we even lost chopra to blackpool over wages
  7. We lost again 2-1 I wonder what odds are on 2-1 to Leeds
  8. Let them be worried about Antonio JJ Helan and Mag
  9. Think we showed progression this season we got promoted and stayed up ,
  10. Kirkland Buxton Don't know Gardner Reda Antonio Melis/judge Olli Tomlin Sammy ameobi loan Maynard Helan Lita Howard JJ New CB
  11. Not good enough , got a couple of goals in the FA cup and everyone thinks he's better than league 1.
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