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  1. Anyone know how best to watch through an amazon firestick via the kodi app?
  2. Got to be continuation of winning formula: Westwood Pudil Lees Loovens Hunt Reach Bannan Lee Wallace Fletch Hooper (or FF/Winnall) Subs: Wildsmith Sasso Hutch Buckley Nuhiu FF/Winnall Rhodes Also enjoying attacking nature of having both Bannan and Lee in the middle. Bannan and Jones/Hutch too defensive and slow approach.
  3. We also need wingers who cross from the byline for Rhodes and Winnal, not those which have to cut in to cross on their good foot.
  4. Agree Fessi left. Reach left back. Just score more than them! Macca getting tough deal at the moment. Should be getting in ahead of Reach on left mid.
  5. With hutch on the pitch the other CM has to push up. Bannan has been stuck in no mans land recently and struggled to influence games. Noticed is it most first half against Huddersfield. No body followed Mooy who was really deep and two centre halves pulled out the strikers.
  6. He's clearly glad to get through the last few games. I think he's positive about things going forward. 10/17 games at home and Rhodes a big factor in that I'd say. Hope he gets the service.
  7. I bet we didn't have 10 home games left either at this point last season. Be interesting to see how we've fared against top 6 teams compared to last. Feels like we've done better.
  8. This. Such fine lines in this division between teams. This was an excellent result with that team.
  9. He was nervous. He made me very nervous! But he's back up. As were other players tonight which is what makes it a very good result.
  10. Not agreed with criticism in past games, but he was sloppy with possession today. Mcmanaman to start next game for me.
  11. In order of priority: 1. Centre half (who'll dominate in the air) 2. Right back 3. Right mid
  12. Still a long way to go and I think Carlos will get the team and formation right soon. If Newcastle and Norwich take the top 2 places I can't see a team that'll comfortably beat us like Hull did in the playoff final. Confident we can take get a playoff spot still.
  13. Would be interested to see Forestieri on the right to accommodate Reach on the left. Drop Abdi for Hooper based on current form. Abdi needs to get on the weights! More a home formation. May be too attacking away.
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